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Dell talks strategy

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  1. Marty York from Calgary, Canada writes: Strategy includes farming out the customer service jobs from Edmonton to some third world country.
  2. Yvonne Wackernagel from Woodville, Canada writes: Although I use a Macintosh for my business, I have used a Dell computer for my internet browsing and email. I have found the service for this computer coming through India to be excellent and I am willing to predict that service from Staples, if that is the plan will not be as good because service by Canadians leave a lot to be desired. I really do not know how some young people even get a job much less keep it for any length of time because they have terrible attitudes, the most negative one being offering service as if it were a favour being granted.
  3. Stephen Penney from St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada writes: Yvonne,

    You sound like you had a bad experience and now have all young people stereotyped as being lazy and indifferent. I've worked in call centres and let me tell you that you don't need to be young to feel demoralized or stressed by the working environment that many call centres offer. Obviously you've never had to work such crappy jobs - if you had you'd be a little more sympathetic and not be so concerned about perky customer service.
  4. Shades of Grey from Whitehorse, Canada writes: Strategy included developing a direct to customer business model nobody could emulate. When their competitors defused the direct to customer advantage Dell attempted to maintain profits by slashing customer service costs. When this caught up with them, they determined that for consumers, the most important attribute of a computer is its colour. I look forward to the next iteration of Dell's strategy.

    P.S. I bought a Dell desk top a year ago.

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