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Janis Grantham

Globe and Mail Update

Ten years ago Janis Grantham left a "safe" corporate job to start a small IT company with her husband. Today Ottawa-based Eagle Professional Resources pulls in nearly $100 million a year and president and chief operating officer Grantham is perennially listed as one of Canada's most powerful women.

Defying convention has always paid off for Ms. Grantham, who was originally discouraged by her guidance counsellor from entering the male-dominated world of engineering.

In the age of globalization, businesses are tapping into resources from all corners. It's no longer unusual for a Canadian company to hire workers in India to build their websites and service their customers. Ms. Grantham's company is no longer a small business, but her blueprint is there for all to follow. As more of the world's population gets "connected" through PCs and cell phones, the demand for IT experts will continue to grow and companies like Eagle will play a key role in the new economy.

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