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Former deputy doubts Mulroney's testimony

From Saturday's Globe and Mail

Erik Nielsen says his former boss took too long to speak out on the matter. ...Read the full article

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  1. Andre Carrel from Salmo, Canada writes: Yukon Erik has been in politics since Christ was a choir boy. Albeit retired, Erik still belongs to that rare breed of politicians with the courage to call a spade a spade.
  2. Red Fox from Canada writes: Someone will say Harper is a Mulroney clone, therefore evil and disgraceful in 5..4..3..2..1....
  3. Red Fox from Canada writes: It is important to note that Mulroney never took any money while in Office.

    I would rather believe a Former Prime Minister, than a Jackal, i.e. Schreiber.
  4. Raj Rama from Toronto, Canada writes: It is quite sad to see how few people are supporting Mulroney these days, he gave a lot to Canada. What has Karlheinz Schreiber done for Canada?
  5. S Phillips from Canada writes: Gee, you think it took ole lyin Brian a while to fess up?
  6. Diane Schweik from EDMONTON, Canada writes: Raj Rama

    After what we have heard how do you expect anyone to support Mulroney ? Let's have the public enquiry that he fears.
  7. Red Fox from Canada writes: Raj Rama from Toronto, Canada -

    Jackals (Liberals) have no honor.
    They would rather believe a crook who has been fighting deportation for 8 years, than Mulroney.

    Schreiber is some piece of work, he is making a mockery of the Canadian Justice system. He has been fighting deportation for 8 years. He was arrested in 1999........the little rat.
  8. S Phillips from Canada writes: reddie, lyin's style has always been to attack and to bluster. The last thing this piece of work wants is a public, open inquiry. He will fold up like a cheap suitcase. This man at a minimum should have been charged with tax evasion for not identifying and then paying, when required, the taxes on the money he took from his pal schrieber
  9. Michael Leblanc from Toronto, Canada writes: 1. Schreiber is a lying crook trying to avoid deserved jail time in Germany
    2. I was never a fan of or voted for Mulroney, but I side with him now because he served his country when he could have made tons more cash in the private sector - with fewer headaches. He did nothing illegal.

    3. Some basic math --- $300 000 15 years ago - peanuts really. Should this really equal $30 000 000 on a public inquiry which will potentially yield exactly what useful results?

    W have real issues to deal with here in the PRESENT DAY. Good grief, enough is enough - deport this Schreiber weed to Germany and stop pathetically dancing to his self-serving tune. He doesn't give a whit for this or any country - he is a parasite.
  10. Red Fox from Canada writes: S Phillips from Canada -

    He said he wanted a public inquiry, and it was printed in every newspaper in Canada....

    If he 'folds' up, that will prove that he cannot be trusted. I think he is a little smarter than some of his Liberal counterparts.
  11. S Phillips from Canada writes: Michael, you are hoping, wishing, praying he did nothing illegal but the fact is neither you, or I or anyone else really knows. What we do know is that his story now is diferent then what it was 10 years ago and that, at a minimum, he took money from a scumbag, did not report taking that money until he was outed and has danced around it ever since. Even his former pals are now saying that his honesty is suspect. Sorry, but you and I would be prosecuted to the nth if we were involved and so should he be. Fair is fair.
  12. S Phillips from Canada writes: Red, lets get a public inquiry going and if it ends up impacting other tories and libs I say good. Scum is scum and all should be elimenated.
  13. dan donahue from winnipeg, Canada writes: Mulroney has always been a slick act with little substance. Sad so many sought comfort in it. The times come when the best of facades crumble so to those petulant Mulroney defenders all I can say is that you've been had as had so many who actually voted for the actor.
  14. Joe Little from Calgary, Canada writes: Why CPC afraid one of CBC reporter? Harpo has something to worry about this affair? Smell something here.........
  15. Red Fox from Canada writes: S Phillips from Canada -

    Why do you care about the reason of Mulroney taking cash after leaving office ?
    Give me a plausible answer....

    Let me guess, Mulroney is Harper's father, so harper has mulroney genes, so we should not vote for Harper.....

    2) And what do you mean by public inquiry ?
    What is happening right now ? What is the difference between the commons ethics committee and a 'public' inquiry ?
  16. Joe Little from Calgary, Canada writes: Red, if I were you I would shut up. You don't know the different between public inquiry and the commons ethics committee. The lyin Brian can not be evasive in a public inquiry as he did. Why he insists he only got $75K each time but other party's bank record indicates it was $100K each withdraw.

    It's no secret lyin Brian is the most trusted advisor to Harpo. Lyin Brian supposed to worked out a deal for the other scumbag with Harpo.
  17. Stephen Harperlies from Winterpeg, Canada writes: Red Fox, Diane Schweik is a conservative. Very different from Diane Marie. It's clear that they both lied. The foreign lobbying crapola is something that no one should buy. By extension, that means that Mulroney apparently did try to keep this payoff secret and did try to evade taxes on it. As the article reports, even his friends don't buy it. Nonetheless, I find it remarkable that the general public finds Mulroney so unbelievable when most of them probably never listened to the testimony. I would concede that Mulroney was more believable than Schreiber. Clearly, though, neither of them told the whole truth and, as Canadians concluded long ago, Mulroney was dirty. Adscam was small potatoes compared to the government funds that went to PC-connected businesses during the Mulroney era.
  18. Michael Leblanc from Toronto, Canada writes: S Phillips - my main point is that I don't want millions of my tax dollars spent on something I regard as having few or no tangible benefits for the country.

    As for illegality - the RCMP investigated the bejeebers out of Mulroney, and are doing so again. I suspect they will find no grounds to lay charges, but I am not hoping or praying at all about his guilt or innocence - I frankly don't give a d amn. If justified, let him be charged and dealt with by the courts, which would cost a fraction of what an inquiry would.

    I'm just tired of this wasting the country's time. There are so many other more pertinent issues that a public inquiry could be called for - the RCMP perhaps, or the Senate, many others.
  19. Bert Russell Paradox, BC from Canada writes:
    Red Fox: you must be a Liberal hack. What has Harper ever done to the Canadian people that gives you an axe to grind? I would change my disguise if I were you - same law abiding Con might think you are a chicken thief - no entitlement intended.
    I have to agree with you on one point - these partisan political inquiries only emphasize just how dumb our representatives are. A good lawyer would cut through that Mulroney blarney toot sweet.
    I think a full inquiry (with sworn testimony and intelligent questions with fullsome answers ... would smell sweet for Canada. Its time to dig out these Political parasites of every colour.
  20. Ken Wessel from Kitchener, Canada writes: Mulroney is a liar and has always been a liar. He is also a crook and always has been. Anyone who was alive in Canada in the 1980's knows this. 'Free Trade ... you'll hear none of it from me ... not now or ever.' Two years later he secretly inked the biggest deal, selling Canada and his sould to the Americans. I believe nothing he says.

    Just because Schreiber is a liar, too, does not mean Mulroney is not one. The two are cut from the same cloth.
  21. Gary Thomson from Surrey, BC, Canada writes: SH from Winnipeg: Most Canadians aren't prepared to believe Mulroney because we remember him and all his BS from when he was PM. For example, remember 'tainted tuna', when the Lyin' Brian left his own minister out to dry. His own party made Fraser Speaker of the House 'cause they knew his leader had done himthe nasty. It wasn't Kim Campbell who drove the Tories to two seats. Even Harper abandoned the Mulroney Tories. He's only trying to rehabilitate the old fraud to win votes in Quebec.
  22. Raj Rama from Toronto, Canada writes: Lets all focus on the real issues and priorities and leave Karlheinz Schreiber to the courts and a special prosecutor either here or in Germany. Canada's Parliament should focus on it's legislative agenda, not Karlheinz Schreiber's agenda...
  23. Rene L from Somewhere, Canada writes: I've heard enough - no need to spend millions for no reason. Just put an astericks beside his name in the history books.
  24. Raj Rama from Toronto, Canada writes: Diane Schweik; I have no problem with a clearly defined public inquiry, that Mr. Johnston recommends and Mr. Mulroney has already asked for. I just don't want this to drag on, the Government needs to focus on the issues of the day, not the distant past. AECL, the dollar/ economy/ jobs/ training, substance abuse, etc. all need our attention NOW!
  25. Michael Leblanc from Toronto, Canada writes: Those who will benefit from a public inquiry?

    1. Lawyers
    2. The media
    Millions of whose dollars will be wasted?

    1. All Canadians
  26. John McEnroe from Toronto, Canada writes: For those trying to squash an inquiry, your change in tone from when it was the Liberals under the gun of the Sponsorship scandal shows your partisan colours. While the RCMP didn't find anything the first time around, more is being revealed and anyone trying to prevent an inquiry this time will have the smell of coverup all over them. This has the potential of making the Sponsorship scandal look like kiddie's play... Funny that the 'honourable' Mr. Mulroney who has been a personal adviser to Steven Harper in his current government, WAITED 6 YEARS to declare his cash envelopes to Revenue Canada. That says it all...

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