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Schreiber disputes Mulroney's testimony

From Friday's Globe and Mail

A few hours after Brian Mulroney publicly accused Karlheinz Schreiber yesterday of swearing false affidavits and saying anything to save himself from extradition, the German-Canadian lobbyist said that only bank records, hotel receipts and other witnesses will reveal the truth.

Mr. Schreiber disputed much of Mr. Mulroney's testimony - namely the former prime minister's assertion that he received only $225,000 in cash from Mr. Schreiber.

Mr. Schreiber has maintained since 2003 that the cash he gave Mr. Mulroney between 1993 and 1994 - over three instalments - totalled $300,000.

The Swiss bank account that Mr. Schreiber says once held the funds that Mr. Mulroney received shows four cash withdrawals: one in July, 1993, for $100,000, one in November, 1993, for $100,000 and two in 1994 for $50,000 each.

"Are you telling me that I withdrew $100,000 and I threw $25,000 away ... or what?" Mr. Schreiber asked rhetorically, yesterday.

Mr. Schreiber also disputed Mr. Mulroney's testimony that the pair sealed their business agreement only after the former prime minister left office and that Mr. Schreiber set up the meeting. Mr. Mulroney said yesterday that they agreed to do business with each other on Aug. 27, 1993, at a hotel suite, rented by Mr. Schreiber, near the Mirabel airport. Mr. Schreiber said that's not accurate and that the hotel's records will prove it.

Mr. Schreiber also said that the work Mr. Mulroney alleges to have completed for Mr. Schreiber had little to do with the job for which the former prime minister was hired. Both men have said Mr. Mulroney was hired to help Mr. Schreiber get a light-armoured vehicle factory built in the east-end of Montreal - but Mr. Mulroney's testimony yesterday dealt mostly with his efforts to sell tanks abroad.

"He wanted to sell tanks to China? Have you ever heard nonsense like this? To the Russians? They have armament production up to their ears and they're keen to export it," Mr. Schreiber said.

"And what product? The product was not even done."

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