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Questions that remain

From Friday's Globe and Mail

Even in four hours of testimony before the Commons ethics committee, members of Parliament did not ask former prime minister Brian Mulroney many significant questions about his relationship with Karlheinz Schreiber. Here are a few - and some statements that weren't pursued.

In 1996, Mr. Mulroney testified under oath that he had met Mr. Schreiber "once or twice" for coffee after he retired as prime minister. Why didn't he mention that he had met Mr. Schreiber three times in hotels and accepted at least $225,000 in cash?

Where is the U.S. safety deposit box in which Mr. Mulroney said he deposited the cash that Mr. Schreiber gave him 1994? Yesterday, he said the cash was "integrated ... in my own requirements in the United States." Where was it "integrated?"

Mr. Mulroney testified that the cash he received in Canada went into a different safe. Where did it go from there? What financial institutions - which are required to record all transactions involving more than $10,000 cash - did the money flow into?

Yesterday, Mr. Mulroney identified only two people by name that he met to promote Mr. Schreiber's tank project, and both of them are dead. Who are the people who are still alive that can confirm that he performed work for the money?

On Feb. 2, 1998, Mr. Mulroney met with Mr. Schreiber at the Savoy, a Zurich hotel. Why did he meet with Mr. Schreiber? What did they discuss?

In 2000, Mr. Mulroney's close friend Fred Doucet tried to get Mr. Schreiber to sign an after-the-fact explanation for the cash payments, Mr. Schreiber has alleged. If that's true, why didn't Mr. Doucet present him with the contract in 1993 when he arranged for the first payment, or when Mr. Doucet watched Mr. Schreiber hand over an envelope full of $1,000 bills to Mr. Mulroney in a New York hotel room?

Mr. Mulroney testified yesterday that, six years after he received the cash, he instructed his financial adviser to contact federal tax authorities to declare the income. What did the adviser tell Canada Revenue Agency about the source of the funds? What records were produced and what do they say?

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