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Excerpts of Mulroney testimony


“The truth is that I should have declined the offer. I should have insisted the payment in a more transparent or accountable manner. By not doing so, I inadvertently created an impression of impropriety that I hope will not reflect adversely on the high office I was privileged to hold.

“When I look back on it today, I realize I made a serious error of judgment in receiving a payment in cash for this assignment even though it was decidedly not illegal to do so. That mistake in judgment was mine alone. I apologize and I accept full responsibility for it.”


“Let me say here and now, clearly and unequivocally:

“One, I never received a cent from anyone for services rendered to anyone in connection with the purchase by Air Canada from Airbus of 34 aircraft in 1988.

“Two, I did not receive a cent from Thyssen Industries or any other client of Mr. Schreiber while I was in office.

“Three, I have never had a lawyer in Geneva or elsewhere in Switzerland except to defend myself against the false charges laid against me in 1995.

“Four, I have never had a bank account in Switzerland.

“And five, neither I, nor anyone on my behalf, ever asked Mr. Schreiber or his lawyer to perjure themselves or otherwise lie about the payments (I) received from him.”

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