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iTunes Canada receives gift of TV

Globe and Mail Update

Apple betting video will drive hardware sales ...Read the full article

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  1. J S from Hamilton, Canada writes: Finally.
  2. D J from St. John's, Canada writes: If only I could now download and watch this on my iPhone...perhaps in a couple of years.
  3. Comments are Closed from Toronto, Canada writes: Great, CBC junk that I avoid like the plague. Maybe a few old PBS Nova shows would do better.
  4. Mike - from Waterloo, Canada writes:
    I agree that the selection is very, very disappointing .... there really is not much there.

    Hopefully this will improve.
  5. Spencer C from Canada writes: Great, yet another conduit for CBC crap.

    Wake me when some decent shows are available.
  6. Johnny Choy from Vancouver, Canada writes: Despite all the hype when it first came out...I find that Little Mosque On The Prairie isn't that funny after all......I thought it was a drama series before anyone told me about it...
  7. Charles Martel from From Low Earth Orbit, Canada writes: I'd work on the marketing angle a bit more. Pay to download Little Mosque on the Prairie? HAHAHAHAHA. I'm sure those will sell like hotcakes.

    For the computer savvy, everything is already available for free online.
  8. S B from Canada writes: Awesome!
  9. G Sears from Canada, Canada writes: I can't figure out why people would download old TV programs for a fee, when they are available for free on regular TV.
  10. Matt Goulet from Winnipeg, Canada writes: G Sears: To take them with them on an iPod. That being said, they are readily available online for free if you know where to look anyways. Still though, it's a good start and brings the Canada iTunes store up to speed with the 2005 US one.
  11. A C from Albertario, Canada writes:

    Looks like there could be a Beachcombers Christmas after all!

    @G Sears, the reason is two-fold: no commercials and time- and location-shifting. That is, you can watch it when and where you want to.

    For example, if you have a commute from Burlington to Toronto (god forbid) you could spend the time sleeping, reading the Globe and Mail, re-reading your Barbara Cartwright novel, listening to The Lighter Side of Gordon Lightfoot, or watching a couple of episodes of Little Mosque on your iPod Touch that you didn't watch in the previous weeks because of your commitment to family and friends.

    Apple's betting that this timely introduction of new television content will give Canadians reason to buy more of the relatively new iPods.

    Alternatively, one could simply buy the US iTunes gift cards and use the American iTunes site through which to buy from an even greater selection, missing out on highjinks of Relic and Nick altogether.
  12. Paul G from Toronto, Canada writes: For all the naysayers here, you sound like many people I heard whining when the internet first became widely available in the 90's and PC's could be had for under $1000... 'why would I want a computer? Wah, wah, wah...'
  13. Jay Sherman from Ottawa, Canada writes: Thumb Sucker from Toronto, Canada :

    You forgot that the CBC Mosque show is fantasy-based, not reality-based. Kind of like the CBC adding value to the country.
  14. -> GMD from Toronto, Canada writes: There's not a lot of choice, but it's start. I find it useful to get stuff through iTunes. I don't have a television and so all my movie and TV program watching is on the computer, mainly on DVD. This is a welcome option.

    As others have noted, the price is worth it for watching programs when and where I want to and commericial free.
  15. Susie Q from Canada writes: If you can find me a program worth $1.99 per episode, then I'll be excited.
  16. Randal Oulton from Canada writes: I think it's appalling that content from other countries is allowed. Now is the time to start nipping in the bud this Internet invasion of Canadian cultural space. Emergency legislation should be raced through requiring the apple store to allow only Canadian content selection.

    And for that matter, does the private sector need to be involved at all in the delivery of downloadable TV content?

    ( :} just kidding, just trying to beat a few predictable posters to the punch, grin, though no doubt they'll best me by working in blame somehow as well for either Paul Martin or Steven Harper.)
  17. Erik Richards from Winnipeg, Canada, writes: I wonder if this will affect the ability for web users to view CTV shows (including Corner Gas) for FREE via their website.
  18. gord winters from Canada writes: For $1.99 you can download Little Mosque on the Prairie.

    that's the first time i've laughed out loud at something to do with little mosque.....
  19. Ziad Fazel from Calgary, Canada writes: This a good start, but Apple Canada will need to keep adding shows and also movies to be relevant.

    How about making entire seasons of great kids shows like Buckshot or Friendly Giant available for those parents who deliberately do not have cable?

    I can see things like Canadian Idol being popular the day after, or free downloads of major events (not the daily crap!) in the House of Commons like Throne/Budget speeches and rebuttals - perhaps as a channel in iTunes U.

    Movies: what about independent or Quebec subsidy program films? How about David Cronenberg, or Atom Egoyan, or Deepa Mehta, or Denys Arcand?

    Go for it, Apple Canada. There is lots of great Canadian content not found on torrent sites or the rapidly consolidating/homogenizing video rental stores. With content owners who would be thrilled to see cash flow again.
  20. Rain SCM from Canada writes: I am only interested in the Sarah Silverman Show.
  21. this is just my opinion from Toronto, Canada writes: I would pay $1.99 per episode for Slings & Arrows.
  22. david ferguson from halifax, Canada writes: one of the committments of the new technology owner should be learning to use it to its best capacity...which most don't bother to do

    1.99/download? come on now, it is available for free from any number of sources and coding it to play on any platform of choice is child's play.

    apple downloads overall are a financial disaster for Apple.

    this is the way ahead and will define media viewing of the future, some of it available to the tech savvy now....but this business model is doomed. Apple knows it.
  23. C C from Canada writes: 'there is lots of great Canadian content not found on torrent sites'

    Simply supply and demand. If people don't want to download those shows for free, why would they want to pay for it?
  24. Dennis sinneD. from Calgary, Canada writes:

    But... it's on tv?
  25. K Kennedy from Toronto, Canada writes: Regardless of whether the content is limited and somewhat dubious at present the idea that the doors are now finally opening up for iTunes Canada to start offering more video content is a welcome development. Next step for Apple is to start offering movie downloads and a good selection and it's off to the races. This is an exciting time for online content and those that prefer to stream it without the hassles.
    It's only a matter of time I suspect.
  26. Joseph Whistle from Canada writes: Can I transfer downloaded content to my PC, convert it to divx and archive them on dvd's, playable through my divx capable dvd player?
    If yes, can I watch things like Battlestar Galactica.
    If not, why bother.
    Also, does it do HD? I'd like to watch HD nature movies from things like Nova. Can I do that?
  27. Shawn W from Toronto, Canada writes: Who, in their right mind, would pay money to download 'Little Mosque on the Prairie'???
  28. fred robster from Canada writes: Why should I have to pay an American company for Canadian taxpayer-funded content?

  29. S S from Western Canada, Canada writes: Little Mosque on the Prairie? Does anyone actually watch that show? I tried twice, never made it to the end. It's terrible. Also, I have a 44', wide screen, HD television, so why would I want to DL a show for $1.99, that is already available with my TV package which I'm paying for, and watch it on either my cell phone or one of those IPod thingies or on my 17' computer monitor? Does industry really think people are that stupid or am I giving people too much credit and they are so fascinated with TV and their new gadgets that they really can't live without them and actually will pay even more money to get a fix of TV? I'm starting to have serious worries about society these days......and I'm starting to sound like my parents too LOL.
  30. Geriatric Personage from NB, Canada writes: $1.99? Surely this is a misprint maybe $0.09 would get one or two customers.
  31. Alex Yaxmos from Canada writes: People have way to much credit to spend.
  32. Gabriel Stefan from Canada writes: I love the logic: 'I don't like it, therefore everyone else must hate it'

    It's really good for people who commute to work, or go on business trips or stuff like that. Just throw a few shows on your iPod and relax on your 6 hour flight. If you prefer to watch it on TV, then by all means do so. But some people may either not have time to watch all their favorite shows and may miss episodes, while others would prefer to watch the Rick Mercer Report then stare at the back of the seat in front of them.

    Under the same logic you can say 'why would anyone buy music CD's when you can listen to the radio for free'. Well people still buy music, even if you don't like it.
  33. S S from Western Canada, Canada writes: Little Mosque on the Prairie, really, DOES anyone watch this show? I've never talked to a single person who does. Everyone tried but thinking it's boring. Is there anyone out there who actually does watch this show? They keep saying it's Canada's number one show yet I don't know who's watching. I'd really like to know if anyone is watching it or whether they're just desperately trying to plug this as Canada's number one show in order to get people to watch it. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, I jsut find the show REALLY boring, not funny at all and I feel like they're trying to cram Islamic faith down my throat, which I find very insulting. I'm really just curious, thanks.
  34. Eric the Red from Canada writes: Great - Apple downloads exclusively available in mp4 format.

    I can't wait to not download this.
  35. Trent S from Canada writes: I don't have cable and currently only watch a couple shows a week via, Bit torrent, i think this is a great idea.
  36. S S from Western Canada, Canada writes: Gabriel Stefan, good point. I didn't look at it that way since i don't often travel. I also watch VERY little TV. The point you make is good but I still don't see the sense in being attached to a TV. Has society lost the intellect to talk, read or think for themselves?
  37. biggar thomas from Guelph, Canada writes: It really is a start. I cannot wait until we can download HBO and Network series. I never watch them on TV because I hyperventilate and bring up while watching adverts. Expect this service to expand rapidly during the new year. Meanwhile, I will not be buying an Apple TV device untill they serve stuff up in HD. Did you know that using a readily avaialble software download you can stream music and video wirelessly from your computer to your TV via the Xbox 360. I know that I am a heretic buying Microsoft products but, this one happens to be wuite useful in a number of ways.
  38. C C from Coombs BC, Canada writes: Oh please it's all been available for years. I had all Little Mosque before I threw it away. We hardly need their help eh'.
  39. A C from Albertario, Canada writes:

    It might be good to remember that the US version of television downloads did not begin with 1000's of different programs. Starting with a little CBC content is exactly that, a start.

    david ferguson Canada writes: apple downloads overall are a financial disaster for Apple.


    As in the way that downloading of music, movies, television shows, podcasts and ringtones drives the overall sale of Apple's hardware?

    That kind of overall disaster?

    Because if that's what you mean by 'overall' then you might want to check Apple's 'overall' stock price. It's not too bad . . . unless your name happens to be Google.
  40. Nathan Harrison from Canada writes: Sounds like a fine idea, but I probably won't be riding in Canada's street cars.
  41. Mike Sumners from Anytown, Canada writes: The technology is fascinating, but the content, CBC garbage like Little Mosque on the Prairie et al, kills the whole idea. Privatize the CBC, open up Canada's airwaves and this might fly, otherwise forget it.
  42. P Scott from Canada writes: Can everyone see what the WGA is striking for?

    Proof is in the Apple.
  43. G S from Toronto, Canada writes: Hey some comrad in Russia tried to charge me $0.99 last night on a 'free' torrent site to get an old copy of a Rick Mercer Report.

    My understanding is that the Canadian broadcasters and media companies are the hold up to this age old (three years plus in the states) technology. Microsoft hasn't launched Zune in Canada because they can't get all the necessary media outlets on side with their costs and copyrights and Apple is forced to go at this half-cocked because I am sure there are some old grey suits sitting there saying this will never take off.

    If only the record companies, television networks and movie companies could see past their fat-cat desks how much money and revenue they are leaving on the table by shunning technology.

    This should have been available from Apple Canada at least 18 months ago, and I'll bet you someone from Apple would love to say that out loud.

    Better late than never I guess.
  44. OScaR D from T.O., Canada writes: Good lord! You call Little Mosque garbage?! Meanwhile I'm sure you love Survivor crap-of-the-moment.

    I'm constantly amazed how fashionable it is to CBC-bash regardless of how utterly pathetic 99% of foreign imports are.
  45. Ziad Fazel from Calgary, Canada writes: How did this conversation about iTunes in Canada become fully moderated?

    Sarah Silverman made comments about Little Mosque, and Rick Mercer interviewed Americans about what they thought about this.

    I love Canada.
  46. D K from Canada writes: Bye bye rogers!
  47. Michael Rogers from Decatur, United States writes: 'apple downloads overall are a financial disaster for Apple.'

    That brings back memories: it's been a while since I've heard 'Apple' and 'financial disaster' in one sentence...
  48. Steven C from Vancouver, Canada writes: I agree with another poster. Why would anybody want pay to download a program that is free elsewhere. Not to mention that Canadian taxpayers foot the bill for CBC in the first place.

    CBC programs should be available for download on their own website as well as Apple - for free. Continue to build and increase the fan base then when audience numbers go up they may be able to increase advertising revenue (as well as DVD sales for those individuals that do like the programs).

    Greed and stupidity.
  49. S S from Western Canada, Canada writes: OScaR D from T.O., in my opinion Little Mosque is probably the worst show I've ever watched. Don't even get me started on Survivor or any stupid Idol show. In fact TV sucks at this time. Remaking old shows that sucked in the 70's, like Bionic Woman, or making a TV show about a movie from the 80's, like that terminator show that's coming out, just shows how totally lazy the bissiness has gotten. Nothing on today is fresh or original, it's all copied and politically generated to surve a purpose. What happened to a plain old good 1/2 hour comedy that is actually funny and it's only purpose is to entertain rather than to try and shove some other culture down my throat. Mosque could be good but they focus too much on the political end. If I want that, I'll watch the news.
  50. S S from Western Canada, Canada writes: I do like Corner Gas though. Pretty funny show.
  51. K W from Canada writes: I think they should staet offering Canadian made movies. At least Apple Canada can start building up their shows. Hopefully it won't be some boring Canadian
  52. James Meatball from Toronto, Canada writes: It's my fault. This thread became fully moderated after I made some negative comments about Little Mosque on the Prairie, the favourite show of the politically correct media. I must learn not to say anything that could be construed as anti-Muslim or anti-multicult. I must write that on the board 100 times. Shame on me!
  53. OScaR D from T.O., Canada writes: SS - it's cool you don't like Little Mosque, I don't expect everyone to. Mostly I'm astounded by the marketing-brainwashed mentality people will automatically assume American shows are decent - they're ridiculously bad these days - and by default bash Canadian shows.

    For my part, I've been quite a fan of This Hour Has 22 Minutes, The Rick Mercer Report, and the critically acclaimed, very intelligent (but not popular enough) This is Wonderland - but then, since when did being intelligent make for good audience rating eh?

    All American television has provided lately has been blood, or people sitting around arguing. I just don't understand the automatic Canada-bashing when the foreign stuff is so terrible.

    I agree that TV in general is bad, probably worse than ever. For the most part I also agree that recycling old concepts is just a sign of tired writers who don't know what else to do.

    Good thing we disconnected our cable - 'cause I know we're not missing anything. So instead we play music and talk. Amazing isn't it?
  54. Nathan Cool from Toronto, Canada writes: Little Mosque is PAINFULLY unfunny. I'd rather watch Family Matters reruns. I'm not kidding.

    Although Corner Gas isn't all that great anymore, it's at least original with good acting. I watch it occasionally.
  55. frequent traveler YVR from Vancouver, Canada writes: For anyone who cares ... you can use a program called Instant Handbrake to convert DVDs to iTunes format ... then store on your computer or iPod for future watching. Takes some time to convert a DVD but you let it run in the background and the Mac does all the work.

    Great way for someone who travels a lot to take entertainment with them - from whatever DVD source you like.
  56. J Patrick from Canada writes: I doubt that the television shows offered on the Canadian iTMS are going to sell many iPods.

    frequent traveler is right on the money. Handbrake and a video iPod will go a lot further (currently) than a handful of crappy can con.
  57. S& S from Western Canada, Canada writes: OScaR D from T.O., This Hour is a good show. I went to a taping live in Halifax back in 97. Split a gut laughing. I haven't been able to find anything other than re-runs lately though. Rick Mercer Report is the same, all re-runs. I find most of what I watch is documentaries and science. I figure if I'm gonna sit and watch something I might as well learn something and alot of these shows have been interesting me more than they used too. I must be getting old. I like my sports but since TSN has started refering to poker as a sport I've kind of lost interest in that as well. There must 20 chanels showing poker. What's up with that? Watching paint dry is more interesting. Playing poker is fun, used to do that quite often when i was in the military but watching it on TV....come on. I guess what I'm really getting at here is what happened to chatting with the person next to you while transitting to work or waiting in an office. People have extremely interesting stories to tell, everyone has something to offer. Why does society today feel it's so important to be connected to gadgets? I leave my house to relax and get away from the phone, TV and internet. I sure don't want it attached to my hip, hand or ear, I might miss something that's actually happening right in front of me. It's like society has lost touch with reality. Electronic devices have there time and place for me, when I'm out and about is NOT that time. I prefer to live life myself rather than watching it through someone elses eyes on a screen. Everyone has there opinion and I respect that, this is just my opinion and preference.
  58. Ross Gilmour from vancouver, Canada writes: just so all of you know you can watch corner gas on the internet for free at the ctv website. if you really love the show most of sask is like that so just go for a visit, i experienced it first hand when i drove there once.

    The hockey thing is a stroke of genius however think of all the leafs fans that will download that 1966 win of the cup. Unfortunalty for us Canucks fans film was still new around the turn of the century when we last won (Vancouver millionaires).

    When do you we get u.s shows i want to get shows like 'Entourage and 24 stuff i actually like.
  59. E W from Canada writes: I couldn't find a master list of the Canadian programming they're offering on the Apple site. I wanted to see what they had before downloading the annoying ITunes software. Anyone know where I can get a list?
  60. Adebisi TheGamer from Canada writes: Why people would pay a buck 99 to download a low res version of some show, copy protected up the butt no doubt, and even if you did rip it to DVD to save, watching it on your TV would be like watching CBC with an antenna at best.
  61. Sask Langer from Canada writes: J Patrick from Canada writes: Handbrake and a video iPod will go a lot further (currently) than a handful of crappy can con.

    Just so long as the Canadian DMCA doesn't pass. Because then you can say good-bye to format-shifting like that. And don't even THINK about taking that file off your ipod. That would be breaking digital locks and also illegal.
  62. E Campbell from Chicago, United States writes: This is a good start, but should only be a start. Being in the US now, I can download the American shows, and do, sometimes. However, I am clueless as to why the networks wouldn't automatically get, or additionally buy, the digital rights for the shows they already from the US. It doesn't make sense that the Canadian networks can't put them up for sale, but that 'since the U.S. industry sells the rights to such shows to networks here, they [the US networks] can't stream them into Canada through their websites, nor offer them on Canadian iTunes.'

    I also am not sure how the statement 'it's not clear whether putting those shows on the Internet or selling them through iTunes would erode their margins on television' makes a lot of sense. There is the US example, which I know is a bit different, but it could be used as a base. As well, CTV at least, also broadcasts American shows on its website, such as The Colbert Report, Pushing Daisy's, The Daily Show, and others. So hopefully, Canada will get access to the American shows soon.

    It is a good start, though.
  63. Joseph Whistle from Canada writes: Another option is to use to rent entire dvd's in decent quality of whole seasons all at once. Just watch it a season or two later. People don't really talk at the water cooler or in the kitchen about what was on tv anymore anyway. Things are not what they used to be.
  64. anonymouse Z from Canada writes: Offerings on Canadian iTunes is pathetic compared to the US version. I don't even want to waste my time browsing iTunes.
  65. Daniel Sloan from Gatineau, QC, Canada writes: I hate to break it to all the Little Mosque haters but halfway through its 2nd season 850,000 still watch Little Mosque. (Personally I find it hit and miss.)

    Lost in all the CBC bashing is the fact that it is the private stations, CTV and Global, that are blocking of delivery of quality American content.

    I hope that the CBC puts Intelligence on iTunes. I was glad to read elsewhere that the DVD of season one will be released next April.
  66. Ms. Topper999 from Canada writes: For those who wonder why anyone would watch a TV show on an iPod's tiny screen ... it's very, very easy to hook your iPod up to a HD TV. You just need a dock (which comes with a remote control for sound, mute and stop) and the appropriate cables. I have my iPod hooked up to a 37' LCD widescreen TV and I watch video downloaded from the American iTunes site all the time. It looks fine -- in fact, just like regular TV. And the videos/movies have no commercials or stupid little animated icons in the corners touting other shows -- which in itself is worth $1.99 if you ask me.

    The other advantage is that it's legal, unlike the other options some people have been promoting here.

    Of course, the American site has a lot of programs, and movies, on offer. The Canadian site so far is pretty sad. But it's worth noting that NBC just pulled their hit shows (like The Office and Battlestar Galactica) from iTunes and other networks might decide to do the same.
  67. MR Pummax from Toronto, Canada writes: The discussion about who will be policing the content production is valid:

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