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Who wants to squash the BlackBerry?

Globe and Mail Update

Competitors are lining up, and the top weapon in their arsenal is software for Microsoft. But RIM's CEO isn't fazed ...Read the full article

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  1. Benjamin Smith from Canada writes: The biggest threat to the Blackberry at the moment are our teleco's ludicrous data plans for them.
  2. h w from Waterlogged, Canada writes: RIM may not be worried at losing business customers that are committed with hardware and software (RIM's expensive BES server and per user licenses that hook into Lotus Notes, MS Exchange etc.) However, run of the mill consumers are not in that same position - they are just as easily likely to switch to Microsoft, Apple of whoever will give them the most goodies for the least buck. Right now that's Apple, and RIM's meager offerings are just Apple-knockoffs; RIM now follows rather than leading in the market they created. With device churn averaging at a year and half, and cellular provider contracts lasting 2-3 years, the tide could turn very quickly.
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  4. Peter The Not Quite Great from Canada writes: Since I use my blackberry infrequently I suspect my employer is wasting money on it.

    Many of my fellow employees use theirs inside our headquarters when they will be back in their offices in minutes anyway. So I suspect most of the blackberries are wasted money.

    Is this the case in other workplaces?

    Then again you've got to have the latest "cool" business tool or the other businesses just won't talk to you.
  5. Steve C from reality, Canada writes: Blackberries are complete utter and total junk, pepple committed to the device? It should be more like people who use the device should* be committed.

    I have my iPhone and it is superior to the garbageberry is every way, shape and form. For one I can get my Exchange email without the use of a garbageberry enterprise server (*beep beep

    Even with the new (so called) touchscreen peice of junk you have to click down on the screen to do anything, NEWS FLASH that means it's (wait for it) NOT A TOUCH SCREEN AT ALL, it's just one big giant button (rim is shown for the liers they are).

    I'm just happy as a clam to see retards in motion stock continue to drop, I'll be hoping that it continues to drop till they go out of business.

    What a crappy company.

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