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Staying sexy and secure

A note from TQ's Editor, Simon Beck

Globe and Mail Update

We at TQ know that even the geekiest of IT experts must get a little brain-numbed by too much talk of bits, bytes, BGANs, LANs and so on. And since the holiday season will soon be upon us, we thought we'd offer up a bit of hardware eye-candy in this issue. This is the time of year when business people deserve to treat themselves (and their co-workers) with gizmos that are sexy as well as functional. If high-tech gifts are good for the stocking at home, they're equally good for the office. In my case, Santa came early with my shiny BlackBerry 8830 (the built-in GPS is a killer app); but in these pages you'll also read about how rival PDA manufacturers are keeping Research In Motion on its toes with a host of excellent alternatives.

Meanwhile, we're also offering up our usual menu of features designed to keep you thinking about the IT tools that could make your workplace more productive, profitable and—last but definitely not least—secure. Our glossary of security threats in this issue may seem like a post-Halloween horror story, but take heart in the fact that there are services such as BrandProtect that can help you sleep at night—in this case (outlined on page 36), scouring cyberspace for each and every threat to your brand and image. And McAfee's Brian Kenyon has some interesting insights into the human factors that make IT security such a challenge.

Happy reading, and best wishes for the holiday season.

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