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Candy never stopped caring

From Thursday's Globe and Mail

Comedian would have been the life of the party in Toronto this week ...Read the full article

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  1. Flames Forever from Canada writes: John Candy.. LOVE the man!!
  2. Andrew D from Toronto, Canada writes: God love ya, John...we miss you.
  3. Mike Anderson from Canada writes: A good friend of mine was employed by the Argos at the team level during the John Candy Era and, believe me, it was the absolute best of times. John is missed, indeed. It's tremendous, however, that he is not being forgotten. Good for the CFL community for using this week to honour this great man.
  4. paul sheridan from Hawkestone, ON, Canada writes: Del Griffiths, Uncle Buck, Stan Schmenge, Dr. Tongue........and on and on. The man is a legend and should be treated so. Cheers to his finally being enshrined on the Grey Cup. I think a tribute stamp from Canada Post would be eqally deserving of John Candy's likeness.
  5. Erik Richards from Winnipeg, MB, writes: John Candy is a legend, and best of all was an amazing man. It is so sad that people such as John are taken from us all too soon. But to have lived when he did, and been able to watch his magic...

    By the way, Paul Sheridan, Canada Post released a stamp with John Candy's likeness a year or so ago.
  6. Malcolm Bromley from Victoria, Canada writes: Classic Candyman Comedy!!! #1. Uncle Buck (just an unending series of YUKs) 2. Planes, Trains and Automobiles (except for the totally unnecessary barrage of 19 F-bombs laid on by Steve Martin at the airport car rental counter). I recommend that that you take out one or both of these videos this weekend to celebrate a sadly missed Canadian comedic genius. How special it would be if John Candy had his films/videos suddenly appear on the most viewed/popular lists for this weekend. Too bad some TO cinema hadn't thought to showcase "Classic Candy" as part of the Grey Cup weekend!
  7. Ursa Minor from Vancouver, Canada writes: TOMMY SHANKS FOR MAYOR!!

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