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Where was the PMO or PCO seven months ago?

From Monday's Globe and Mail

It's a critical question on the Mulroney file. ...Read the full article

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  1. R. Carriere from Maritimes, Canada writes:

    I wonder how many people are surprised this columnist would jump all over this attempt of a story to put PM Harper in a bad light?

    Fact: There is a private civil (not criminal) lawsuit between 2 individuals.
    Fact: The former Chretien govt. settled with Mulroney for $2 Million
    Fact: New "ALLEGATIONS" (unproven) have come to light by one of the players in this case
    Fact: PM Harper, contrary to past regimes, is NOT sweeeping this under the table.

    If these allegations are proven true, I would hope the present government would take the necessary steps to retrieve its money with interest, and if there is/was criminal responsibility, to also take the appropriate measures. IF TRUE!

    That stated, it would be interesting if this same columnist who presents excessive interest in former Prime Ministers, would take on and investigate the alleged highly questionable practises of others-namely Jean Chretien in his Shawinigate dealings or so many others.........

    Or perhaps calling out Mr. Dion, President of the Privy Council of Canada from 1996-2003-7 years of ADSCAM! Mr. Dion enjoys using the term, "What did you know, and when did you know it" and himself??
  2. D G from Toronto, Canada writes: Harper's not looking so smug these days....
  3. PJ Casey Jardine from Canada writes: What a joke, next thing Dion will be trying to say that Mr. Harper was there front and centre when all this occures.
    The globe and mail really love to get this story of the past into the highlites and try to make something out of nothing that had anything to do with the present government. The liberals love to jump on the word "cover-up". Mr. Carriere you are so right. But they have to try to find something to disgrace the government of the day.
    If this is the way that the liberals want to go then lets open enquiries from all the past governments and see where that leads.
  4. Mike Baker from Dublin, Ireland writes: That's an odd bit of billiards these past two weeks ... ... The PM threatens the opposition with reprisals for the sake of protecting a former holder of the office, who caused the current PM to quit the PC organisation in the early 90's. The PM then reins in his horns and announces that he'll be appointing independent counsel to look into the issue. Immediately thereafter, we come to find out his system of micro-management failed him at a salient juncture in the story, and all within the context of a government that promised transparency. No doubt the Tory scavengers have busied themselves; scurrying through old Liberal garbage, sampling the untouched crumbs from the Gomery testimony, gnawing on AdScam and Shawinigate left-overs, attempting in any way to make what they can with the sort of dirt that played well to their constituency in the prior election. What else could limited intellectual capital be spent on? If not on another GST cut; certainly not on elucidating a strategy for a first-world country in the age of international hyper competitiveness. What is the party in power expected to do other than revert to their opposition instincts? Digging and flinging muck. That's the guaranteed vote grabber. As Paul Westerberg once sang, "Shootin' dirty pool ..."
  5. pierre lefebvre from Brossard, Canada writes: G&M goes hysterical on Mulroney. Is it a coincidence that landing of Airbus 380 in Montreal today matches the most empirical display of abuse in national press coverage of Mulroney, his wife and all other people closely linked? Is it a coincidence that Dion accuses government of cover up. Of course not. Shame to the press aimed at propaganda rather than news and its fair analysis!
  6. Kim Huynh from Montreal, Canada writes: Too bad most articles about the Mulroney and the AirBus affairs were closed to comments by this paper. And yet many of the Grits haters and the Cons supporters take it on to blaming this columnist for talikg about the 7-week gap in politics related to the affairs. Both Mulroney and Chretien are the Quebec's street boys in Canadian politics. They both speak the quebecois slangs, they both have some sketetons in their own closets. the PM Mr Harper should have known better: he was not associated with the Mulroney two terms, albeit his recent relationship with ther former PM since he won the election about two years ago, then why he hesitate to face the issue head-on earlier rather than 7 weeks later after briefly dismissed the allegation more than a week ago? Mr Mulroney's latest memoirs curiously missed out one chapter: The AirBus affairs. This paper's editorial column has praised his book when compared to another memoir by the other former PM M. Chretien. Seven weks is a long haul in politics and Mr Harper 'd better have a more plausible explaination. The wheelings and dealings in business as well as in politics can get murky, but at the end of the day, the bad things you want the public to forget as a politican are actually the things they will remember the most.
  7. R. Carriere from Maritimes, Canada writes:

    Kim Huynh from Montreal, : Good afternoon Kim

    Kim, what bothers me about this situation is what I have stated above. This is a private civil lawsuit between 2 individuals where "allegations" from one of these individuals has recently been put forward. Unfortunately, the grey area occurs where one of these individuals was a former PM and the "allegations" allegedly occured during his tenure.

    This is NOT some kind of govt. organized $$ kickback scheme.-and there lies the difference.

    Unfortunately, the present Prime Minister's name has been unfairly brought into this story-and he has acted correctly.

    I also see this as an Opposition Leader who has nothing to offer and turns to crass politics and vindictiveness to try and cover the hopeless defficiencies he possesses.

    Interesting is that PM Harper, once in power, could have had a field day with never-ending investigations into 2 former Prime Ministers, but decided to take the high road and move forward.

    Dion would be wise to move forward with caution and be careful about his allegations. It is not difficult to notice he and his former cronies live a very thin glass houses.

  8. keith c from London, United Kingdom writes: yeah, harper changed tack when schreiber dragged his own name into the story.. hard to believe anyone covered anything up when harper has to climb down so publicly.

    unless.. my paranoia side wonders.. unless there's something even nastier about to drop and harper got wind of it and decided to take his lumps and set mulroney adrift on the technicality that Harper's own name was mentioned by schreiber in his affidavit, with this Harrington Lake allegation ..
  9. R. Carriere from Maritimes, Canada writes:

    keith c from London, United Kingdom

    AH.....what are you trying to say??????

  10. Kim Huynh from Montreal, Canada writes: R. Carriere from Maritimes Posted 12/11/07 at 12:15 PM EST...
    Good afternoon Rob,
    I somewhat agree with you to the point that Mr Harper might have nothing to do with this latest political fallouts. However, I have to remind them of his comments made just over a week ago suggesting that to open an enquiry for political purpose might be a dangerous path. He also hinted that he migh have to re-open the Chretien and the Martin files, which to me is kind of political blackmail. Mr Harper might come out unscathed but many of his cabinet's members might not be that clean. His declaration to have an independent person to probe the matter has been praised by many political pundits, but for a sitting government to ignore such an outragious allegation against a former PM while in office is no less than a political suicide. Mr Mulroney is more than just a private citizen, believe it or not.
  11. G. Veneta from Calgary, Canada writes: The typical defensive comments by the loyal sheep. Bottom line is did Harper bury this letter for 7 months hoping it would go away?

    Why the defensiveness?? If there is nothing to hide expose all with a full judicial inquiry where all have to testify under oath.

    The Canadian people deserve to know the truth before they vote again. Where did the other millions go that Shrieber collected and to whom and did it go to fight elections anywhere??

    So many questions and such hollow outrage by the loyal conservatives. Seems corruption may be acceptable if it is blue just not red.

    I don't care what party we are talking about we must purge corruption in government. These old boys clubs walk on all spectrums of the political world and time to rid ourselves of them and their entitlements.
  12. Alistair McLaughlin from Ottawa, Canada writes: G. Veneta, bureaucrats in the PCO are saying they didn't forward this letter on to Harper because they didn't feel it was important enough. And don't be so quick to assume Harper wants to defend Mulroney. There is no doubt that Mulroney has been a valuable ally for Harper in rebuilding Conservative support in Quebec. But there is also a good argument to be made that Mulroney has outlived his usefulness, and Harper might be only too happy to cut the apron strings. Harper is nothing if not a shrewd political operator. He'll keep Mulroney around exactly as long as it benefits him, and not a second longer. What's more, when it's time to give Mulroney the boot, you can bet there will be many old-time Reformers who will be thrilled.
  13. K. B. from Canada writes: Seriously, I don't know what the big fuss is about. A letter not making its way from the PCO to the PMO is not hard to believe. It's perfectly reasonable.

    Call the public inquiry. I bet the Conservatives come out of it looking even better to the public. My guess is that it would reveal nothing (I mean if the judgment coming out of Gomery wasn't in any ways harsh, with all the circumstantial evidence surrounding that, then Mulroney has absolutely nothing to fear), it would clear Mulroney, and the Liberals and NDP would have to wear the costs associated with the inquiry. I don't think Harper can lose on this.

    I was especially interested in the article that talked about how John Crosbie, the Minister of Transport at the time, wasn't even interviewed by the RCMP during their investigation. That is puzzling to say the least.

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