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Text of Schreiber affidavit citing Stephen Harper


OTTAWA The following is the extract from a sworn affidavit filed in court this week by businessman Karlheinz Schreiber in his continuing lawsuit involving former prime minister Brian Mulroney.

The allegations, which have not been proven in court, include a reference to a planned meeting between Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Mr. Mulroney at the prime ministerial retreat at Harrington Lake, in Quebec, in 2006.

“At the special request of Mr. Mulroney, I wrote a letter to him on July 20, 2006, suggesting to Mr. Mulroney that the public rhetoric regarding the sale of Airbus planes by Airbus Industries G.I.E. (the ‘Airbus Affair') and the conspiracy against me personally amounted to the largest political scandal in the history of Canada ...

“I wrote the July 20, 2006, letter at the request of Mr. Mulroney because he told me that he was going to meet with The Right Honourable Stephen Harper, the current Prime Minister of Canada, by the end of July, 2006, at Harrington Lake, and that he (Mr. Mulroney) was going to show that he and I were on good terms.”

Mr. Harper acknowledged Friday that he met with Mr. Mulroney at Harrington Lake in August, 2006, but said there was never any discussion about Mr. Schreiber.

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