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YouTube launches in Canada

Globe and Mail Update

Video sharing site has already signed agreements with the CBC, CFL and Sony BMG Canada ...Read the full article

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  1. john k from toronto, Canada writes: Why is Canada 2 years behind everything that has to do with technology?
  2. John White from Canada writes: Sounds good, as long as they don't block US content due to CRTC rules or Canadian Broadcast Rights.

    For example try to watch clips on NBC's website....You can't due to Global TV Broadcast rights...same with HBO...or
  3. Bradley Parr from Los Angeles, United States writes: John K - it's not Canada's fault. You could always get onto YouTube, now there's just a special Canadian verson.
  4. Some Guy from Ottawa, Canada writes: This is just another content provider that needs to be reined in by net neutrality legislation. They're simply tweaking content to Canadians (which will surely be crappier). You can bet your donkey that US content will be more difficult to stream as they prioritize network traffic.
  5. C D from Canada writes: Wow, another useless site just like
    I don't use because some American auctions don't say they specifically ship to Canada yet in the description they say.. Canada 29.99 or what ever for shipping but filters the auction out anyways.
  6. Halvor McMichael from Canada writes: Oooooooooooooooooooooooh CBC on Youtube! Now I can re-watch Venture.
  7. jeff peters from Canada writes: This is nothing more than an exercise to drum up local advertising. Typing in .com isn't much harder than typing in .ca so why would I need a "Canadian" version?
  8. Ryan L from Toronto, Canada writes: This is great! Us canadians can now watch Youtube on the internet, I guess.
  9. B.C. Expat from Ottawa, NCR, Canada writes: I believe has now opened up an mirror site as well!

    And following the pattern of all "Canadian versions of things" to date, the Quebecois version (with a different name) can't be far behind.
  10. G S from United States writes: The CRTC will regulate it out of business.
  11. Joe Liberali from Canada writes: A lot of people commenting with little knowledge of how things work. Net neutrality is not an issue here! connectivity to the US version is not an issue here! and the CRTC has nothing to do with this, it's not TV!
  12. F Rioux from Canada writes: Theres already somes existing sites of that kind for Quebec.
  13. Big Sky from Canada writes: With our luck we'll get nothing but CPAC and fat Mike Duffy
  14. Steve M from LONDON, Canada writes: John White nailed it right on the head. This is not good news, its bad news. The real purpose has got to be to censor content that might not be legal in Canada.

    At least I can still get to the American version of YouTube. I await the day that automatically redirects me to
  15. Bill Needle from Canada writes: F Rioux from Canada writes: Theres already somes existing sites of that kind for Quebec.

    You forgot
  16. F Rioux from Canada writes: @Bill Needle
    I dont think that one will be succesfull in Quebec, you know, with an english name.
  17. Marshal Cheung from Canada writes: Do not be misled by the domain name. Try a traceroute you will discover that the machine is still located in the United States. Just likey other web sites such as, and There is nothing benefiting Canadians, they won't provide jobs and won't even collect sales tax. A similiar web site won't even survive in Canada because Canada govenrment wants all online adversement on Canada web sites to pay GST!
  18. Ross Snowden from Hamilton, Canada writes: **Bill Needle from Canada writes: F Rioux from Canada writes: Theres already somes existing sites of that kind for Quebec.

    You forgot ***


    Thanks ... like your sense of humour! Made my day!
  19. P Jones from NB, Canada writes: So they already signed an agreement with CBC. That was fast. I guess we won't be seeing any negative content pertaining to CBC. Good for them! They can continue to push the "Canadian perspective" on us.

    Guess what site I will stay faaaaaaaar away from?
  20. Sonja Weaver from Vancouver, Canada writes: Nothing like a little superfluous bigotry to add to a conversation - no wonder there's such a national divide.
  21. Clue By Four from Vancouver, Canada writes: Liveleak is better than youtube anyway.
  22. Joseph Whistle from Canada writes: Like with, it'll redirect to, after which you'll see filtered, channeled content. It makes it look like your place is the center of the universe. Ever wonder why every you search on google, it seems like Canada is so in the middle of it all, so upperdy upperdy, informed, developed, and advanced. Oh, we're so connected. Yeah, ok, whatever, every other country and his brother is too, just as well.
  23. Alex Yaxmos from Canada writes: Just a way for Youtube to control content and direct adversiting to the right customers.
  24. Gordon Murray from Canada writes: this Nov 7, 2007 forwards to as did ... some sort of pattern behavioUr from them there or maybe now us here ... or here and there ... perhaps that's neither here nor there ...
  25. May C from Canada writes: I fail to understand why we need when it's the same site. A much better idea is to just allow the visitors and viewers to filter according to the source of the content or according to the viewer's regional location. Instead, now we're likely stuck with which will likely now block out all the other content that isn't Canadian. In this day and age of technology and the flattening of the world, this is the exact opposite of what we need. Only tells me that Google is having difficulty making money on Youtube when they have to create regional youtubes to get local advertising dollars. Sad.

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