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Border no barrier for Black's autograph pen

From Tuesday's Globe and Mail

Disgraced media baron signs books remotely, using device conceived by novelist Margaret Atwood ...Read the full article

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  1. John Doucette from Manotick, Canada writes: Isn't that great! Now, when he's in jail we won't even miss him!
  2. Alyssa Watson from Canada writes: and they say canadians dont invent anything, i like asking americans who invented basketball, gets them everytime:)
  3. Chuck the Canuk from Moncton, Canada writes: Pity. Maybe he can write a new book from an American prison with Atwood's pen. Call it the Long Arm of the Law Knows No Borders. But I imagine he will get off. After all, he is a British "Lord", eh? hahahahaha. Please lets see some justice in the world. Saddam and his cronies are gone, OJ might be finally going down for a while, the Enron dude is dead, and just maybe Mr Black might go down. Fitting end for snubbing Canada and giving up his citizenship eh?. LOL I bet he is wishing he still had them. Good riddance sir, you are a disgrace to Canada anyway.
  4. Dale A. Robertson from Ottawa, Canada writes: This is good news for Baron Bombast. Surely his prison memoirs will be worth more if signed from inside the jug.
  5. Jedburgh Abbey from Canada writes: Forget the "Conrad will win" t-shirts, we need ones that read "I am not a crook."

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