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Reaction to Peace Prize award


OSLO — Former U.S. vice-president Al Gore and the UN climate panel shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for raising awareness of the threat of global warming.

Here is a selection of reaction to the Norwegian Nobel Committee's decision:

UN SECRETARY-GENERAL BAN KI-MOON: “The secretary-general notes that largely thanks to the IPCC's lucid and well-documented findings, it is now established beyond doubt that climate change is happening, and that much of it is caused by human activity. As a result, there is now unprecedented momentum for action on climate change around the world, and recognition of the UN as the forum for reaching agreement on it,” a spokesman said.

STEPHANIE TUNMORE, GREENPEACE INTERNATIONAL CLIMATE CAMPAIGNER: “Awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to Al Gore and the IPCC must have an impact on governments preparing to negotiate the extension of the Kyoto Protocol's legally-binding limits on greenhouse pollution in December of this year.”

HANS VEROLME, HEAD OF WWF INTERNATIONAL'S CLIMATE CHANGE PROGRAMME: “The award of this Nobel Peace Price is clear recognition for the growing global movement to stop climate change. It is a token of the tremendous admiration we all feel towards the IPCC for its work, and our gratitude to Al Gore for championing this cause.”

EUROPEAN COMMISSION PRESIDENT JOSE MANUEL BARROSO: “Their work has been an inspiration for politicians and citizens alike. The European Union remains committed to its ambitious goals in the field. I call on all our partners to take this Nobel Peace Prize as an encouragement to approach this challenge even more swiftly, and decisively.”

ACHIM STEINER, HEAD OF THE UN ENVIRONMENT PROGRAMME: “The Nobel Peace Prize Committee has today made it clear that combatting climate change is a central peace and security policy for the 21st century.”

TONY JUNIPER, EXECUTIVE DIRECT OF FRIENDS OF THE EARTH: “This is a very welcome signal that the world is beginning to wake up to how environmental challenges are going to shape many aspects of human welfare long into the future. We hope that politicians everywhere will see this signal and take heed.”

GORE CRITIC JOSEPH BAST, OF THE U.S.-BASED HEARTLAND INSTITUTE: “Al Gore doesn't understand the science behind climate change or he deliberately misrepresents it. Either way, that should disqualify him from a prize like this.”

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