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Truth & rumours

Second best option?

From Friday's Globe and Mail

American telecast of Presidents Cup hits most of the right notes ...Read the full article

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  1. John Douglas from Dartmouth, Canada writes: Um, who cares what Ms. Romanuk is doing? How is that relevant to this article? And Mike Weir is still extremely popular with Canadian golf fans, despite his so-called "mediocre" results since his ground-breaking Masters win (first Canadian, first lefty). Why? Because he's a class act, unfailingly humble, polite, approachable and witty. Weir still competes on golf's grandest stage with professionalism, skill and dedication. I would argue his popularity is greater than ever because of how he has handled personal success along with the heightened expectations of the Canadian public. Leave him alone. Be like Mike.
  2. Craig W from Calgary, Canada writes: I for one, was very, very happy to see TNT and NBC doing the telecast instead of a Canadian outfit. Do I like Johnny Miller and Dottie Pepper? No. But the American broadcasters do a much better job overall (even if the patronage is slightly too USA for me), and their coverage adds credibility to the tournament, both to American audiences and to Canadians.

    I wish the Canadian Open and the Canadian Women's Open were covered by American broadcasters as well, for no other reasons than increased entertainment value and augmented stature amongst domestic and international golf fans.

    Now if only it'd been CBS with David Feherty and Gary McCord in Montreal, that would have been some fun!

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