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McAmmond released from hospital

Canadian Press

Senators centre suffers concussion after vicious hit by Philadelphia forward Steve Downie ...Read the full article

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  1. No No No Yes No from Canada writes: Thank goodness...This could have been much worse. All the best Dean!
  2. Midtown Bob from Toronto, Canada writes: Let the crybaby comments start. It was a vicious whack that was dished out but isn't hockey a violent game played by guys who need to be mean and nasty, especially at the NHL level.

    Did you see the knee hit JP Losman took on the second play of the Bills-Pats game last Sunday? THAT was intent to injure but the defender who hurt him didn't even get a penalty.

    btw the leafs will still miss the playoffs this year.
  3. Trilly B from Canada writes: Bob, your comment got less relevant with each sentence! Hockey and football are not the same sport. And this is an Ottawa/hockey story, not a Leafs story.

    Hope McAmmond's recovery goes smoothly.
  4. k d from Canada writes: Midtown Bob - you're comparing apples and oranges here. Hockey is not the NFL.

    I'm a Sens fan and thought Neil's hit last year on Drury was dirty. He didn't get a penalty either, but should have. Pronger only got 1 game for a blatant elbow, but Tie Domi got what - 20 games back in the 2001 playoffs?

    Head shots in hockey must be eliminated and hopefully there'll be some strict guidelines set, especially in light of all the injuries over the last couple of seasons. Let's hope that Dean McAmmond returns to the ice soon and that Downie gets his suspension (I say 10 NHL/AHL games).
  5. Frank Guy from United States writes: did anyone see the hit? 1 to 2 games max. intend to truck someone? yes? that dirty? no.

    hope dean gets better quick.
  6. Trilly B from Canada writes: Bob, your trend continues....
  7. CD W from coldwater, Canada writes: Since legal violence is the norm in pro sports, I hope the hockey clubs have not chintzed out on emergency paramedics waiting at rink side. A local junior A club has done so, and the hits are just as tough as the pros. Not to mention the nearly dead in the crowd watching the games.
  8. Proud Canadian from Canada, Canada writes: Midtown Bob, Ur in the same boat as Mike Mike and Mr. Big. Ignorant. Guys are out there trying to make a living, are you not doing that or are you one of those government pigs at the trough. Give it a break, the guy was injured by a cement head, Cam Jansenn and Steve Downie do not belong in hockey. Both should be in a mental facility wearing helmets 24-7 banging their heads up against a wall.
  9. Robert Lepage from Canada writes: Come on people, intent to injure is the key aspect of this! Professional reporters (Bob MacKenzie!) noticed this: Downie was plowed by Volchenkov and Schubert, Downie got right up and went for Dean.

    Intent to injure, elbow to the head, left his feet, charging, late hit (0.6 s to be precise).

    All illegal, there are no if ands or buts about it.
  10. Mr. Smitty from Canada writes: Actually Robert, 0.6 seconds does not make it a late hit (at least that's what everyone in Ottawa said after Chris Neil hit Drury last year). Bob MacKenzie also said that it appears that his feet didn't leave the ice until after the hit.

    I think it was a very dirty hit, specifically because he was gunning for the head, which you would only do if you were looking to hurt a guy. I just don't understand how people can defend Neil's hit, and then turn around and rant about how terrible this is. You can't have it both ways!
  11. R A from Canada writes: I see it as a a brutal hit with intent to injure - if you havent seen it then check this out. He leaves his feet before the hit.
  12. Ryan M from Ottawa, Canada writes: Hope that Deano recovers well from this.

    No question it was a dirty guess is 3 games, but we'll see what (if) the NHL actually does.
  13. jim B from Canada, Canada writes: Why does the Neil hit keep coming up..he wasn't penalized and not suspended..why .. because it was leaving the feet..

    Downie will be suspended because everything about the hit was to kill someone.
  14. dallas mcquarrie from Regina, Canada writes: '... isn't hockey a violent game played by guys who need to be mean and nasty, especially at the NHL level?'

    No - and the suggestion is an idiotic one that reveals an ignorance of what hockey is about. Hockey is not 'psychos on ice' and people who enjoy that sort of thing should join Michael Vick on the dog fighting circuit. I mean, hockey and dog fighting are a lot alike, right? Get serious already!
  15. Mr. Smitty from Canada writes: Jim, Bob MacKenzie is saying that it wasn't a charge, wasn't a late hit, and his feet may have left the ice before the hit, but only marginally. Does that mean you think it was a clean hit?
  16. Henry Allen from Toronto, Canada writes: Outlaw head shots. Helmets do nothing to protect brain matter in the case of a head shot. Concussions are caused by secondary and severe impact of the brain against the inside walls of the skull.

    However, I don't expect the NHL to create a 'no head shot' rule until a player is vegetablized or dies from complications from a brain hemorrhage, which will happen -- just a matter of time.
  17. Michael Peters from Toronto, Canada writes: I'm going to go out on an limb here and say thank God that Mike Berezin and Bob write for the minority. McAmmond's fault? You can't beat that kind of logic. Truly awe inspiring.
  18. Ryan M from Canada writes: Agreed, Michael Peters. Just amazing, really.
  19. Robert Maloney from Canada writes: Anaheim played a rough tough game last year and won a cup. Watch the GM's load up on cheap tough guys to make their team hard to play this year. Its easier to find someone who can lay a guy out than a guy than can score a goal. Hopefully the refs can keep things under control on the ice, because obviously some of the players could care less who they put in the hospital. Anybody who has played a contact sport knows when they can really drill somebody, Downie knew, he did and now the league should make him pay. He should sit as long as Dean is out....and as an aside for Midtown Bob ... give the Leafs a chance, its only September! We can cry in our beer later...
  20. bill mcdonald from Canada writes: I've seen Downie play OHL hockey and he wasn't the cleanest player. I'd love to see him make the Flyers and watch when the two teams get back together either in Philly or Ottawa. I'm sure this incident will sell tckets for the rematch.
  21. Jim Z from Canada writes: The NHL really needs to crack down before somebody is killed. Believe me it is going to happen one of these times. They need to make an example out of Downie suspend him from hockey for life and maybe the rest of the league will finally get the message. This type of play just leads to more violence on the ice. Give me the days of the 70's when Monteal Canadiens played the Russians to a 3 all tie New Year's Eve now that was hockey at its best. Trying to drive a guy thru the boards is total bush league.
  22. JawBone Hamilton from Canada writes: If the Flyers organization had any integrity, a couple of their own big lads would take Downie out back to the wood shed and do us all a favour.
  23. black and white from Canada writes: to Mike Berezin and all the other knuckleheads...I have played hockey all my life...competitive and is a game played not only between the bluelines but also between the ears...maybe you should play the game of blog the same way...
  24. Jim McBob from Canada writes: I guess Nick Lidstrom is a beer leaguer too. He is advocating a crackdown on this sort of thing. But what's he ever won?
  25. Montgomery C. Burns from Springfield, Canada writes: Mike Berezin, leaving one's feet to hit another player is not tough, it's gutless. From your post, it seems that you've been hit in the head one too many times.
  26. George Hall from Canada writes: The NHL will always remain a second class league, as evidenced in last years pathetic finals tv ratings, as long as the goons rule the game.
    Any one who actually appreciaes the sport can easily do without the goofballs
  27. black and white from Canada writes: hey Berezin, two minutes for being so ignorant....did you watch TSN tonite to see the players' reaction?...all on the same page (ie send Downie to the minors) I said, ya gotta play the game between your ears too!!...
  28. George Hall from Canada writes: It is a sad state of affairs that probably the best player whoever played, namely Gretzky, is rebuffed regarding the goonery while a buffoon like Don Cherry makes a living off of the goons.
    Cherry was never good enough to play in the league nor coach..he couldn't even cosch at the junior A level with the Ice Dogs. The only reason he had success coaching in the NHL is because Harry Sinden gave him a phenomenal team.

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