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Nations agree on plan to get rid of ozone-depleting chemical


Almost 200 countries sign on to freeze production and consumption of hydrochlorofluorocarbons ...Read the full article

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  1. William T from Chilliwack, Canada writes: This is a good thing, the earth does not naturally produce hydrochlorofluorocarbons. To my knowledge those gases are entirely man-made and not necessary to all life. C02 on the other hand....
  2. Dr Demento from Canada writes: So what are we replacing CFCs with in refridgeration and air conditioners?
  3. Iain's Opinion from Canada writes: We've know about this for 30 years or so and the glacial pace reflects what we are going through with GreenHouseGasses. But unlike HCFC's which are more like a nusance thing GHG's will alter the planet to something much harsher and unfriendly to us. The pace of change will be too slow to prevent disaster. Syanorra Baby.
  4. Art Vandelai from Burlington, Canada writes: But how do we know the destruction of the ozone layer is not part of a natural cycle? These eco-fascists think they can just ban chemicals that are a necessary part of keeping my beer cold?

    Not using HCFC's will destroy our economy! What happens to the profits of 3M if they can't put Scotch-Gard in spray cans any more? Say goodbye to the upholstery industry.

    Ultraviolet rays are also a natural occurrence, which allow us to get tans. Imagine all the money Hollywood stars will save on tanning beds without an ozone layer. Roasting the earth with ultraviolet radiation is a good thing, and we should not spend any money to possibly stop some so-called "ozone hole" from depleting.

    It's all a plot by the eco-fascists, communists, Liberals and Maurice Strong, I tells ya!!!
  5. evelyn robinson from Canada writes: Finally the right wingers are acknowleding that humans are contributing to climate change. Final past the denial lol
  6. Geoffrey May from Canada writes: So Minister Baird likes hard targets and deadlines for ozone damaging chemicals , why not green house gasses ?pretty much the hypocracy we've come to expect from Canada's New Government of Shameless Liars .At least this time our government didn't seek to sabatage the meeting.
  7. Paul G from Toronto, Canada writes: I thought they were already banned years ago??
    If not, what's with all the ozone-friendly refrigerators and air conditioners in the last 10 years??
  8. Ian St. John from Toronto, Canada writes: "Paul G from Toronto, Canada writes: I thought they were already banned years ago??"

    No. CFCs were banned and replaced by HCFCs which are less damaging but not completely benign. However they did provide a stopgap by being relatively easy to produce and adapt for existing equipment.

    "If not, what's with all the ozone-friendly refrigerators and air conditioners in the last 10 years??"

    Now the move will be to replace HCFCs in all the newly designed and more efficient coolers with blends of HFCs to eliminate the last of the chlorine. It is the chlorine that does the damage, so hydro-fluorine compounds are the last step in this transition.

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