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What means most to Woody Allen? Not films

From Thursday's Globe and Mail

'I'm not a dedicated filmmaker. I'm lazy. It's not the be-all and end-all of my life' ...Read the full article

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  1. Jay Bajaj from Toronto, Canada writes: This article needs more space. Either it's written in a hurry or somebody edited it out half of it.
    Please don't do that. You don't write about Woody Allen in a hurry.
  2. Old Folksinger from Canada writes: So what is Allen's be-all?

    Isn't it children? Specifically foster-daughters.
  3. J. Coffey from Toronto, Canada writes: In my opinion, you don't write about Woody Allen at all. If you read the testimony at the back of Mia Farrow's beautifully articulated autobiography, you might think as I do: Woody Allen should have spent time in prison, not gracing the pages of the entertainment section of a national newspaper.
  4. Chrissie Hynde from Toronto, Canada writes: J Coffey:

    I once worked on a set of a TV movie which featured Mia Farrow. I am now 66 and, with the benefit of hindsight, can honestly say that I've never met a meaner, crazier woman than Mia Farrow, with perhaps the exception of Lauren Bacall.

    J Coffey, perhaps you might volunteer at one of the Performing Arts Lodges for retired entertainment sector professionals. You'll meet some interesting people and learn that the 'star autobiography' is the closest thing to a pulp-and-paper masturbation phantasy that money can buy. You'll also get an 'inside look' from people who were there.

    I think that this would be singularly preferably to swallowing whole someone like Mia farrow's poison-pen memoirs. Clearly, you haven't the skill or ability to rationalize or identify credible information sources from non-credible and biased ones. Truly a misfortune. I'll pray for you. ;-)
  5. R. D. Kimmel from United States writes: Woody Allen comes across in an odd way in interviews. He is very ironic. He puts himself down a fair amount of the time. I think Woody Allen was trying to be honest about the draw that he has. Unfortunately, this article interpreted that honesty as an insult to his audience, people who pay good money to see his films despite the fact that he regards film making as less important that almost everything else in his life. In an attempt to get shock value, the journalist completely misrepresents who Wood Allen really is. Much of the insecurity and uncertainty in Woody Allen's life is front and center in his films. He is not a 'Hey look at me!' type person.
  6. joe kelly from Canada writes: 'I think I did as many takes for this whole film as I did for one scene in Miami Vice,'

    Yeah, we could tell. A completely pointless and insipid film and no where near Woody's game. zzzzzzz
  7. Roger Denison from Toronto, Canada writes: Hello Again Chrissie:

    Yes, I've heard that about Farrow, though the stories about Bacall and what a bytch she is are legion and legenday.

    J. Coffey, do you find it difficult to navigate your course through Toronto's streets while holding a gherkin in your ar$e? I have to ask, becauise that pickly sure gives you a peculiar - and peculiarly anal - gait. Tell me, can you self-fellate? After all, your psychoprofile would seem to indicate that you spend much of your time gagging on yourself. Please share! Is it fun? Will you marry yourself one day? Can you split your cells? If so, please don't...
  8. Larfing Outloud from Vanuatu writes: J.Coffey 15 -- Chrissie Hynde Love.

    Not that I'm keeping score or anything...
  9. MJ Patchouli from Regina, Canada writes: Here's a lesson in selecting films, music, art, dance, whatever your thing is: love the art; hate the artist if you must.

    I've always liked Woody and his films are usually interesting; I think he hit his stride long ago in the seventies and early eighties -- how many brilliant films do you expect from one guy??

    He had an ugly time with that marriage break up but he's still with the step daughter. The personal life is not our business. He gives us his films -- talk about them, judge them.

    It's always discomforting to discover an author you adore was a Nazi sympathizer, or your favourite rock star is a jerk. But many artists are jerks and may not live your life's credo -- so just enjoy the art.
  10. Felicity Somerset from Toronto, Canada writes: Like Roman Polanski, Woody Allen was pilloried by a puritanical media peculiarly disinterested in actual facts. Charlie Chaplic underwent similar cencure by the North American media and public after he married Oona O'Neil, Eugene's daughter, who was slightly more than 30 years his junior. Oona and Charlie remained married until his death several decades later.

    Woody Allen is a genius. Te USA hates its geniuses only SLIGHTLY less than Canada and Canadians hate the Canadian geniuses - especially if they have the AUDACITY to succeed beyond Canadians borders!

    Canadians are small-minded analists, and the posts above more than demonstrate that.
  11. MJ Patchouli from Regina, Canada writes: Felicity, I agree with your post up until you decided to paint all Canadians ugly and small-minded.

    I know you know that's not so.
  12. Tobin Manley from The Bronx, NYC, United States writes: Dixieland, I suspect.
  13. Erbil K. from Germany writes: woody allans best days as a film maker lay in the past .
    he didn t provide a good movie for years and the audiance thanks it with low frequenzy at the box office . and not to mention his refusal of using dolby 5.1 sound as an - excuse me - artistical expression . what can be artistical about that ?
  14. J. Coffey from Toronto, Canada writes: Roger, you are a nasty idiot, and Chrissie, if this is how you keep score...whatever that means. How OLD are you? And you are *pleased* that an imbecile like Roger 'defended' you!?? Oh my need to find a life. (And that you had to let us know you worked with 'actors' is pathetic.) Woody Allen had a responsibility to his children, as much to his adopted children as to any. That he chose to abuse this privilege in the horrific manner that he did says everything I need to know about him. And I cannot separate his art from who he is, especially given that so much of his art is autobiographical. (Do you people read or listen or even think?) And what is this new word -- analists? And what does genius have to do with character? To never judge is amoral. Thank God you weren't around when Hitler was in power. Would you call those of us who deride his aberrant behavour 'analists'? And I guess it would be okay with you if *your* father was having sex with your sixteen-year-old adopted sister (let alone what Allen confessed about diddling his son.) I can only hope that you, Chrissie and Roger, aren't parents, although you might want to exchange addresses. As my mother used to say...shame to waste two houses. Oh, and by the way -- Oona wasn't Chaplin's daughter. Oh my God...what a bunch of IDIOTS. LOLOLOLOL
  15. A Random Canadian from Canada writes: Felicity, I actually think Canadians celebrate their geniuses AFTER they've had success in the US.
  16. Mr Fijne from Fight Global Walarmism!, Canada writes: Ah the moraly superior Canadians: where are your films Coffey?
  17. Chrissie Hynde from Toronto, Canada writes: J. CoffeY:

    My, you do namecall, J. Coffey. In response to your unbridled and baseless attack, I'd just like to inform you that I have far more than 'children', J Coffey, I have SIX children and eleven grandchildre, ALL my children are univwersioty graduates and include one medical doctor, two teachers, one professional writer and two MBAs.

    Not bad for a single Mom with just a Master's Degree in pedagogy, huh?

    Keep up the namecalling, J. Coffey. It says SO VERY MUCH about you. Now, isn't it time for your nap, sweetie?
  18. Susie Q from Canada writes: I wish Woody Allen's interviews were still like this:

    He sure can be funny when he wants to. But, he's always self-effacing, that's no surprise.
  19. David E from Canada writes: J Coffey sure doesn't like to let facts interfere with his righteous indignation.
  20. Bilbo Baggins from Toronto, Canada writes: David E from Canada:

    I've made that same observation in the past after reading J Coffey's comments. Unfortunately, the see-me-feel-me-bleed-with-me crowd of emotional terrorists our education system has produced don't let small things like facts get in the way of their worldview.

    Kinda cute, isn't it? Like watching doggies chase their tails...
  21. Bilbo Baggins from Toronto, Canada writes: David E from Canada:

    I've made that same observation in the past after reading J Coffey's comments. Unfortunately, the see-me-feel-me-bleed-with-me crowd of emotional terrorists our education system has produced don't let small things like facts get in the way of their worldview.

    Kinda cute, isn't it? Like watching doggies chase their tails...
  22. George Hall from Canada writes: Woody Allen is by far the best film maker around..he actually is an artist...the crap that comes out of Hollywood is appalling and they all call themselves artists is a joke...a bunch of sensationalist nothingness..same with many of the singers calling themselves artists is ridiculous...
    An artist actually has something to say and Hollywood is about money and nothing more.

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