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De Palma film redacted itself

From Thursday's Globe and Mail

Lawyers warned director that some of the haunting images in Redacted could have led to his being sued ...Read the full article

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  1. It is Me from Canada writes: Show the faces. Show the horror, show the death. What's more, push those images right into the spectators faces--make sure they are forced to see how disgusting war really is.

    Enough of this white-washing I say. Enough of de-humanizing the enemy. When people are forced to see the horrors of war, when they are forced to actually look at the human faces they are killing, then maybe they will think twice before rushing to war next time.

    Enough of this 'clean', 'video-game' type of killing that today is passed on as 'war'. Throwing bombs from the sky or watching the war from behind our TV screens is a lie, it is fiction.

    If your talk is so tough, if you hate the enemy so much and if you think it's better to just 'bring it on', then at least be man enough about it and own up to the killings of other actual, real human beings. Stand by the results of your actions and be man enough to look your enemy in the face.
  2. Darren X from Toronto, Canada writes: The families of the victims might sue? The families are presumably in Iraq. First they'd need electricity so that a cinema would actually have the ability to show the film... then they'd need to be able to go to a cinema to see it without being afraid of getting blown up, THEN they'd need to be able to see the film legally (not likely while the Americans are there), THEN they'd have to recognize the dead people, THEN they'd have to be angry enough about it to sue (the movie is showing the horror of their deaths, not celebrating them!), THEN they'd need to be able to find a living lawyer in order to sue, THEN they'd need the money to pay the lawyer...

    The chance of all this happening is near zero. Stupid, stupid American lawyers.
  3. Kevin Dooley from Canada writes: There are worse things in this world than being sued. I think that the production company should have just set up a special fund for handling quickie out-of-court settlements. Then show the movie as it was meant to be shown.
  4. Jessica B from Fredericton, Canada writes: Interesting to note the self censorship of 'Hollywood' type movies in comparison to popular internet sites like TMZ and youtube with their complete lack of censorship.
    The message is shaped by their expected profit margin or losses pertaining to lawsuits or insurance(?).
  5. George Lyster from Bellevue, Canada writes: Does anyone really think De Palma gives a rip about Iraqi war casualties? Get a grip! Only thing he cares about is the glorification of De Palma and an 'atta boy' from all his left wing liberal buddies. The people (bodies) are just the means to an end. Hollywood really cares?
    Wanna buy a bridge?
  6. Bill Smith from Canada writes: The photo's of any corpses found at the twin towers should also be shown. Why not show the beheading of hostages as well? I would also like to see in detail the corpses of suicide bombing victims.
  7. Behind The Scenes from Toronto, Canada writes: Bravo for Mr. De Palma. This is the only way sometimes to let people see the consequence of war and the political choices that they make when they elect a particular government. Bill Smith, in case that you missed it, there has been movies made already about 9/11 with plenty of jingoist rethoric, which definitevely will appeal to you, it seems.
  8. LJ Brody from Canada writes: Bill Smith - read the article, this movie is about Iraq, which has nothing to do with the twin towers, get your facts straight before you try to defend your rapist buddies...
  9. George Lyster from Bellevue, Canada writes: Yes, of course, it was George Bush who brought down the WTO. Sorry, momentary glimpse of clarity - won't happen again.
  10. It is Me from Canada writes: George Lyster says: 'Sorry, momentary glimpse of clarity - won't happen again.'

    Did you say 'momentary'?

    You are being too kind to yourself. I am willing to bet that you haven't had a single moment of clarity on this particular topic. What does Iraq have to do with the WTC? PLUS, this has nothing to do with 'guilty' or 'innocent' parties. It has to do with the horrors of war. Even of you agree that the war in Iraq was somehow justified, you can still admit that war is horrible.

    But hey, there's still hope for you yet. Just do do some more reading, open your eyes and think for yourself. Good luck catching that 'moment' of clarity.
  11. Bill Smith from Canada writes: 'LJ Brody from Canada writes: Bill Smith - read the article, this movie is about Iraq, which has nothing to do with the twin towers, get your facts straight before you try to defend your rapist buddies... '

    You are right, only the evil Americans rape. If the U.S. dissapeared the world would be a peacefull place. I have been so wrong. We must take up arms against the U.S.
  12. Susie Q from Canada writes: LJ Brody - Didn't you smell the sarcasm in his comments.
  13. It is Me from Canada writes: Bill Smith:

    .....such a simple mind, such a simple attempt at sarcasm. It's almost cute.
  14. Edmond Dusablon from United States writes: De Palma's been down this path before with his 1989 movie, 'Casualties of War,' only the rape victim then was Vietnamese. His latest film will play well overseas and will, in the end, create more jihadis who will kill more Americans. He must be proud.
  15. Mike Saunders from Houston, United States writes: I am torn. On one hand I find Mr. De Palma's work as odius and nauseating as I find the work of Pat Robertson or Michael Moore. At the same time however, I have a genuine sense of admiration for these charlatan's ability to consistently find enough dupes to make themselves millions of dollars.
  16. Tim Garrett from Winnipeg, Canada writes: To Edmond from the US - Please stop watching Fox News and realize what everyone else in the world knows - that this ridiculous war that your moron president started is enabling Al Quaeda and every other terrorist organization in the middle east. If the U.S. was serious about peace and protecting Americans, they would never have gone down this rathole, which as everyone knows has absolutely nothing to do with the twin towers. I am not a big DePalma fan but thank god there are people out there trying to raise awareness of what is really happening out there.
  17. Big Boo from Vancouver, Canada writes:
    Just another useful idiot and terrorist enabler.
  18. Bill Smith from Canada writes: 'It is Me from Canada writes: Bill Smith:

    .....such a simple mind, such a simple attempt at sarcasm. It's almost cute. '

    Me from Canada, perhaps you could share with us your plan for peace on earth. Hope your not going to say get out of Iraq, as the towers came down before the U.S. went into Iraq.

    By the way I do think it was a mistake to get into a ground war in the middle east.
  19. Tim Garrett from Winnipeg, Canada writes: Bill Smith - there is a plan for peace out there. It is in the bible. GWB has supposedly read it, but that must have been during his frat boy days at Yale.
  20. MG R from Calgary, Canada writes: Redacted: The condition of a document that has been edited to remove sensitive or confidential information.

    What happened to people with enough balls to live and act by what they believe in? De Palma isn't going to suffer from a law suit. He's insured, and he has the means. Plus, the people who would be offended would actually benefit from us looking at the full outcome and price of war.
  21. The moderate idiot always wins from Canada writes: I think that a more interesting take on this story would have been to look at what De Palma's film is telling us about a new trend in Holywood. Hollywwod is banding together to try to stop this war. De Palma's film is only one of many now in production that show this neo-con colonialist oil grab up for what it really is. Get ready for the flood of anti-war flicks and docs, they're coming fast.
  22. The moderate idiot always wins from Canada writes: These last six years have been some of the worst for the United States in recent history. You may argue that the US public is getting what they deserve (I would disagree), but is the world getting what it deserves? Clearly the damage that Bush-Cheney have done/are doing extends well beyond the boundaries of the United States. Global markets are squirming with trepidation as the US economy shakes under the weight of mounting war debt. Worse, in record time, Bush-Cheney have managed to undo decades of fragile American diplomatic progress. They have managed to make old enemies out of new friends, while increasing tensions between other countries that may one day have to be resolved with military conflict. They have set the stage for disaster. I believe they have done so knowingly.
  23. Douglas Freestone from Calgary, Canada writes: Funny how we all look at something with a slightly different slant. In an effort to portray how 'The government and the media have dehumanized the Iraqi population,' I feel that De Palma almost dehumanized Iraqis by showing pictures of the dead without the consent of the families. Were these dead Iraqis really people in De Palma's eyes or were they simply props to be used to make a point. I can't answer that question, but the first thing that I thought when I read that their faces would not be shown was 'good, let them rest in peace'.

    As for what this movie is intended to do, be careful. De Palma admits that it is not a portrayal of actual events. It is, therefore, a story. A story that will have the power to shape mass public opinion because it is directed like an account of what is happening. Again, I cannot state with certainty what De Palma's point to this film was, but it does make me wonder.
  24. A Calgarian from Canada writes: B Smith does a very good job of illustrating how the naive many of the readers are. He links the 911 bombing with Iraq as do many people. In fact Iraq had nothing to do with 911 nor did Iraq have weapons of mass destructions to target the US. I believe that the US Iraq war is another example of american interest to expend it's economic domination of less fortunate countries.

    The invasion of Iraq has gained the US countless reserves of oil and served to funnel billions of dollars to US companies that are economically raping the Iraq people. This film serves an alternative perspective to the filtered cleaned up version generally presented by the american media.

    You can choose to open your eye to reality or live in a US bias fantasy.
  25. A Smith from Toronto, Canada writes: Boomer: What do the atrocities committed by the Taliban have to do with the rape and murder of an Iraqi girl and her family by American army members? The taliban are a group of ideologically driven thugs, nobody denies it, but I don't understand your (and others') insistance that the the two things (taliban insanity and murder of civilians by US soldiers) are linked, or at least that they ought not to be written about or shown on film without reference to one another. The Taliban are a grass-roots fanatic group born out of Soviet era discord, steeped in wahabist craziness, and, by all indications, pretty hard to stomp out. On the other hand, the US soldiers in Iraq (not Afganistan home of the Taliban) represent themselves as liberators.
  26. Boomer AB from Canada writes: A Smith, so you don't see how one case of rape and murder in a war zone is connected to another case of rape and murder in a war zone. There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.
  27. Bill Smith from Canada writes: 'A Calgarian from Canada writes: B Smith does a very good job of illustrating how the naive many of the readers are. He links the 911 bombing with Iraq as do many people. '

    WRONGGG. I don't link the two. As a matter of fact I supported Saddam. He did a good job of keeping the peace in Iraq. My point is these Hollywood liberals only point out the bad about the U.S., never would they show the atrocities committed by Muslim extremists. Take a look at the conflicts and civil wars taking place around the world. They seem to have one common denominator >>> Muslims. Now don't shoot the messenger Calgarian, I'm just calling it the way I see it.
  28. Mary Smith from United States writes: It's pretty simple. It's a propaganda film, acknowledged by DiPalma himself; made to put a stop to the war. What I don't understand is if his 'motive' was to bring home the horrors of war as he indicates, why not show all the mass killings of innocents by suicide bombers (the goal of Muslim fanatics), or the beheadings of hostages? This is not a film about the realities of war, but a focus on a horrific incident for the sole purpose of compelling Americans to demand an immediate withdrawal from Iraq (DiPalma said so himself). BTW, this is how it went down. 9/11 was the final straw after numerous terrorists attacks. Yes, it created a more aggressive attitude. Saddam had WMD (he used them, remember). He defied years of UN resolutions and showed himself as an aggressor (Iran, Kuwait). If 9/11 hadn't happened and/or the UN not been so impotent, the Iraq war would not have happened.
  29. MG R from Calgary, Canada writes: Hi Mary Smith, My take on your points: 1- Yes, it is propaganda. But. we don't need to see the videos of beheadings and suicide bombing. We all watch the news, we know how it goes. These acts are those of a fanatic minority. I believe that DePalma is trying to show you what happens to civilians when an army is unleashed on the entire population of a country where some of these fanatics reside. You create new fanatics and you kill a bunch of poeple who have no idea. Remember, these people only read one book, and they don't have access to any information/education. All they know is: US came and killed everyone. Sadam had WMD YEARS and YEARS ago.... not at the time of this invasion. The US didn't DO anything when he used them because he was playing ball with the US at the time and he used the weapons against the Kurds. Us could care less about that northern village who has no oil. Sadam was ABLE to control his country. He did it in a horrible way, but it worked. A lot of people warned Bush: Don't take out Sadam...all hell will break loose. That is what happens when the most powerful man in the world doesn't know there are 3 factions in Iraq, (that HATE one another) and the insurgency from other countries who think they are more entitled to the oil than the US. They see the US as weak, whereas they were scared of Sadam. Have you ever read Machiavelli: The Prince? Simple. It is better to be feared, than to be loved. No one who fears you will betray you. This was a policing issue..see what England is able to do? Stop terror plots and make arrests? That is how you fight terrorism.
  30. Tristram Shandy from london ontario, Canada writes: MG R from Calgary, Canada writes: What happened to people with enough balls to live and act by what they believe in? De Palma isn't going to suffer from a law suit. He's insured, and he has the means.

    Actually, I think you missed the point - his insurers and their lawyers were going to withdraw his coverage if those pictures weren't removed. And if there were a lot of people in those pictures, and a lot of them sued (I agree that is unlikely, but just supposing) then de Palma woudl not have had enough $$$ by a long shot.

    The problem I have with lawyers is that they can always find a risk somewhere, no matter how miniscule, and then they give advice like this!
  31. MG R from Calgary, Canada writes: Tristram, I studied law for a while.... one of my phy. ed. class was self defense. In one personal responsibility class, our teacher, a lawyer, argued with us for over 1 hour that inflicting wounds to a man could see us get charged and sued for personal injuries, even if the guy was trying to rape us...
    I hate lawyers.
    You are right about my 'not so good' point...but the irony here is that he titled his movie Redacted trying to make a point about the current situation and its reporting and he will let THIS movie being redacted... I am sure he founds way to protect his assets over the years and the chances for such a law suit to succeed are so low.... I am so disapointed in the guy... I miss Oliver Stone.
  32. George Lyster from Bellevue, Canada writes: There's good and bad everywhere. These American rapist /murderers were bad. All soldiers however aren't. Bin Laden just put out another video exhorting the west to convert to Islam or suffer the consequences. Is anyone really listening? Is that what you want? Forced conversion? Most of the liberal left are devout atheists or waffling agnostics at best. Do they really want to forced to become Muslin? If we don't stop these jihadists, whether they be in Iraq or Afghanistan, London, Madrid or downtown Toronto, we are going to have to bow to the east five times daily. At least Hitler fielded an identifiable army -these people attack women and children then hide behind their own, which by the way, they feel are perfectly expendable. Only their 'warriors' are sacrosanct. But again, I digress, it's all George Bush's fault.
  33. Edmond Dusablon from United States writes: Tim Barrett -- You shouldn't be so patronizing about an opinion you disagree with. Someone critiques De Palma and it means they've been spoon fed by Fox News? And I hardly think this particular movie will enlighten anyone as to 'what is really happening out there.' The incident was an anomaly and the soldiers involved were appropriately prosecuted and punished. De Palma wants to make this movie because he loaths the US military, and he knows there's a receptive audience for his message.
  34. J.C. Davies from Canada writes: A couple of questions:

    Would De Palma show the faces of dead Americans without first seeking the consent of their relatives? I suspect not. Shouldn't Iraqis be afforded the same courtesy.

    How many people would like to see images of dead relatives exploited for the entertainment of others?
  35. Shamus M from Canada writes: Bill Smith writes"My point is these Hollywood liberals only point out the bad about the U.S."

    What took you so long to get around to your point. Why didn't you just say so in the first place.
  36. David E from Canada writes: Well, I actually saw the film at the Toronto festival and it was the best thing I caught. It works on every level.

    Those of you criticizing it without having seen it are wrong, as you usually are. He does not show the U.S. as bad and Iraqis as victims. It's far more complicated than that.

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