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Pearl Jam's Vedder: Why I lent music to war doc

From Wednesday's Globe and Mail

Songs and the message of the film connect to his own experience with death and suffering, says Eddie Vedder ...Read the full article

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  1. Melanie Palmer from Toronto, Canada writes: Young is a war veteran, but luckily for his, he is an AMEICAN war veteran. In Canada, he would be ignored by Canadian media, the Canadian federal government and those institutions allegedly set up to serve veterans' needs but which only make the news for their abuse of veterans' rights and resources.

    As any disabled person who has travelled at all. Canada and Canadians talk a good line about "Canadian empathy" and "Canadians' sense of responsibility" ad nauseum, but LOOK AROUND CANADA and note how difficult you people make it for the disabled IN THE 21ST CENTURY.

    Compared to the USA, Canada is mired in the 18th century when it comes to treating the needs of its war veterans and disabled communities. Certainly, as a Canadian, I am MORE ashamed of this than almost anything else about Canada - including our uniformly slimy, greedy and ambitious politicians.
  2. Rob Gilgan from Canada writes: In Alberta, the government demonizes the disabled. Our support program is called AISH - Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped. Remember Ralph's comment? "You don't look that handicapped to me?" That was directed at someone living with mental illness. Through this demonization, the government rationalizes all manner of punitive programs and tries to extinguish the public's empathy.
  3. MG R from Calgary, Canada writes: Rob, are you sure they were mentalliy ill? I saw this on the news... and Ralph answered this because he was beeing yelled at while trying to give a speech...the women asking for more money from the program were both overwight and smoking...his comment was to the effect that they didn't seem that much in need of more money; implying that the AISH payment wasn't for cigarettes....
    I don't think that using this example is fair. I think the severly handicape don't get enough; but I think they don;t get enough due to others getting paid when they shouldn't.

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