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Board is all business as pressure to raise big bucks intensifies

From Wednesday's Globe and Mail

A third of the $196-million fundraising target for new festival headquarters still outstanding ...Read the full article

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  1. Katherine Carleton from Toronto, Canada writes: Okay, so not only does the Globe and Mail morph into People magazine for the duration of the Toronto International Film Festival, but my paper turns into a forum for unattributed insults to the Toronto Symphony, Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra, the Canadian Opera Company, and the National Ballet. What a blow for journalistic integrity!
  2. foo foo from Toronto, Canada writes:
    "No one's ever heard of the opera"?

    People came from around the world to attend the Ring Cycle.
    What planet is this person on?
  3. Larfing Outloud from Vanuatu writes: I LOVE opera. There is nothing like a good yodel.
  4. Titus Andronicus from Toronto, Canada writes: "Look at Toronto, .... The orchestra is 10th-rate at best. No one's ever heard of the opera..." Now let me see if I understand this. The TIFF has received huge donations from Bell Canada and governments and is now embarking on trying to raise the remaining $129M from its billionaire members in the movie industry. To get these guys to be generous, reasons are being given to entice them to contribute, one being that other Toronto arts organizations do not get the foreign publicity that TIFF receives. The National Ballet for some reason escapes this downgrade. While the publicity comparison is true, the speaker unfortunately ran off at the mouth unnecessarily. Foreign publicity should not be the only criteria for value. The cultural institutions he devalues are with us 52 weeks of the year. They actually PRODUCE something and most train young Canadians to be artists in their craft. Without them there would be a void. On the other hand TIFF is a 10 day downtown movie house and film market dealing with movies made the world over. Hollywood obviously finds it convenient for their purposes but the fact is that if TIFF was not here, all the activity would occur elsewhere in other festivals. TIFF is great, no question, and Piers Handling and his boys are a credit to the city, but claiming that publicity trumps real home-made art is bad policy and won't necessarily get them more donations. For his information (just because I happen to know about opera), the COC is the 6th largest opera company in North America. Of the 60 top opera companies in the world, 48 are in Europe and only 9 are in North America. Not bad for the COC.

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