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The best dressed this year

Leanne Delap separates the sartorial wheat from the chaff of the 2007 TIFF red-carpet getups.

From Wednesday's Globe and Mail


Reese Witherspoon

The reigning red-carpet queen, the Southern belle keeps her single-mom-of-two bod buffed to perfection. What better way to show it off than with a strapless sheath sporting playful pockets. It is cut to exactly the right length and fits her like a glove.

Viggo Mortensen

The actor takes the skinny suit to a whole new level. This textured pinstripe hugs his arms and we dig the narrow lapel. But this look is mostly about the punchy brick-coloured shirt (this is where he shows his flair, as a bright red would have been grievously wrong).

Kate Bosworth

Simple and fiercely chic, this bright-pink dress is tricky to pull off. Bosworth emphasizes her youth, as only a fresh-faced ingénue could work a screaming bubble-gum mini-dress. She looks flawless with lady-like pumps, pale skin and sleek chignon.

Jude Law

So he's got one look - who cares when Law looks so adorable? He has made the Alfie mod thing his own, skinny tie, skinny pants, high-cut arms. His boyish pixie haircut adds an insolent, playful note. Shagadelic, baby.

Tilda Swinton

An ethereal alien, she works her eerie beauty and wears the heck out of avant-garde clothing. From the fierce red hairstyle to the aggressive makeup on her white skin and the difficult monk cowl, you can't take your eyes off her. She hypnotizes us with fashion.


George Clooney

The suit is sleek and hangs beautifully. Heck, Clooney is even giving the gals a hint of his hardware. But a black shirt and open neckline is Ginoville, baby.

Helen Hunt

Oh, honey. Helen Hunt has now officially joined the middle-aged-broad club. No matter what the animal, a blouse in a savage print says cougar. The red carpet is where you play lady, not tramp.

Cate Blanchett

Although one has to laud Blanchett for her fearless approach to fashion, there is just nothing good about this look: shiny hot pink with a bizarre fake-vest thing on the front. What's with the bottom bit? Looks like a bordello bedskirt.

André 3000

Ee i ee i oooh. André Benjamin is in da dell with this farmer look. Yes, it is sticky this week, but plaid shirt and rope belt? Is he cutting out of his film to hit a Jays game?

Jennifer Garner

Shedding her superspy alter-image, Garner looks like she caught the wrong limo: The prom is out in Scarborough, honey. Bouffy taffeta bows on one's chest are good only for catching crumbs.

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