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De Palma's comeback

From Tuesday's Globe and Mail

The veteran director, creator of classics such as Scarface and Body Double, is back with a searing 'docu-fiction' about a shameful Iraq war incident ...Read the full article

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  1. Tobin Manley from The Bronx, NYC, United States writes: De Palma has never impressed me much, a bit of a maudlin
    Scorsese- light.
    I'm not surprised however, that Canadians are producing another film critical about the U.S. (not that I disagree).
    One wonders why those same producers couldn't hire a Canadian director, when the broader goal seems to be to nurture Canadian artists/art.
    Choosing De Palm is a Hollywood choice; he'll perhaps bring more cash than a struggling Canadian director with great promise. In other words, the bottom line trumps ethical film making.
  2. Mark H from Columbus, IN, United States writes: Searing "docu-fiction". Explain to me where the "docu" comes from when De Palma never went to Iraq, didn't talk to anybody from Iraq, didn't interview a single soldier, and did his research on the internets. I'm sure it will win an Oscar, and him and Mark Cuban will make millions.
  3. bj sutherland from Victoria, Canada writes: Mark, the 'docu' come from the fact that this young girl was gang raped, killed along with her family and then their bodies were burnt by US soldiers.
  4. Mark H from Columbus, IN, United States writes: Yeah bj, i understand that. But if I wanted to make a film about WWII, and all I had in there that was factual was that Germany lost, could you still call it a documentary? I'm not disputing that the crime took place, don't get me wrong. I just hate how Hollywood always gets away with the "documentary" tag on a film that totally is not.
  5. P L from Chicago, United States writes: Redacted? More like "Re-acted."

    I saw Redacted, already. It was called "Casualties of War" and it sucked.

    Interesting how that movie wasn't mentioned in this article.

    Also, I wonder if Brian will use the same "attention to detail" he used to keep control of Sean Connery's collar in the (grossly fact-less, and HORRIBLY editted) "Untouchables?"

    Additional clap-trap:

    "That's what the architects of this war learned from Vietnam. The media's been very carefully managed. Which is, in part, why you don't see people on the streets like you used to."

    And the media during WWII wasn't carefully managed?

    You don't see people in the streets, granted, but have you looked on in the intertubes? LOTS of people there, champ. Lots of 'em protesting the war, too. The world changed, Brian -- try to keep up, would you?

    "The war in Iraq has continued without mass protests in the U.S., he believes, because 'we haven't been seeing any of the pictures' of the kind that galvanized the Vietnam anti-war movement."

    No? You want to see pictures, it's called "google." Give it a shot, there are plenty of pictures.

    "shouldn't be construed as 'the Hollywood left wing bursting into action.' For one thing, most of these films are largely foreign-financed "

    Really? You mean, like, Re-Acted was foreign-financed by Mark Cuban - proud son of that far away land known as "Pittsburgh?"

    Guess we'll really see if Brian's returned to the "winning side of the ledger" based on box office receipts, now won't we?

    What sort of silliness will Brian use if the movie flops?
  6. bj sutherland from Victoria, Canada writes: Mark, I get your point about wanting authenticity in a documentary, but in this particular case you would have to be willing to watch a snuff movie.

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