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What's really going on in Theron's head?

Globe and Mail Update

TORONTO — So what's really going on in Charlize Theron's head when, at a press conference, she riffs off a running joke about mishearing “Regina” as “vagina.”

Everyone laughed, and the room erupted with a battalion of camera shutters firing in her direction. She looked at the photographers tiredly.

Apparently, Theron has won a reputation this festival for being unco-operative for the cameras, particularly on the red carpet, by not striking enough poses for the paparazzi.

Is she getting sick of the game?

“I don't live my life focusing on the things that I hate,” she said candidly and a little cryptically in a corner of a hotel lobby after the press conference.

In fact, this festival is a huge triumph.

She said that the premiere the day before of her boyfriend Stuart Townsend's film Battle in Seattle, which she also stars in, was one of her proudest moments ever. She had watched Townsend agonizing for years over the script and financing.

The whole project nearly collapsed when the film, about anti-WTO demonstrations in Seattle, still didn't have a cast two weeks before filming was to start (with some of the filming done in Regina). And at the start press conference, she quietly smiled at Townsend with a loving look-you-did-it expression on her face. It's a moment though when few shutters were firing. It's the side of Theron you don't normally see.

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