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Scenes from the gala of Fugitive Pieces

From Saturday's Globe and Mail



5-7 P.M.

Woman No. 1:

I think it's a good kickoff to the festival. It's a great party every year. We're not going to the opening film. We're here for the party. Average number of drinks I have at a film-festival party: six.

Woman No. 2:

I'm married to an actor. I get tickets and I take him to the Liberty Grand party. There's very few artists there. We expect to run into some talent, but it's mostly suits. I'm a suit. That's why my husband gets tickets. I'm the envy of his friends. None of his friends gets tickets to these parties. He's the colourful life of the party, but I'm the money. I'm an entertainment lawyer. I'm not exciting. He's the exciting one. I'm the sugar mama. My advice to struggling young actors is marry a lawyer. Especially an entertainment lawyer, which they can't afford.


I'm not a banker or a lawyer. There's not a person I see in here that I know as an actor. These are the gold patrons. If you buy a gold pass to the festival, you get into this party. There are a lot of people here who are strictly corporate who are supporters of the film festival. I would suspect that most of these tans aren't real. But it's weird to me that anyone tans at all any more.

Woman No. 3:

I've read about 40 pages of Fugitive Pieces. I couldn't get through it. I like what I read but I couldn't continue reading.



7-8 P.M.

Man No. 1

watching Red Carpet

People want to see someone who is a millionaire. Ridiculously, I've been here for one hour. I was at another venue waiting for Jodie Foster. Then I realized she wasn't showing up for a few hours. So, no Jodie. I knew she was going to be there because I asked somebody else in line. I'm hoping there's going to be a big name here tonight. If there's not, then we're a bunch of losers.

Woman No. 1

watching Red Carpet:

We've been here for two hours. Two hours ago, we had the fence to ourselves. Now it's crowded. If I could have anyone show up here tonight? George Clooney. Brad Pitt. Anyone. Anyone. Really.

Woman No. 2

watching Red Carpet:

We don't even know who's coming tonight. We're just here to see who comes. I'd stand here until everyone leaves. For George Clooney, I'd wait a while.



10 P.M. -2 A.M.

Woman No. 1:

It was a fabulous movie. I cried and cried and cried. Because of the hardships that he went through during the war. I didn't bring Kleenex. I forgot. My makeup was running down my face.

Man No. 1:

If we were allowed into the higher-end parties, we wouldn't be here, obviously. This is just another party. People expect to see famous people, but the most famous person I saw here was from Much Music.

Man No. 2

friend of Man No. 1:

Well, I saw the guy from Danger Bay.

Man No. 1:

The women here are really hot. I'd give this party a 10 out of 10 for hot women.

Man No. 2, trying to pick up a woman:

Has anyone told you you look like Lindsay Lohan? You really do.

Woman's reaction:

I don't think I've ever heard a worse pick-up line. She's apparently in rehab for the third time this year, she has two DUI's.

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