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Summer 2007

Globe and Mail Update


Mathew Ingram
Plugging the security holes in Web 2.0

Paul Lima
Why telecommuting can make an eco-difference

CIO Confessions
GHY International's Nigel Fortlage his top tech priorities for this year

Sun Microsystem's blogger-in-chief, Jonathan Schwartz

Naomi Strasser
The cottage, the lake and the BlackBerry


Cover story: The Greening of IT
Power play The battle against global warming is resonating across the tech industry, from energy-efficient servers to recycling programs. Ken Hunt reports on long-overdue new guidelines that will push the industry's players to cut the amount of power their products guzzle.
Who's the greenest of them all?
The computer business is one of the dirtiest around, but Hewlett-Packard is doing its best to reduce its environmental footprint
Working harder, drinking less
Servers are the power-thirsty heart of every corporate IT system. So software and new processors that make them more efficient are good news for business—and the planet
Recharging for the future
Batteries have long been the weakest link in portable electronics. Thankfully, makers are beginning to have success with new technology to meet the power demands of today's devices
A swing and a hit Speedy advances in digital printing solve a logistical nightmare for the Toronto Blue Jays—and save a ton of paper

Network Nightmares and How to Avoid Them
How to make sure the plug never gets pulled

Spreadsheet makeover
An overdue revamp for the world's favourite spreadsheet

Big box computing
Coming soon: a complete IT department in a box

The new face of security

Video conferencing for all
A business luxury the little guy could soon afford

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