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The Don stares down his cinematic opponents

From Thursday's Globe and Mail

Fugitive Pieces, produced by Robert Lantos, kicks off the Toronto International Film Festival on Thursday ...Read the full article

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  1. Manoff Lewell from Toronto, Canada writes: Can we please not call Mr. Lantos "a self-made multimillionaire"? He is very, very wealthy, but he couldn't have gotten that way without millions of dollars in producers' fees and production support from Telefilm (the Canadian federal government film/tv funding agency) over the years. In Canada, very few film producers (and almost no English-language ones) ever make any money from selling their films in the marketplace. They make a very good living, though, off of producers' fees that are part of the budget, even when that film is Where The Truth Lies (funding largely with Canadian tax money) with a budget of $29 million and which garnered a whole $800,000 at the box office. And Lantos's company Alliance Atlantis was the beneficiary of hundreds of millions of dollars of production financing over the years as the government hoped it would become the solid pillar of a self-sustaining Canadian film industry. Now, as a former shell (in spirit) of its former self, it's gotten out of production and now distribution almost entirely, and serves mainly as the way in which CSI: Whatever finds its way onto our television screens. Yes, Mr. Lantos does have very nice pools in Toronto and LA and the Muskokas, but he's perhaps the greatest richest welfare recipient in Canadian history.

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