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Ask the Editor: TIFF

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  1. LLoyd Atkinson from Winnipeg, Canada writes: Andrew G might enjoy reading Jeffrey Wells' review of "Fugitive Pieces" on the wonderfully entertaining Hollywood Elsewhere blog. One quote: "I was out the door after 30 minutes, but I was looking at my watch after the first 15 minutes." The review is followed by readers' comments ,including some from sympathetic Canadians. Wells got to Toronto early last Friday from L.A. For a distant Manitoban, his Toronto travels, often with pictures of his stops along the way, are usually almost as good as being there in person.
  2. Waterloo Al from Canada writes: When is the media going to do some critical journalism on how terrible the TIFF backroom ops are. Try ordering tickets on their awful, content free website. The TIFF IT Director must be a dyslexic Ryerson Fine Arts grad !!!

    Try getting them to answer a phone or an email. Are all the service folks making ice and stuffing olives? I am convinced that if the media didn't get freebie TIFF passes and gala martini's handed to them your reporting would be different. Even art has mimimum technical requirements when it comes to festival tickets sales.

    Movies are for the public .... Let's pay attention to them TIFF.
  3. Francis Moore from Canada writes: Mr Atkinson, you have a great attitude. Still shaking my head over this bit of Canadian regionalism at its worst:
    "Jessica Tolen, Victoria, B.C.: Why does The Globe give TIFF so much coverage every year? If you're really a "national" newspaper and not a Toronto newspaper, shouldn't you give the arts better coverage in other parts of the country, too?"
    Can you imagine someone in France writing such a letter to Le Monde about Cannes? Why must Canadians begrudge success stories in their own country simply because it is not in their city?
  4. David E from Canada writes: Francis Moore, that is indeed petty thinking from Jessica Tolen. We can return the favour to her and gripe about the excessive coverage of the winter Olympics when it goes to B.C.
  5. T Scott from Toronto, Canada writes: Excellent point Fancis, regionalism is destroying this country, then again, all it is is a way for people who are insecure to try and establish and define some sort of meaning in their existence. The TIFF is marvelous. I went on Tuesday September 11th to see the world premiere of "CLEANER" with Samuel L Jackson and Ed Harris at Roy Thompson Hall, the movie was so-so (just a heads up!) but we had a great time.

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