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Will Live Earth hurt the planet more than help?

From Friday's Globe and Mail

Combatting global warming not the stuff of rock concerts ...Read the full article

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  1. CPT America from United States writes: How 'bout environmentalists and union of concerned scientists target guys like me, I believe in energy effeciency not some sky is falling garbage!
  2. Mariposa Belle from Leacockland, Canada writes: What a wonderful idea. Aging rock stars in locations around the world using megawatts of electricity to blast out ancient anthems to young urbanites whose connection with nature is the local equivalent of the Disney Channel.

    Let's all hold hands and change the world - as a huge multinational once used in their advertisements.

    Loved Heidi's jibe about the hairspray.
  3. Major T.J. Kong from Canada writes: Roger Daltrey, remember him, also echoes Sir Bob's concerns. Coming from Roger a fellow who was known for belting put a crowd pleaser known as "Wont Get Fooled Again" leaves me somewhat circumspect to the real motives of this rock festival.

    It sort of goes like this, Al Gore doesnt do anything unless it benefits Al Gore and it appears Mr. Gore is still interested in the accomodations at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington D.C. preferably with a move in date shortly after the 08 POTUS election.

    Wasnt Mrs. Gore a certain Tipper I believe, an outspoken critic of the sex, drugs and rock'roll messages from the rock groups of a certain era and she wanted to place limits on their freedom of expression. My how things change especially when you have Madonna who was known for putting out a racy Video or two as a headliner and will do anything to become First Lady.

    Dunno, but, somehow the words of The Who's anthem, 'new boss is the same as the old boss' might definitely ring true.
  4. Alberto Bayo from Canada writes: Old geezer rock musicians...sigh. What a waste of time
  5. N. American from New York, United States writes: Is this being advertised/promoted anywhere??? - Honestly, I have seen absolutely ZERO promotion for this here in NYC. Maybe its that I don't have cable... but then again; NO PR, nary a mention in the papers???

    Is this a big deal?

  6. Courtney Charnell from Canada writes: Sir Bob Geldof groused to Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant back in May. "I hope they're a success. But why is Gore actually organizing them? To make us aware of the greenhouse effect? Everybody's known about that problem for years."

    Interesting. Perhaps we do need things like this. The GREENHOUSE EFFECT is why we are alive on earth, it is not GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE.

    The greenhouse effect is why we have a moderate climate compared with every other planet in our solar system.

    Despite the widespread information regarding our climate changing, there is still a LOT of misinformation and misunderstanding.
  7. J Luft from Calgary, Canada writes: Just because somebody knows a few chords and can put together some words that rhyme doesn't mean they really have anything of value to say about important matters of the day. These people are little more than opportunistic narcissists.
  8. Tim Rutkevich from Canada writes: Now, while all underlying science of Al Gores Inconvenient Truth have been rejected, aging rock stars will burn some fossil fuel pretending to care for global warming. If you have nothing better to do than you can read how IPCC happen:
  9. Art Vandelai from Burlington, writes: First off, as N. American mentions, there's been very little hype about these concerts. It seems this is doomed to be little more than an opportunity to reach a target market for the "eco" initiatives of the benevolent corporations that have bought ad time during the concert. I saw on CNN the other day, a segment called "Planet in Peril"...brought to you by BMW. If that's not irony I don't know what is. We'll never see the real environmental message that needs to get out to the ordinary consumer..."CONSUME LESS!"
  10. j.r ewing from vancouver, Canada writes: Is Al's Jet a hybrid jet. Copycat politics by Al Gore. He liked Live 8/aid, so he copied it because he saw how much publicity Sir Bob got. And Al is already infinitely more popular than Sir Bob. What a nightmare.
  11. Mariposa Belle from Leacockland, Canada writes: J Luft - I was surprised reading your post.

    It was far too soft for your standards.

    How can we make this the most popular post on the website when you refuse to stir it up a bit.
  12. Tim Rutkevich from Canada writes: And now if you would like to read real journalists back by popular demand Spiegel:,1518,492640,00.html
  13. Tim Rutkevich from Canada writes: Private jets for climate change! My target is so easy that it is apostasy not to hit it. Another link:
  14. Tim Rutkevich from Canada writes: You can read the reasons why I vehemently oppose this:
  15. Frank N. Stein from Canada writes:
    How much CO2 will this concert generate - from the electronics, from the jets .....

    How many of Bobby's small african villages could afford food from the cost of this concert?

    These guys were paid to be minstrals, not paid for their thinking with their drug damaged brains. Speaking of such - where is Ozzy on this issue. OZZY OZZY OZZY.
  16. Tim Rutkevich from Canada writes: Megatons Frank... Megatones
  17. J Luft from Calgary, Canada writes: Mariposa Belle from Leacockland says "J Luft - I was surprised reading your post.

    It was far too soft for your standards.

    How can we make this the most popular post on the website when you refuse to stir it up a bit. "

    Well, Mariposa Belle, thanks for noticing. I am feeling particularly benevolent today. But be assured that should any pinkos awaken from their drug induced slumber and post their typically predictable nonsense, I'll shift gears.
  18. martha stewart from Canada writes: Thanks to Heidi for writing this. I can barely believe the G & M printed it! Now, about the next UN climate change revival meeting scheduled for Bali next December...
  19. Mahatma Gandhi from Calgary, Canada writes: The oilsands shills - pardon me, climate change "skeptics" - overlook the obvious: Let's see you organize rock concerts throughout the world.

    Look! Over there! Al Gore is flying in a plane! The humanity!
  20. Paul, Bytown, from Canada writes: First, we rocked to feed the world. Then we rocked to raise money to rebuild after the tsunami. Two years ago, the pop stars massed to rock against debt recovery in the Third World. At least, I think that's what Live 8 aimed to do. Not that it made any difference. And now we're asked to put our hands in the air like we really care about the environment at Live Earth, a multinational phantasmagoric series of stadium concerts on July 7, with the grand aim of "raising awareness of global warming". The proceeds don't go directly to purchasing solar batteries for anyone or subsidising public transport anywhere. The event just goes to raising awareness. And right now? That's not only a waste of time but a gross indulgence. It's just a green rubber bracelet to string on your arm next to the white rubber band that will magically make poverty history, and the yellow one that cures cancer. Instead, the funds from this fun fest will underwrite yet another foundation dedicated to raising our greenie consciousness. Why? Because people will feel that they've done something just by showing up and having a good time. There are 150 acts performing at nine venues across the globe to an audience that will number at least half a million concert-goers, and a broadcast audience of 2 billion. What if all those rock groups donated serious cash to a fund that subsidised alternative energy sources? What if everyone stayed home? What if all 2 billion turned off the TV and did something unplugged for once?
  21. dubai dubai from new york, United States writes: I'm getting a ride to the show with Al's son. I'm looking forward to it -- climate friendly transport and a real bender along the way.

    I hear the new york show tried to get a cameo from rona ambrose, but london got her instead -- Duran Duran needed to pilfer her hairspray supply.
  22. Mr Fijne from Calgary, Canada writes: Anything, virtually anything to sell Gore's film, Gore's propaganda and the man made global warming myth! Self serving garbage! Next Suzuki...
  23. martha stewart from Canada writes: Paul, Bytown, from Canada - Excellent post. Said it all, eloquently.
  24. troy rathbone from waterloo, Canada writes: haha,this is great however feel on the subject,

    a prof from Las Vegas is worried about energy cosumption,don't throw
    stone if you live in a glass house
  25. jiri Z from Canada writes: Well, even the fake George Costanza has toned down his enviro-sermons.

    This forum is practically 100% rational !

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