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Spring 2007

Globe and Mail Update


Opening Words

Wanted urgently: more places to live
In the beginning, there were four billion IP addresses. But they're almost all gone

Where on earth are those sales figures?
Managers these days are suffering from data overload, making it nearly impossible to find the information they need to get their jobs done

Google wants to be your office
The search-engine giant takes on Microsoft with its own suite of free office applications

If only it could fetch the coffee
The For Dummies publishing company wants to help small businesses get organized

Mathew Ingram
Tech titans take the social-networking site into the business realm

Paul Lima
Samaritans in cyberspace

Q&A: Peter Hortensius
"Any time you think you can stop innovating, someone else will innovate you out of business," says Lenovo's head of product development

Naomi Strasser
I refuse to be a slave to spam


Apple ripens in the workplace
With Windows compatibility no longer an issue, there are many good reasons to put Macs to work running your office. Here's how one diehard PC user made the leap—with no regrets
By Paul Lima

Step one: Make the business case

How two companies cut the cord
The switch to VoIP systems pays off in big and small ways for a couple of very different firms
By Terrence Belford

Paying for the WOW factor
Saskatoon-based Pelican Media was among the first to sign up for Microsoft's new operating system. While the company likes its new, streamlined network, the process was not without its fair share of expenses
By Grant Buckler

Bonanza in the oil patch
A Calgary company hits pay dirt with a wireless tracking system for its workers in the field
By Craig Silverman

What if the fail-safe fails?
Some SMBs are learning that the cost of not having a secure data backup system is a lot higher than implementing one
By Paul Lima

Are you reading me?
Radio frequency ID was supposed to revolutionize retail. The tags have been getting smaller, cheaper and more powerful, yet even mighty Wal-Mart is way behind schedule on incorporating the system. What happened?
By Ken Hunt

Taming the paper tiger
Document management systems help businesses keep sensitive data on a short leash
By Gerry Blackwell

10 ways to stay safe
Security is growing more complicated as wireless technology becomes more widespread, so managers need to follow basic rules for making a hacker's life difficult
By Ian Harvey

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