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Series looked at Toronto through new lenses

From Saturday's Globe and Mail

Some of the city's most creative designers were asked to fix their eyes on the future without breaking the bank ...Read the full article

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  1. Hans Lucas from Toronto, writes: Many of these ideas are awesome and it's refreshing to see that we are finally starting to think about re-designing this city. But with all the self-serving complainers in this city how in the world are we ever going to realize any of these plans? Fixing and creating privately owned spaces and ares is one thing BUT public spaces? Haven't we been talking about doing something great with the waterfront for ages - even Buffalo has us beat. I say STOP with selling off land to developers who will only put up ugly condos (condos by the Rogers centre and the new AAC condos for instance - UGLYYYYYYY) and lets do something great for everyone in this city - meeting areas, cafes, theatres, parks, galleries, museums etc.
  2. Jo Geoghegan from Heart's Delight, Canada writes: Dinner parties buzz...Property prices will rise - again......Patricia, get real. Enough already. Dinner parties here this summer are mostly buzzing about the trial of the iniquitous Lord Haw Haw, the personification of the sometimes larcenous, snidey and snooty Toronto establishment. He who is now a convicted felon facing gaol. It took a U.S. court to do it. It wouldnt have happpened here. Not in a millenium. Developers have been wrecking Toronto since the block busting vandalism of the sixties. Then, a joyless Brooklyn style inner surbuban stlye was overtaken by greedy developer driven utilitarianism. Development went unchecked by a City Council bought and paid for by money grubbing urban sociopaths. They would never have to live in the sterile apartment towers sans social amenities. These folks, much like our blustering fraud Mayor Lastman, lived in Forest Hill , Rosedale or Bridle Path. They commuted from Palm Beach Florida in winter and Muskoka or Catskill cottages in summer, fronting up to board and bank. Tourism in Toronto may improve, but only with renewal, attractions, and value. Now there's only Niagara Falls. It needs new hockey, baseball and an NFL team. Competition is the grease that drives enterprise. We have had some remarkable success. Look at the local bistro ant small business here, successful despite despite cascading excise and taxation. Punitive taxes on our hotels, food, and alcoholic beverage service continue to keep tourists away in droves. Toronto will also have to try to be more FRIENDLY! Is that possible at all? And the ill founded, silly, superior attitude to other Canadians and our U.S. neighbours, potential tourists all, will have to go. Pronto! We have heralded this false dawn ad naseum. Encourage renewal, but forget the empty wawa. It insults our intelligence. It gets under our skin. The reality is Toronto has no buzz. Buzz can not be faked. It may looks like New York but it's no Big Apple. The Big Rutabaga more likely! Capice?
  3. Maurice Savaryego from Montreal, Canada writes: What Toronto lacks most of all and that cities like NYC, London, Paris Barcelona, Montreal, Florence, San Francisco have is a soul. When you visit these cities you feel and breathe immediately a special and very pleasant atmosphere (or 'soul') that identifies the city. Unfortunately, one does not feel that in Toronto. The question is why? I think the reasons are many, but the lack of aesthetics in general is the more important. Avenues lined with trees, village like quaint neighbourhoods, a focus on catering to people's daily pleasures rather than their business needs, lack of interesting and colourful architecture, a jungle of uncontrolled condominium mosntrosities are among factors that need to be seriously considered by urban planners to change the image of this city that has so much unfulfilled potential. Adding an Opera building here and modfying the look of a museum there are not enough. Urban planners will have to do much better by trying to undertand first how the aesthetics of this city can be truely improved. Until this is accomplished Toronto will remain as a fine city to live but a dull one to visit.
  4. Michael Sharp from Pacific Northwest Central, Canada writes:

    Soulless Toronto?

    The devil take it?

    What did they get for it?

    The 1967 Stanley Cup?
  5. Wade Enns from Toronto, Canada writes: BOYCOTT OF ONTARIO MADE CARS
    National religous boycott IS called for on Ontario made cars. As a spiritual person and the brutal verbal Liberal attacks on people of faith during the election we understand your not supporting us with funding. Therefore I am sure you will not expect people of faith to buy cars from an organization who Union Leader Buzz Hargrove supported the Liberals. The Liberals and there auto leader may make for a Liberal Government in Ontario, but expect Christians, Muslims, Catholics, Hindus, Shiks, buddists, Minnonites, Baptist, Luthern, Jews or any other religous faiths to Cross the border to buy new cars. We owe the Liberals and their supporters nothing. McGuinty may be able to tell people what kids will be taught but the parents will decide where the car is bought, no longer will we be the whipping boy for the Liberals. This national boycott has been discused and we are calling it the Christmas Tree not cars boycott.
  6. Erick Langlais from English-Canada is boring, Canada writes: Michael Sharp from Pacific Northwest Central, Canada writes:

    Soulless Toronto?

    The devil take it?

    What did they get for it?

    The 1967 Stanley Cup?

    Get a life english canadians !:)
  7. True North from The Free West, Canada writes:
    What Toronto really needs is 200,000 non-English speaking immigrants a year to reside in scattered cultural ghetthoes.

    That'll fix it real good.
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