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From Saturdays' Globe and Mail

In Will Alsop's vision for downtown's west side, new, wide-open development (and perhaps some Alsop-esque buildings) would add density and street life ...Read the full article

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  1. Rob K from Baltimore, United States writes: Mr. Alsop calls his concept a “no-planning” zone. Here, market forces take over and there is a rush to maximize the potential for lake views. Buildings appear that dip their toes in the water. Among them are some that are lifted above the ground, allowing public access to the water's edge. etc. etc etc.

    He talks of a "no planning" zone but proceeds to start lay out his personal detailed vision which I guess the "invisible hand" of the market will ensure. His vision is no different than what planners do with public input. Rather this sounds like an "architect zone" to me.

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