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Poll: Support grows for Senators as 'Canada's Team'

Canadian Press

But most Canadians still see the Toronto Maple Leafs as the hockey team that most represents the country ...Read the full article

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  1. John Stanton from Canada writes: stupid article. I cheer for the Canadian players not the base where they are. Team Canada is the Canadian Team with all CANADIAN players.
  2. Henry Allen from Toronto, Canada writes: Leafs? Aren't they Team Canada's Ryder Cup golf team? They should be. They've had enough practice.
  3. Michael Russo CSP from Canada writes: Perhaps if Toronto were able to put together a winning team they could be considered Canada's team but alas,they haven't been able to do this in 40 years. Who is fooling who? I will cheer for the only Canadian team in the Stanley Cup finals. Toronto, get over it. Put your money, and team where your mouth is.
  4. Dman West Coast from Canada writes: Did anyone West of Ontario get polled? : )
    This article typifies the basic Eastern attitude. The West is an afterthought.
    Most out here would loath at cheering at any given time for the Leafs or the Habs.

    Now for me, I hope the Sens kick the Ducks big time. Nice to bring the cup to Canada, but the first comment is correct, Team Canada is Canada's team, not any of the Canadian teams littered with many European and American players.

    To the have a duty to report equitably tot he whole country, not just your precious Eastern readers.
  5. Janis Miller from Canada writes: Growing up in Nova Scotia I remember there was a divided line between people who were Leafs fans and Habs fans. There were a lot of people in between. I think perhaps the Sens are luring those in between and probably all of those who are sick of watching T.O tank every year.
  6. Sasha Furlani from Toronto, Canada writes: Does the West need a reminder that more than half the population of the country is in Quebec/Ontario. It's not a bias, it's a fact of life in Canada. Even if everyone in Alberta & BC voted there wouldn't be enough votes to outpace half of the Greater Toronto Area. So what you're seeing is simply the population dispersal of the nation, not a regional bias.
  7. Bill M from Canada writes: I heard a report this morning that TV ratings are way down this year, especially in the 'center of the hockey universe', further proof what Leafs fans are. Fans of a great golf team that plays hockey in the off season. They are not hockey fans.
  8. James MacDonald from Edmonton, Canada writes: What a strange poll. I'm sure if the poll was conducted exactly a year ago, you'd have more Canadians picking the Oilers as 'Canada's Team', and likewise the Flames two years previous. The results are also bound to be skewed, because so many people live in southern Ontario, and people generally cheer for the team in the area in which they live. Maybe in a couple of years 'Canada's Team' will be the K-W Predators.

    Incidentally, the team in the playoffs with the most Canadian players? Anaheim! Too bad. Go Sens!
  9. B Fulsom from Menlo Park, United States writes: The Leafs and Habs have 80 plus years of history on their side. We all read The Hockey Sweater growing up. The Sens have only had 15 years and zero Cups. Until older folks start dying off or Ottawa establishes a major dynasty, the Leafs and Canadiens will always be Canada's two main teams.

    As for out west, Dman, the problem is purely numbers. The population of BC and AB combined still adds up to less then Ontario or Quebec. This is why the eastern media and CBC will always focus on their own and unfortunately only pick up the excitement once one of Vancouver, Edmonton, or Calgary goes the distance.
  10. dennis manning from Windsor, Canada writes: Poll must have been conducted in the 905 area.
  11. steve allan from Welland, Ontario, Canada writes: Only a bunch of losers like the Leafs can legitimately represent a loser nation like Canada. I vote for the Leafs.
  12. Mary Gillmeister from Toronto, Canada writes: Canada's team? Team Canada, obviously.

    I would love to know who put up the funding to conduct this silly poll. Regional rivalries will obviously skew the results in favor of those areas with the larger population. Since that tends to be Ontario, one can only suppose that the Maple Laughs will always be selected Canada's team, which beggars belief.
  13. Mr. Big from Toronto, Canada writes: ha ha ha ha

    The Leafs are and always will be Canada's team. That's the way it is and the way it will stay. The Sens won't even be in Ottawa in ten years, so you Sens fans try to keep your cool.

    The Sens are chokers, and that says it all about this weak team.

    Leafs are Canada's team, live with it.
  14. g h from Canada writes: Who was the leader of Canada's gold medal team this year: Shane Doan a former Kamloops Blazer. The inspirational leader of the most exciting young team in the NHL is Mark Recchi of the Penguins, a former Blazer. The leader of the Calgary Flames (a team with a Canadian captain) is Jarome Iginla, a former Blazer. The leader of the Anaheim Ducks is Scott Neidermayer, a former Blazer.
    Canada's team is the Kamloops Blazers!
  15. Ian m from New York (via Vancouver), United States writes: Maybe without the CBC as a booster/mouthpiece, other teams would fare better here. In fact it's amazing that the Habs did so well given the lack of exposure and the fact that they aren't currently in the Stanley Cup finals.
  16. bob miller from Canada writes: What an interesting perspective... a team that has won NOTHING for 40 years and even held a night to celebrate that fact BEST represents Canada?????????????????????????
    Let us pray
  17. Harper is Da Man from Ottawa, Canada writes: Mr. Big:

    The flat earth society called. They want their leader back. They need you back in the cave you've been living in for the past 2 years PRONTO.

    Things have changed while you've been gone...
  18. Terry F from Canada writes: Toronto Canada's team? Not if winning Stanley Cups is the qualifier. Unfortunately what we see here - again, as usual - is the heavy voting bloc that TO enjoys. It doesn't represent Canada in any way but to the 905'rs Toronto = Canada. This is a only minor annoyance when it's just hockey but it's extremely damaging when real votes are counted. And there worst part is there's diddley anyone can do about it. Any wonder why Canadians can't stand Toronto?
  19. Mariposa Belle from Leacockland, Canada writes: Headline should have read 'Poll reveals regional loyalties remain strong'.
  20. Howard Young from Canada writes: Big, you couldn't stay out of the beart trap could you. Yes they are Canada's team with a whopping lead of 1% over the 2nd most popular response. A couple more years of bad management and failure will topple your beloved Buds from it's fragile pedestal.
  21. Mitch Sprague from Ottawa, Canada writes: Let's pick the team that is currently winning. Who cares where in Canada the team is based if they're contenders for the silverware.
  22. Damien Ho from Halifax, Canada writes: Sorry I had to laugh when the article said the Leafs as Canada's team. pause.....sorry I'm still laughing. This is a joke right?

    Whoever did the poll spend some good dollars on a result that most intelligent people already knew. Given a lot of population is in central Canada who would they say?
  23. Mark Shore from Ottawa, Canada writes: I remember the Maple Leafs: decent AHL team, moved from St. John's to Toronto a couple of years ago. But they changed their name to the Marlies or something equally idiotic, so technically the Toronto Maple Leafs no longer exist. And they don't play for the Stanley cup - that's reserved for the NHL teams. But I guess some people are just nostalgic.
  24. marc auger from Canada writes: The 'Make me Laugs' are Canada's team?

    Great! We are represented by a bunch of no talent losers!

  25. L. Cook from Hamilton, Canada writes: I know talk of the NHL playoffs has been very very quiet here in Ontario. I mean I can't understand it. Ottawa is in the Stanley Cup people -- not your Leafs (as par usual), not the Habs -- and Canadians have just not come around to cheering for the Sens and it just puzzles me. Wake up people -- Canada has a chance to get that Stanley Cup back in its rightful country -- let's be proud and cheer for our last remaining Canadian team!!! Go Sens Go!!!
  26. Harper is Da Man from Ottawa, Canada writes: Thsi poll actually shows how Canadians embrace mediocrity...From sports teams to political parties.
  27. John McEnroe from Toronto, Canada writes: 'Dman West Coast from Canada writes: Did anyone West of Ontario get polled? : )
    This article typifies the basic Eastern attitude. The West is an afterthought.'
    Dear Dman, you are going to be bitter your whole life if this is your attitude, do you actually know anything about Canada? It isn't an 'Eastern Attitude' bias in this article, it is basic Canadian demographics. Ontario's population is around 37% of the nation, Quebec now a little under 25%, then BC is around 13% and Alberta around 10%. If everyone supports their local team, guess what teams will end up highest in the polls??? Take a math class and quit your whining! I live in Ontario, but I cheered for Edmonton last year, and cheered for Calgary the year before, I support all the Canadian teams. Be a little more Canadian for once and do the same!
  28. yogesh thakur from London, Canada writes: This entire debate is ridiculous! Canada's team; please!!! The concept is sooo stupid!! It is a well known fact that there are only two teams that represent Canada - the mens and womens team who play for TEAM CANADA at the worlds, the juniors, the Olympics etc... The sens, leafs, habs, flames... are pro sports teams that play to make a profit, not for the country... only for their respected cities so they can make money!

    I can't believe the leafs fans, or habs fans, or canuck fans that jump on the sens bandwagon because the want the cup home... the ducks have 16 Canadian players, Ottawa 11. Really, if you think about the players, as Daniel Alfredson stated (at the Olympics after Sweden won gold): European players dream about playing for their country at the Olympics, North Americans dream about the Stanley cup.... (not an exact quote) than I'm cheering for the ducks, because they have more players who have dreamed about winning the cup than the sens do (oh and I'm a leafs fan....).
  29. Gavin Nochomovitz from writes: Last year Edmonton was Canada's team. The year before it was Calgary. I just think the media are trying to find some rallying point for the Canadian hockey teams as they're going through a 14 year cup drought.
  30. Robert Marshall from Scarborough, Canada writes: My dad once told me U of T was like the maple leafs, the stands are always full regardless of the type of team that's on the ice.

    Sad part is ... he graduated from U of T.

    40 years and counting for the leafs fans. I only watch them (the leafs) because its more entertaining seeing them fall apart in games and throughout the season.
  31. Hugo Hall from Calgary, Canada writes: Let's review a few snippets from this 'poll':
    'A new poll suggests most Canadians still see the Toronto Maple Leafs as the hockey team that most represents the country.'

    'Among the nearly one-quarter of Canadians who, when asked, said they are avid hockey fans, 27 per cent picked the Leafs as Canada's team in a Decima poll conducted last weekend.'

    'However, a close 26 per cent of those polled chose the Ottawa Senators as Canada's representative team, while another 23 per cent picked the Montreal Canadiens — all within the poll's margin of error.'

    This article is rife with errors. Since when does 27% and only one point separating them from Ottawa in popularity equate to 'most Canadians'?

    Anyways, the percentage who identify with the Leafs is about equivalent to Southern Ontario's portion of Canada's population. No surprises here. Outisde of southern Ontario the situation is very different. The Leafs are probably far and away the LEAST popular Canadian team in Western Canada.
  32. The JakeO from Canada writes: What a dumb poll. No team is Canada's team. There are 6 canadian team. Those that say that Ottawa is Canada's team are some Sens fans and a whole ton of people who just cheer for whatever canadian team is still in the playoffs, most of which aren't serious hockey fans. And to those who always say 'leafs fans aren't real fans' or automatically bash the leafs, I'm a leafs fan and I'm a real fan. I'm pretty sure a real fan cheers for the team they like not the team that's winning. Yeah the leafs are out but the great thing about leafs fans is they want to win and they are loyal. Not like all of the sens fans who just switched teams because the Sens have 10 years of 1st round picks behind them. Go Leafs!!!! and mind you GO DUCKS!!!! They've got more canadian players on their team anyway
  33. Mr. Big from Toronto, Canada writes: You dummies just don't get it. Do you? The Toronto Maple Leafs are Canada's hockey team, period.

    NHL playoff interest in Canada is at it's lowest point because the Sens are in the final. The Sens are a regional small market choke team, that we Canadians don't care about. Maybe a few uneducated civil servants might like them but so what. Losers follow losers who just happen to be chokers.

    The Leafs have their name on the cup 13 times, we want to be backing a true winner, not a bunch of perennial chokers.
  34. M. Gorky from Canada writes: A more interesting headline for this article would have been '76% of Canadians do not view themselves as avid hockey fans'.

    As for which is Canada's team, the poll was inconclusive. If it were conducted another 20 times under the same conditions, the Leafs, Senators and Canadiens would have shared top spot 19 of those times.
  35. Knowledge is True Opinion from Canada writes: Give me a break Ottawa fans. You harp on leaf fans for supporting a loser for so many years then criticize them for not being great fans. The fact is Ottawa has fans now because they are winning. Ottawa had trouble selling out the first rounds of the playoffs. You are supposed to be loyal to your team in the good and the bad that what a TRUE fan does.

    I don't get the feeling that Ottawa is playing for anyone except for Ottawa anyway.

    Lets see where the Ottawa franchise is when there team is sub par. I hope they look to move to Winnipeg.
  36. JM Work from Canada writes: The Leafs and Habs had many fans across Canada when Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Ottawa (and Winnipeg) did not have teams. This generation of fans is getting older and dying off.

    Take a poll of hockey fans under the age of 35 and you will see that a very high percentage of these fans are in the Ontario region.

    Better yet, take a poll of hockeys fans across Canada and ask them what they think of Saturday night Hockey Night in Canada Maple showing meaningless Leaf games when several other meaningful match-ups are available.
  37. Kris Ottawan from OTTAWA, Canada writes: Unfortunately for all leafs fans commenting here the Stanley Cup parade will be in Ottawa this year.

  38. Bobby K from Bogarttown, Canada writes: Why won't the NHL let a professional team play in Hamilton? Because then Toronto will want one too!
  39. Clark Kent from Canada writes: I could care less about what city a team is from. I'd rather be entertained. Also, I could care less what country players come from. Damned nationalism is a pain.
  40. Haywood Jablowme from Canada writes: If you have doubt about the Leafs or the Habs not being 'Canada's Team' anymore, just look at the ratings. The last regular season game between the Habs and Leafs drew almost 3 million viewers. The last Ottawa/Buffalo game had 1.3 million. Outside of the 613 nobody cares about the Senators and nobody is watching them.
  41. Paul Hume from Oakville, Canada writes: GO SENS GO!!! Been my team for years, and proud of it.

    Don't feed trolls.
  42. R A from Canada writes: Hey Hugo, last time I looked 27 was more than 26 but let me investigate and get back to you....YES, I checked my book and 27 is indeed more than 26. I guess the article is correct afterall.
  43. Kevin Dooley from Canada writes: Was it Churchill who once quipped that only dogs know the correct use for a poll (pole)?
    There is actually an inherent problem with all polls, particularly political polls. The selection process for poll respondents is always biased by several key factors, the most important of which is that they must answer the telephone and agree to respond to the questions. Since most people would prefer not to waste their time answering a stupid poll, it therefore follows that the only people who respond are either bored or they have an axe to grind. Either way, they are a clearly biased subgroup of the larger population and therefore unlikely to be statistically representative of the entire population.
    In this particular case it's clear that the subgroup being polled was the 'bored' group.
  44. Guillaume Afleck from Canada writes: Well the Leafs DO suck.

    And People from TO thinking they are the centre of the universe - we'll that's not new!

    You can be a hockey fan or a leafs fan... but not both.

  45. Beacher T.O from Canada writes: kinda like sayin you can be a quebecker or a canadian but not both eh frenchie?

    so bitter when you realize that the Leafs have always been and always will be: Canada's Team
  46. Frangesco Bernard from somewhere in Canada, Canada writes: Toronto is the #1 team of Canada, even if they don`t make the play-off

  47. Jakub P from Ottawa, Canada writes: Leafs suck
    Always and forever

    Go Sens Go
  48. Brent Slobodin from Whitehorse, Canada writes: Toronto has an NHL team? When did that happen?
  49. EJ Ravensbud from Canada writes: Mr. Big, I am retired so I dont need a life but you must be unemployed or using the computer at your government worksite. Good for you. Just to get the facts straight, yes Toronto teams won 13 Stanley Cups BUT the Sens won 5 before a Toronto team won their first. The Sens have won 7 in total and would have won more save for the Depression which knocked them and several other teams out. Winnipeg, Montreal, Kenora and Vancouver won the cup before Toronto won their first. Be nice.
  50. Todd From OTTAWA from Canada writes: Shocking.

    The insecure, self aggrandizing MR BIG is from the big smoke. Singular, short sighted and assinine describes his view that the Laffs represent Canada. What about Monteal? Better history than your group and they have won the Cup in my lifetime.

    I have been a Sens fan since they first hit the ice. That's what you might call stupidity but I call it dedication. Much like you following the Leafs despite their garbage product. The Sens have had 15 years to build their long you been working on it?

    The Leafs may have their name on the cup 13 times but it won't happen again anytime soon. Tough accomplishment with 6 teams in the league.

    Maybe you could get out of your security blanket and move to another team instead of insulating yourself in like minded simpletons. Be a leader, don't just talk the talk.
  51. Pea Body from Sherman, Canada writes: One of the best things about Ottawa in the Stanley cup is hearing Bob Cole's play by play on CBC. He is really trying hard to get excited about Ottawa making good plays. It's hilarious, as you can tell he's still in a state of shock that Ottawa's playing for the cup, not his beloved Maple Leafs.
  52. Beacher T.O from Canada writes: I got your back Big
    These chumps just don't get it
  53. EJ Ravensbud from Canada writes: Mr.Big, you are right. The Leafs must be the greatest, as they are appearing on Monday Night at the Duck Pond. Oops I got that wrong also. The Sens are appearing at the Duck Pond on Monday Night.
  54. Daniel Clancy from Toronto, Canada writes: WHO CARES about a 'title' let these die hard leafs fans have it. We can have the cup.
  55. ID K from Toronto, Canada writes: Yes I'm a Leaf Fan. I hate Ottawa, just the way it goes.

    I am cheering for the ducks though. I want to see Pronger win it and Selanne and the Brothers Niedermeyer win it before Krusty does.
    I love Canada Dearly but I just can't cheer for Ottawa.
  56. Beacher T.O from Canada writes: The Ducks will ROLL over the Sens
    Mark my words, especially you little ladies up Ottawa way
    Sens are still too small
  57. Sam M. from Montreal, Canada writes: Canada's team just won gold at the world hockey championship.

    Why do they insist on trying to pawn this Sens team off as Canada's team.

    Canada's team should consist of ALL Canadian players!


    They are however the team of some arrogant woman beating people in Ottawa!
  58. Sam M. from Montreal, Canada writes: INSTANT HERO OTTAWA STYLE::::

    Guy shoots puck! Puck hits backboards bounces off hits goalie and is going into the net.

    Along comes Alfie taps puck that was going in the net anyways AND BINGO INSTANT HERO!
  59. R A from Canada writes: ID sentiments exactly!!!
  60. ralph klein from wild rose country, Canada writes: love danny heatley , hate ottawa.
    an Albertan cheering for ottawa is like a chicken cheering for colonel sanders.....aint gonna happen.

    go ducks!!
  61. Sam M. from Montreal, Canada writes: ID K from Toronto, Canada writes: I love Canada Dearly but I just can't cheer for Ottawa.

    I hear ya! I'd like to cheer for Ottawa but I just cannot force myself to do so. It's because of their arrogant fans some of which are displayed RIGHT here in these comments.

    They also beat up women who dare to cheer for someone else!

    Guess they would beat us up too in order to make us cheer for Ottawa!

    Heck they can't even get everyone in Ottawa to cheer for this team let alone ALL OF CANADA!

    Ever seen an Ottawa vs Toronto game played in Ottawa EVER NOTICED ALL THE LEAFS JERSEYS IN THE CROWD?

    Canada's team my arse!
  62. Sheldon Maerz from fromadustyplace, Canada writes: Just because 2/3 of the population of this country lives from Southern Ontario up to Montreal, by no means does this give the right to the Toronto Maple Loafs the claim to being Canada's team. Last time I checked there was a whole lot of Canada lying outside the geographical confines of Southern Ontario. Growing up in Saskatchewan you were either a Canadians fan, or you were something else. I can't remember a single kid in my class from 1970-1982 cheering for the, even then, lousey Toronto Maple Leafs. To think people still cheer for this losing franchise is an admission that is okay for management to put a second rate team on the ice and the fools will still come to pay. Canada's team is any Canadian Team to make it to the finals - Leaf fans take a bow, with what little grace most of you seem to have left, and Go Sens Go.
  63. Sam M. from Montreal, Canada writes: Sheldon Maerz from fromadustyplace, Canada writes: Just because 2/3 of the population of this country lives from Southern Ontario up to Montreal, by no means does this give the right to the Toronto Maple Loafs the claim to being Canada's team.

    But in your mind it gives Ottawa the right to be Canada's team?

  64. Hugo Hall from Calgary, Canada writes: Some of you guys aren't paying attention:
    R A from Canada writes: Hey Hugo, last time I looked 27 was more than 26 but let me investigate and get back to you....YES, I checked my book and 27 is indeed more than 26. I guess the article is correct afterall.
    RA, the article stated 'most Canadians'. Last I checked, 'most Canadians' does not equal 27%, it implies more than 50 percent. And the Sens and Habs are all within the same margin of error. Oh, and winning a bunch of Cups in a 6-team league is not that big an accomplishment - toalk to us when you've won something in the modern day 30-team leage.

    Ugh, never mind. Explaining facts and statistics to a Leafs fan is like trying to teach to my 7-year-old son.
  65. Sam M. from Montreal, Canada writes: ralph klein from wild rose country, Canada writes: love danny heatley , hate ottawa.

    I like Heatley also. Can't stand Alfie,Spezza nor Fisher the arrogance just is something else!

    Today heard several Duck's players saying how good they thought Ottawa was AND what did ya hear coming out of Ottawa?

    Why they were complaining about the Ducks goalie equipment being too big!

  66. Shane Jordan from Winnipeg, Canada writes: Hey, if Beacher and Mr. Big can cheer for a 'dead' team, so can I.


    Winnipeg has no team, but still has a better chance of beating the Leafs to the cup.
  67. Mr. Big from Toronto, Canada writes: The Leafs are Stanley Cup Champs 13 times, and they are Canada's team, end of story.

    It would like telling Roberto Duran that's he not a champ, when he owned multiple titles, he was the best pound for pound fighter in history. The Leafs are the best, just like Duran was the best.

    The Sens are girls, and it's really embarrassing because in a few years they will end up in Winnipeg, Quebec City or Hamilton.

    Leafs are Canada's team and we have 13 Stanley Cup/NHL championships. The Ducks will get their first in just over a week.
  68. R A from Canada writes: No Hugo, it doesnt imply that at all...that is your dumbwitted interpretation.

    Try to read this slowly so you can understand....Out of all the people asked, 27% (THE MOST OF ALL THE PERCENTAGES) responded the Leafs - why are simple numbers so tough for you?

    I trult pity your 7 year old having to explain things to you all of the time...
  69. Joe Doodle from Ottawa, Canada writes: Time for a little history lesson: in 1916/17, because of the unethical business practices of Toronto Blueshirts Owner Eddie Livingstone, it was decided he and his franchise would be kicked out of the league. the resulting grief and lawsuits brought on by Toronto Blueshirts owner Eddie Livingstone threatened to disrupt the NHA. So the Senators owners along with the owners of the Montreal Canadiens, Montreal Wanderers, and Quebec Bulldogs went about dissolving the NHA into a brand new league called the National Hockey League.

    1917/18: On December 17th the Senators play the very first game in the newly formed NHL against the Montreal Canadiens. you see, the NHL was formed specifically to keep out Toronto, and the Sens played the first NHL game ever!!! And history repeats itself - the sens are keeping the leafs out and claiming all the glory. And yeah, resting on your laurels from winning cups in a 6 team league is really pathetic.
  70. Mark S from Canada writes: Man, does it make me laugh when Leafs fans say 'Hey! Look how many times our name is on the cup!' Really? How many teams were in the league when you won those precious cups? And let's assume that during a given season back then, 1 to 2 of the 6 teams weren't very good from year to year which would be a fair statement - you didn't have to beat a lot of teams, did you? How you doing now that there are 30 teams? If you weren't even around when they won those cups, you shouldn't brag about them. Keep living in the past. I'm a proud Canadian, and I'm glad to say Toronto will never be my team.
  71. Go Sens Go Ottawa from Canada writes: As a huge Sens fan that grew up in Ottawa and (for) now lives in Toronto, I welcome all those who want to cheer the Sens on. Thank you for your support. For those who don't, that's fine (to be fair, the rivalry with the Leafs is too great for me to cheer for them if they were ever in the same position), but I would ask that you watch the games - hopefully with some eye of objectivity. The Sens have played aggressive, entertaining and consistent hockey up to this point and will likely keep it up. By watching, you might like it and appreciate why I, along with so many others, are Sens fans -- and then you hopefully won't rely on inaccurate, classless and illogical arguments as to why you don't want to cheer for the Sens. I would also ask those who demean the city and its citizens to actually visit -- go to the Byward Market, the museums (that your taxes pay for), the festivals, the canal, the golf, etc. - and talk to Ottawans and you might actually like it, and again see why so many people love the city. Please do not let the sad and very unfortunate story of the assault of a Sabres fan by a moron Sens fan (the first such incident I've heard of by a Sens fan) be your determinant of all Sens fans or Ottawans, just as we won't let the (apparently unprovoked) assault of a Sens fan by a Leafs fan at a game in Ottawa during the regular season be our determinant of Leafs fans or Torontonians. If you don't want to cheer for the Sens due to the rivalry, that's great for the rivalry, and us Sens fans are sure enjoying it now -- but just because we have confidence in a team that has gone 12-3 in the playoffs doesn't mean we're arrogant. We're proud. We have been disappointed before and received a lot of flak for it, but Leafs, and other rival fans, please try to take it as good as you give it.....that's what makes rivalry fun. Otherwise it's just sad and reflects poorly on you. Sens fans have endured a lot -- it's time to party in a great city in a great country!
  72. Dijer Dije from Ottawa, Canada writes: Don't worry so much, it is just a snap shot in time. Come November, Leafs and Habs will rank 1 and 2. If this survey was done last year, Edmonton would have had the same boost. To think Canada has one representative NHL team in modern times is foolish.

    Who knows, next time they do a similar survey maybe there will be a seventh team in there...

    Thanks for the support! It's nice to see so much of the country get to back a Canadain team for the third season in a row in the finals! GO SENS GO!!!
  73. Mr. Big from Toronto, Canada writes: Real teams formed the league and won championships in it. Chokers come along now and then. The Sens won't be in Ottawa in 10 years.

    The Toronto Maple Leafs are Canada's team, we have more players in the Hockey Hall of Fame, we have the Hockey Hall of Fame just down the street from our great arena, we have won more Cups, etc.

    Toronto is just plain better at everything when compared to Ottawa.

    Toronto is the the centre of Cananda for sport and commerce.

    Plus we are better looking and richer.
  74. Ryan M from Ottawa, Canada writes: Apparently people in Toronto aren't even watching these playoffs. I'm guessing that they're just terrified at the prospect of Ottawa winning the Cup. I know I would be, were the situation reversed. Although, I have the comfort of knowing that will never happen in my lifetime.

  75. penny broda from edmonton, Canada writes: I personallly want the Ottawa Senators to win the cup this year.I think they are the much better team than Anahemin.Besides i do not want Chris Pronger to lift the stanley cup up above his [pretty little face.] GO SENS GO Make CANADA PROUD OF YOU.
  76. Go Sens Go Ottawa from Canada writes: Thank you Mr. Big for showing the class an example of an inaccurate, classless and illogical argument and of someone who could benefit from watching the finals and visiting Ottawa. A gold star for your special participation.
  77. Joe Doodle from Ottawa, Canada writes: 'Mr. Big from Toronto, Canada writes: Real teams formed the league and won championships in it.'

    That's right!! GO SENS GO!!!
  78. Warren H from Canada writes: hey mr tiny: I am enclosing these links for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

    Aren't you glad that Domi called it a day and Mccabe is going to be your D man for a few more years
  79. Hugo Hall from Calgary, Canada writes: RA, read the article again:

    But most Canadians still see the Toronto Maple Leafs as the hockey team that most represents the country

    'Most Canadians' does not equal '27%', particularly when they are in a statistical tie with the Sens and Habs. But never mind, if you were smart enough to figure out the errors in the article, you would also be smart enough not to cheer for the Leafs. And if you are going to insult people, at least use proper terminology - it is 'dimwitted', not 'dumbwitted'.
  80. Gideon Goldshlager from Canada writes: this poll must've been conducted on bay street at 4.50pm when all the fat middle aged people have changed into their running shoes and are sprinting for their 5pm go train to miserysauga.

    nothing like a chance to mumble 'go leafs go' to bring out the trash
  81. sean wood from vancouver, Canada writes: The article was inane but Canada is in serious trouble if it actually considers a team that has been a perennial loser for forty years as anything more then something to feel sorry for. Most Torontonians weren't even born when the Leafs last won a cup. An NHL franchise based in a Canadian city with players from all over the world is not Canada's team. The Canadians who put on the maple leaf and represent Canada on the world stage are the only outfit who can claim to be Canada's team. I do however have two Canadian born players left in my hockey pool, so go Sens or Ducks.
  82. Hugo Hall from Calgary, Canada writes: Boy, it's getting pretty deep in here:

    Mr. Big from Toronto, Canada writes:
    The Sens are girls, and it's really embarrassing because in a few years they will end up in Winnipeg, Quebec City or Hamilton.

    Why would the Sens franchise move from a city of 1.2 million with among Canada's highest disposeable incomes to a city half the size with an inferior arena and lower incomes? Not gonna happen dude. Face it, Sens will remain in Ottawa - so thankfully, Ontario will have one good hockey team.
  83. JM Work from Canada writes: Mr. Big from Toronto, Canada = John Ferguson Jr.
  84. jim slim from honeymoon bay, Canada writes: Well the politicians sure will jump on the band wagon...

    Too bad they support hockey but and PROFIT from it - i.e. Sports Action and other gambling sites (where the gov't doesnt contribute back) HYPOCRITS!

    Look at Winnepeg and Quebec City...GONE from the NHL but the gov't could have bailed them both out! But Sports Action will pork barrel off of the NHL. What f/n pricks!
  85. nathan w from China writes: After supporting the Sens for nearly 15 years (I lived in Ottawa when the team opened up), I thought I finally gave up on them after last year, but somehow I've still been silently rooting for them through the season.

    Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be able to catch any of the final series except for maybe a few clips on the net... unless some people are so kind as to upload some of the games onto some file-sharing services. It would sure be cool if the NHL had something like the MLB as far as being able to watch games online.
  86. T Muller from Kelowna, Canada writes: Why a great country like ours cannot put all differences aside and hope no matter what Canadian team (not Canada's team) is playing for the Cup that they bring it back here is beyond me.
  87. Roger C from Canada writes: The Sens,the Leafs or the Habs= Canada's team....who cares.....bottom line, Ottawa Senators still suck and always will.'s summertime, hockey season is over. Sens fans cheer for your miserable little pi$$ ant excuse of a team, worship your 8 by 10 glossy of Cpt Krusty hitting somebody from behind with his stick up to the guys head, enjoy your free ride while your joke of a team is still in Ottawa because it won't be for long, history does repeat itself....Gary Bettman says Kansas City Governors.
  88. Rich O'Connell from Melbourne Beach, fl., writes: Team Canada is Canada's team. There are no National Teams in the NHL, too many players from too many countries make up NHL teams for any team to be a Canadian or American team. Canadians need to wake up and realize that hockey is no longer the sole property of Canada just as baskeball and baseball are no longer the sole prpoerty of the USA. I would like to add this: Thanky you Canada for giving us Hockey the best sport in the world.
  89. Joe Doodle from Ottawa, Canada writes: I was guilty of it too, but let's not feed the trolls. you could say anything to them, they just want the attention and will never make any sense in an argument, period.
  90. Hugo Hall from Calgary, Canada writes: R A from Canada: You're right about one thing - there is no sense in further arguing with me because you plainly do not have the basic language, statistical analysis or comprehension skills to understand what I am trying to say. I suggest that the G&M moderators actually start reading comments before posting them, so that loudmouthed hicks lacking in intelligence such as yourself cannot attempt to mask their lack of intelligence by berating and insulting others.
  91. Jeff Hanlon from Kingston, Canada writes: Ottawa does not and will never play for this Canadian. My dearest wish is for the Sens to jump to a 3-0 series lead and subsequently lose to the Ducks in double overtime of Game 7 after hitting the post twice and missing at least one open net. May playoff chokery forever be their destiny.
  92. Ryan M from Ottawa, Canada writes: Always go for the Canadian team. I'd say that Canada's team is whatever team is left standing for the cup finals. I don't think true hockey fans say Toronto is still Canada's team, when they didn't make the playoffs. These are the same people who don't even bother tuning in to the cup playoffs if their team isn't in. The true hockey fans root for teams that are still in it. If T.O. were in the cup final, and Ottawa was out, I'd cheer for them, as I have for all the Canadian teams.
    To those stating that 'they cheer for the players not the team', thats nuts. There are Canadians on every team, but you have to cheer the team BASED in Canada, but the fans are Canadian! It'd be great to have a cup winner that actually appreciates the victory and makes the front page. Been a while.
  93. Apu Nahasapeemapetilon from Vancouver, Canada writes: Mr. Big from Toronto, Canada writes:
    The Leafs have their name on the cup 13 times.

    Big Deal! Les Canadiens have their name on the cup 23 times. Montreal has won the cup 10 times since the Maple Laughs last won in 1967.
  94. Hugo Hall from Calgary, Canada writes: I don't begrudge Leafs fans who refuse to cheer for the Sens - honestly, I would sooner claw my eyeballs out than root for the Leafs, if the situation were reversed. However, what is getting extremely ridiculous is the legion of Leafs fans popping up on the board yapping about the Sens being everything from "chokers" to "cheap-shot artists" to "sissies". Of course you know now that the Sens are post-season Champs, you Leafs fans are doomed to never hear the end of it, so some advice to Mr. Big and others: go quietly cheer for your Ducks - but the majority of the country will be enthusiastically rooting for the Sens.
  95. j.r ewing from vancouver, Canada writes: "post season champs"??? Not yet. They are the only team to celebrate the conference title. Nobody else usually touches it for the reason that they don't feel they have won anything yet. Which they haven't. The Ducks are more Canadian than the Sens. Both good teams, but this was a futile debate from the start. Let's just shut up and watch some hockey. Oh ya it is delayed for a few more days.
  96. Gideon Goldshlager from Canada writes: roger c and jeff hanlon- i can taste the bile from here! we'll make sure to include your front lawns (or trailer lots) in the parade route, losers.
  97. Dave . from Canada writes: "In Ontario, 47 per cent chose the Leafs — more than double the 22 per cent support shown for the Sens, even though Ottawa is also an Ontario team. Another eight per cent of those polled in Ontario picked the Canadiens, while no other team registered more than one per cent support in Ontario."
    Toronto has 45% of ontario's population (47% of its support)
    Ottawa has 9% of ontario's population (22% of it's support)

    It's not hard to see who has fans outside of their city borders.
  99. Ryan M from Ottawa, Canada writes: Not sure who the other Ryan M is, but I certainly would not cheer for the leaVEs were they the only Canadian team left, and I can't blame toronto fans for doing the same.

    I'm guessing that someone maybe assumed my name after reading my earlier post? Clever...

    R A - your arguments are pretty weak, and I think that your lack of response to Hugo's last point demonstrates that you (hopefully) realize that.

  100. King 99 from Canada writes: Wah-wah-wah - seriously the leafs fans on this post sound like cry babies. Our team has won this many cups, our team this, our team that. You know what? Nobody cares! It's Ottawa-Anaheim for the next two weeks and like it or not Toronto fans are going to have the Ottawa Sens crammed down their throats on every newspaper and television sports show around. Just sit back, shut up already and enjoy the ride, or just shut up altogether and go do something else with yourselves.

    Go Sens Go!
  101. Jeff Hanlon from Kingston, Canada writes: Questions for Gideon G. (or any other Sens geek): Will Emery choke when it REALLY counts? Will Alfie lose his edges and disappear in Game 7? Will Redden break his stick again after getting beaten on an odd-man rush to end their season? Ie., will they choke....AGAINNNNN????

    Well, maybe not. It's not as if they're not facing the mighty St. John's Maple Leafs. :)
  102. Warren H from Canada writes: jeff hanlon...and your team is doing what at playoff time.....let me guess...... clowns like you will be disappearing from this forum in a couple of days. you are one of the few that is hanging onto the choke theory, I guess some folks just have so little to focus on when their team habitually misses the mark.
  103. snaglepussed in Ottawa from Canada writes: The challenge is to bring the Stanley Cup home to Canada. Canada created the Cup, it's our Cup and we want it here. The Ducks may be chock full of Canadian players, but they are a US based team. The Ducks can't help Canada in this quest. At this stage, only the SENS can do it.

    To all Leafs fans, I beg of you. Do not cheer for the SENS. You and your team own bad luck and it might rub off. :)
  104. R W from St C, Canada writes: I'd just like to see the Cup won by a Canadian-based team...and not by a city/state/country that really doesn't care about hockey.
  105. A Leading Edge Boomer from Canada writes: In terms of hockey:

    Team Canada is Canada's team for the world championship tournament, for the world junior tournament, for the women's world championship, for the Olympics, for the paraolympics.

    The Sens are Canada's Team for the Stanley Cup finals.

    Go Canada Go
    Go Sens Go
  106. Ian Stahlbrand from Brantford, Canada writes: Hopefully we can all agree we are fans of Team Canada whenever they compete. Team Canada is Canada's only true hockey team. But Team Canada can't win without financial suport from the country, strong youth development, and a continued high interest and excitement about the game. Hard core leafs/habs/etc.. fans all the more power to you if you're cheering for the Ducks, but i can't understand why any Canadian would want the cup in a place where Lindsay Lohan's rehab trials or whatever is a bigger story. To me the argument that the Ducks have a lot of Canadian players is irrelevant. Everytime has a lot of Canadians (on average 50-60% or whatever it is). If we all agree this is a good thing, how is Anahiem winning the cup going to promote youth hockey and improve the percentage of Candians in the NHL? Who cares if Alfredsson is Swedish, young kids in Canada will still look up to him and take more interest in the sport because he plays for Ottawa. When a Canadian team wins the cup, excitement about hockey grows across the whole country. More young kids will take interest and continue Canada's tradition of hockey domination. It generates money and helps Canadian fan bases bases grow. Money is the only issue limiting hockey franchises in Canada. Wouldn't everyone love to see a team in Winnipeg, Quebec City, Hamilton/Waterloo, maybe even a team out east? If you are a true Canadian and appreciate the importance of hockey in our country you will look at the BIG PICTURE and support Canadian teams, i.e. supporting hockey in our country. The US doesn't care about hockey so why should they reap the benefits of a Stanely Cup win? I will never chear for an American team over a Canadian.

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