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Our infatuation with the non-work ethic

Globe and Mail Update

When the rest of the industrial world is conservative by inclination and competitive by necessity, old shibboleths of the Left persist in this country, by Conrad Black ...Read the full article

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  1. Nicole Bradley from Toronto, Canada writes: Sinecures, is it? Kind of like a position on the Hollinger board, I imagine.

    Black is not a stupid man, so one must assume that he is aware of his own hypocrisy and simply maintains that different standards for him and his cronies are acceptable. It would be amusing were the writing not so unwieldy and verbose that reading it feels somewhat akin to banging one's head against a hard surface.

    What a shame that people are too afraid of this man to get him a decent editor. There's definite potential there (“campy 1930s mythology&8221; paints a charming and hilarious picture, for example), but someone needs to do something about the wholly excessive use of alliteration, parentheses, run-on sentences, awkward structure, etc.. You most definitely CAN have too much of a good thing, but apparently poor Mr. Black thinks these literary techniques are like money. If any mere mortal submitted this piece there is no way it would be considered fit to print.
  2. Sean Kelly from New Glasgow, Canada writes: I'm not certain about that. It's refreshing to read a piece by someone who doesn't employ half-meanings and empty words. If anything, we should pressure Conrad Black to join the lexicography staff at the Oxford Canadian Dictionary. I'm certain he'd enjoy chiding them for adopting the phrase "double-double" as passable Canadian English, regardless of the weight it holds in popular culture.
  3. Lyle Davey from Gibsons, Canada writes: Much puffery from His Lordship of Cross Harbour. I'm always amused
    when the silver spoon set gives the great unwashed the benefit of
    their sincere advice and opinion as to how Canada should be.
    Since Mr.Black is now in prison for 6.5 years and is not a Canadian citizen.
    I wonder if Canada is looking better everyday to Mr.Black?

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