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  1. Henry Allen from Toronto, Canada writes: Steven Spielberg's releases new horror film: PAWS
  2. Mary Farrell from Toronto, Canada writes: Say Uncle!
  3. J Herrick from 100 Mile House, Canada writes: The Red Cross is now able to offer one on one swimming instruction for mere peanuts.
  4. Phil Andrews from Ottawa, Canada writes: Some residents of Third World countries go to ridiculous extremes to get the monkey off their back...
  5. M N from Edmonton, Canada writes: If you're late with your payment of bananas next week, you'll be getting cement shoes!
  6. Dave Medich from Windsor, Canada writes:

    IPCC warns that "global warming" may or could cause monkeys to grow on your back.

  7. Robert Hoffmann from Toronto, Canada writes: Bonzo enjoys riding his new human that he got for his birthday.
  8. Dale Osborne from edmonton, Canada writes: 1. Monkey? ... what monkey?

    2. I'll be right back.. just let me get this monkey of my back!
  9. Barbara R. Slater from Israel writes: I thought they said MONEY Back guarantee on the surf board.
  10. J S from Montreal, Canada writes: Evolution, my hairy butt....swim boy
  11. Rosemarie Whitten from St. Catharines, Canada writes: Hey Jimmy, that was some seriously furry seaweed!
  12. Doug Hatlelid from North Vancouver, Canada writes: Rangoon's newest ferry service takes its first passenger across the Yangon river yesterday. The company's brochure says that monkeys were a niche market not served by other ferries. Hari, the ferry operator shown here, said it was better than his previous job polishing buttons for military police, and that the fruit and nuts his passengers give in payment are delicious. A military junta member, asked to comment on whether the service meets international child labour standards, said that water sports are key to the government's new fitness policy, and that in any case, the ferry operates only outside of school hours. When our reporter pointed out that according to Hari, his school closed in 2001, she was provided with an exit visa and escort to the airport at no charge.
  13. Irene Cornwell from Morinville, Canada writes: O.K. I do believe that thing about global warming now.
  14. The Nomad from Ottawa, Canada writes: A monkey is riding me.
  15. dan browne from St Cath, Canada writes: Although most people recognized the young lad as being addicted to his distance swim training regime, others just thought he had a monkey on his back...
  16. John Arthur from Canada writes: Remember young Tarzan, wash behind your ears!
  17. J De Rocher from Ottawa, Canada writes: Who's top of the food chain now?
  18. Mowho33 Who from Ottawa, Canada writes: Aaah...that's the spot. Uh, huh.. Ok, now a little to the left... a little more. Oooh, you got it. Thanks, bro.
  19. John Sokolich from Stoney Creek, Canada writes: Next time I'll pick a guy who can swim
  20. emilio D from Vancouver, Canada writes: Rajinder:" How is my swimming?" Cheeta: Forget your swimming. There is crocodile closing in on our tail!!!!%&*#" Rajinder: "You mean your tail? If you stop pulling my hair, I can swim faster!!!"
  21. stuart mckenna from mississauga, Canada writes: Evolutionary theory turned upside down. Life began in the sea but once on dry land, the ape descended from the man !!!
  22. G G from BC, Canada writes:
    Man and his supper approach the deserted island.
  23. Chris Lalonde from Singapore writes: Got a monkey on my back .... LITERALLY!!!!!
  24. Hart Oldenburg from winnipeg, Canada writes: Don't monkey with the breast stroke!
  25. Robert Tchegus from Kingston, Canada writes: It's hard to swim with the dolphins with a monkey on your back!
  26. graham watt from Canada writes: That's it, Babu, you're going back to the organ grinder!
  27. Grunter Grimm from Victoria, Canada writes: I'm glad I DIDN'T read the washing instructions for the 800 lb. gorilla on my back!
  28. Tom Young from Edmonton, Canada writes: This monkey took the term "bodysurfing" a bit too literally.
  29. bob matheson from Summerland B.C., Canada writes: Now I know what a monkey on my back really means!!!
  30. Derek Mitchell from Simcoe, Canada writes: "Paws for refresher"
  31. Derek Mitchell from Simcoe, Canada writes: "There's nothin sweetah than a swim with Cheetah"
  32. scott thomas from Canada writes: And, stepping in to answer a question directed at O'Connor....
  33. Derek Mitchell from Simcoe, Canada writes: "Hey Apu, did you know that chimps share 99.4% DNA with humans? That means we missed out being on the synchronized swimming team by 0.6%, in the mean time do you know the words to Surfin USA?"
  34. Derek Mitchell from Simcoe, Canada writes: Third world country, third world swimming coach. Doing laps in the Ganges! "You're a better man (by 0.6%) than I, Gunga Din"
  35. Ryan isberg from courtenay, bc, Canada writes: Baptism at the River of evoulution.
  36. W M from Canada writes: ... and his little dog, Toto, too!
  37. Lorne Silverstein from Edmonton, Canada writes: What a joy - skinny dipping with a friend on a hot summer'sday.
    However watch for the crocs.
  38. Leonardo Ximenes from Toronto, Canada writes: Balboa and his new coach during training season in Rocky VII
  39. Ernie Epp from Kenora, Canada writes: See! Lice! You shoulda used soap.
  40. robin f from Windsor, Canada writes: My transportation needs to pay more attention! I'm getting far to wet on this ride!
  41. craig allen from Calgary, Canada writes: Vast flooding in thailand and malyasia,the monkey's are starting to take over. Seen here this monkey uses a human boy as a raft or a boat,in order to reach dry land. little does the boy know,he will be put in a cage,used for slavery,and iventually consumed by these ravagged beasts. "I'm not an animal"
  42. Jack Schitt from Winnipeg, Canada writes: "Ok, I know Banana Island is just a little further, I promise..."
  43. Budge Farris from Sensville, Canada writes:
    "Don't worry about shrinkage, Bandhu. Shrinkage is good. It cuts down on the danglage."
  44. Simon Dunne from Toronto, Canada writes: "They told me exercise would help me get the monkey off my back!"
  45. Richard Schwindt from Canada writes: Ok Ok, two bananas; but any more and you'll swim the rest of the way yourself....
  46. Evan of Prussia from Canada writes: Planet of the apes has finally come true.
  47. Ivan Patrick from Alliston, Canada writes: "all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by"... Or a small boy and a rope...
  48. T Mac from Canada writes: Gilligan the Simian takes first place at Bombay's 2007 body board competition
  49. peter k from Canada writes: Body surfing, monkey see monkey do.
  50. Sabine Luetjen from Calgary, Canada writes: Monkey see, monkey sea-doo
  51. Stu E from Canada writes: Gotta a Chimp on yer shoulder?
  52. ryan hearst from Toronto, Canada writes: "See Aladdin, I told you a flying carpet wasn't as reliable as my Chevy"

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