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  1. Mark Williams from Calgary, Canada writes: think about what you drink
  2. Coffee...just give me Coffee from Toronto, Canada writes: Introducing, Willie Wonka's Fizzy-Lifting Drink - and it's sugar free!
  3. Bob Aubery from calgary, Canada writes: The bubbles went right to his head.
  4. Donald Sorley from Niagara Falls, writes: See what happens when you inhale too much helium. You think this is funny you should hear him enunciate.
  5. Silent Majority from Winnipeg, Canada writes: Another symptom of greenhouse gasses...
  6. J. Demers from Ottawa, Canada writes: Try will blow you away.
  7. g c from Canada writes: ...and they said "red-bull" gave you wings.
  8. Ray Lancashire from Toronto, Canada writes: Who says drinking doesn't make you high!!
  9. Peter Pecek from Suriname, writes: Boris Yeltsin rising from the dead. Vodka goes to heaven.
  10. M N from Edmonton, Canada writes: Think this is amazing? Wait until I have to pee!
  11. ian hennessey from Canada writes: The Absolut end
  12. Gralee Parr from Lubbock, TX, writes: Wow, this is one drinking man's diet that really works!
  13. K. O'Brien from Kingston, Canada writes: I find this quite uplifting.
  14. G G from BC, Canada writes:
    jack Layton demonstrates how he will deal with Global warming.
  15. Bill Kummer from Canada writes: Stockwell tries helium.
  16. emilio D from Vancouver, Canada writes: The magic of Chris Angel's floating underwears work on me too. Wow!!!
  17. Jim McDuff from winnipeg, Canada writes: Leave some for me Steve!
  18. Budge Farris from Canada writes:

    ascender bender

    Kenneth quaffed and went aloft

    Down the throat, up for a float

    The more you pour, the more you soar

    You gotta be juiced if you wanna de boost
  19. Budge Farris from Canada writes:
    Only the 'rye'teous shall ascend into heaven
  20. Budge Farris from Canada writes:
    Dude in shorts to wife:

    "I dunno, hon, nothing surprises me after seeing Elvis on American Idol."
  21. stuart mckenna from mississauga, Canada writes: Hi there !!!
  22. stuart mckenna from mississauga, Canada writes: Yes dear, they are getting very sophisticated in the balloon industry these days.

    They call this "The Genious that got out of the Bottle".
  23. Seppo Vataja from Nairn Centre, writes: Now that's a lite drink!
  24. Janis Irwin from Camrose, Canada writes: Putting the "pop" in popular attraction.
  25. Margo deVancouver from Vancouver, Canada writes:
    Bottled on Parliament Hill, Ottawa
  26. Derek Mitchell from Simcoe, Canada writes: "Bottom's up" literally
  27. Loopka B. from VANCOUVER, Canada writes: ABSOLUTLEY UPLIFTING!
  28. Iain's Opinion from Canada writes: Vodka gets you high!
  29. Kevin Ives from Halifax, Canada writes: Finally, a liquid form of Flubber !
  30. Sabine Luetjen from Calgary, Canada writes: It's Seven UP!
  31. D. E. A. from RIPLEY, Canada writes: "Look Maw, one hand."
  32. ck sy from United States writes: no upskirts please
  33. peter k from Canada writes: Look, he's higher than a kite.
  34. Trevor Jones from grimsby, Ont, writes: Just remember: the only reason people drown is that they don't drink fast enough.

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