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  1. Dave Medich from Windsor, Canada writes:

    The latest Apostle in the 'Cult of Kyoto' is ordained.

  2. Henry Allen from Toronto, Canada writes: Class dork Kerry thought he was voted Prom King, only to have green blood of the Giant Slime Slug from planet Regilus dumped on him.
  3. Henry Allen from Toronto, Canada writes: Ralph, I said throw up if you drink too much, but I did not mean UP.
  4. Budge Farris from Canada writes:
    Just in: Timberlake wants his sexy back
  5. Reza Etezal from Toronto, Canada writes: Bringing slimy back
  6. Peter Zalesak from Houston, United States writes: 'How am I going to explain this to the tux rental dude?'
  7. shelagh Cripps from King City, Canada writes: Oh ...please ,not the shoes too.
  8. Ken Leroy from Passekeag, Canada writes: Timberlake's version of an old song..' Singin in the Drain'.
  9. Budge Farris from Canada writes:
    I got o-range, I got tur-quoise, I got lime green -- I won't ask for pink an-y-more!
  10. Vinu Poothenchery from Mississauga, Canada writes: I want to get dirty with.........'Alien Vomit ?? ' ???
  11. Carolyn Debnam from Toronto, Canada writes: that You??
  12. Budge Farris from Canada writes:
    Overheard in the background: 'Dude, did you pink your pants?'
  13. Henry Allen from Toronto, Canada writes: Zoo Rule No. 1: Never stand near a sneezing elephant.
  14. Michael Bartlett from Aurora, writes: Ukaranian Orange Revolution candidate greeted warmly in Moscow.
  15. Michael Bartlett from Aurora, writes: The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Tux!
  16. David Smith from Toronto, Canada writes: Just because he was Justin Timberlake, God dumped on him from upon high and with deadly accuracy.
  17. emilio D from Vancouver, Canada writes: Justin, ayyahh! Sorry for dumping the oversized japanese seaweed salad (goma wakame) on you. I was pretty sure it was Sanjaya who was next to sing not you. Ay caramba!!!
  18. Lee Metz from Edmonton, Canada writes: I'm bringing slimy back....
  19. stuart mckenna from mississauga, Canada writes: Sometimes in a civilized world the only comment possible is 'NO COMMENT'.
  20. Donald Duck from Ottawa, Canada writes: Somebody get the lighting guy a tissue, will ya?
  21. Sean Kelly from New Glasgow, Canada writes: 'I don't know.'
  22. Unshaven One from Moncton, Canada writes: Something tells me I ain't gonna be able to 'shout' this stain out.
  23. Derek Mitchell from Simcoe, Canada writes: 'I've got barf on my scarf and I'm feeling groovy, amen to that!'
  24. Derek Mitchell from Simcoe, Canada writes: Slim justice. 'That's what you get Justin for lying about the size of the fish you caught!'
  25. Henry Allen from Toronto, Canada writes: Justin Timberlake’s wardrobe malfunction involved an exploding green giant breast.
  26. Henry Allen from Toronto, Canada writes: “Readers deserve the right to vote for the best of the G&M's weekly Test Your Wit,' cried Justin, 'and in protest, until that happens, I will smear myself all over with lime yogurt.'
  27. Loopka B. from Canada writes: 'I am definately not a puppet on a string!'

    ATTENTION GLOBE AND MAIL- I agree with the above post. It would be fun to have readers select their favorite comments . It would also be nice to restrict comments to one per person.
  28. david stevenson from Ottawa, Canada writes: Now wait a minute, I thought when you called me up here that I won!
  29. stuart mckenna from mississauga, Canada writes: To G&M. No need to pander to the ego's of those of us who think we are witty. Wit is not objective. Let's enjoy the contributions of all our citizens in this diverse society. Why spoil it by trying to choose a best ? I enjoy ALL contributions. Some are brilliant others are mediocre but that is only my limited view. Today, 'singing in the drain' was very clever.
  30. D. F. from Vancouver, Canada writes: yeah.... this is me bringing sexy back.
  31. peter k from Canada writes: Wait till I get my umbrella---I said wai---whats the use?
  32. Beverly Lowe from Canada writes: They LIKE me! They really LIKE me!
  33. big d from toronto, Canada writes: the lighting crew were able to hold it in all the way till the end of the show then uh oh...upchuck!!
  34. Andrew E from Rednecksville, Alberta, Canada writes: Come to the grad, Carrie, it'll be fun.
  35. Luke P from Canada writes: YOU CAN'T DO THAT ON TELEVISION!
  36. J Day from St. John's, Canada writes: Wardrobe malfunction.
  37. jesse kinos-goodin from Toronto, Canada writes: JT's money shot fantasy finally comes true.
  38. Chris Berube from Toronto, Canada writes: Mr Timberlake was reportedly unknowing that THIS would be part of Dance 107.3's 'Dream Prom With Justin Contest'.
  39. W M from Canada writes: Justin Timberlake: Consummate actor or quintessential dork (who really does believe that this is cool)? You decide.
  40. Grunter Grimm from Victoria, Canada writes: Back in the day, we used the curved end of a walking stick to haul em' off the stage.
  41. Paul Lees from London, Canada writes: Justin really gave it his best at the Bulimia Benefit, although some say the show stunk.
  42. Fiven Dime from Canada writes: Justin Weedlake sings the Green Party blues.
  43. emilio D from Vancouver, Canada writes: YOP! me mama.
    Yop for me when the morning come.
    Ooops! me mama.
    Don't pour the salad on my head, me mama.
  44. Brent Peter Lanthier from Toronto, Canada writes: JT finally gives up on the Slurpee machine...
  45. John W. David from Canada writes: Justin parting the 'Green Slime'
  46. Seppo Vataja from writes: You know I'm all for tree hugging but I miss realy miss confetti....
  47. J Dick from Toronto, Canada writes: First he brought back sexy, now he's bringing back snot.
  48. Jana Allegaert from London, Canada writes: J.T. has a sudden case of the emperor's new clothes.....I thought I told you what comes around goes around ?!? sheesh.
  49. Manuel Zuppiger from Kelowna, Canada writes: It is not over until Justin lays it on thick.

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