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Don't underestimate ordinary folks

From Saturday's Globe and Mail

It's too easy to say the little guy is always jealous of the man at the top ...Read the full article

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  1. jack manson from winnipeg mb, Canada writes: ChIristie......Poor conrad black....It will not matter whether he is innocent orguilty based on the evidence. The jury will convict him on his wealth, arrogance,vocabulary,and a British lord. The guy hasn't got a chance with a jury of people from Chicago ,probably blue collar union. and a judge which is suspect of being left wing. Maybe the best thing he could do is plead guilty and plead for mercy from the U.S. prosecutours who are trying to make a politcal name for themselves for future elections.

  2. J Simm from Canada writes: The large corporations actually benefit from shareholders inability to read a financial report or respond to proxy votes. Don't you get it? What, are you trying to break it to the public gently? I'm saddened at how 'dumb' we have idea of how to work around this stuff (is NOT rocket science - just presented that way). And at the same time being led to believe our Hells Angels next door neighbours are 'good guys'.....yeah, and 'full-patch' refers to finally learning to sew.....I get it.....

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