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As a country at war, we're in the mood for Vimy

From Thursday's Globe and Mail

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  1. janfromthe bruce from Canada writes: Canada at 'war'? I must have missed that vote in the House of Commons. Pray tell, when did we declare our nation at war?
  2. A Toronto Lad from the East from Canada writes: It was, I believe, Pierre Berton who first posited the notion that Vimy was the "coming of age" of Canada.
    I was never convinced that was true. Without Vimy would the Canada of today not be entirely different from the Canada of 90 years ago? Did we not come of age gradually and then finally become fully independent in fact as well as in practice under Mr Trudeau's leadership. I think regarding Vimy as our birth pang was a pretty deceit.
  3. Les Caine from brampton, Canada writes: But in a larger sense, we can not dedicate -- we can not consecrate -- we can not hallow -- this ground. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it, far above our poor power to add or detract. Abraham Lincoln/Gettysberg Address.
  4. Ernie Engbrecht from Lethbridge, Canada writes: Canada is at war. Just Canada AM any morning - we are a different country than we were a few years ago. We are at war in a country half way around the world and we should mind our own business and see that we get out of there - Britain and Russia had to learn the hard way, obviously we haven't learned from that. This war is a poison to the integrity and respect that Canada once had in the world. If we love our troops we will bring them home to Canada.
  5. J P from Steyning, United Kingdom writes: There is no greater folly than to unilaterally seek peace from those dedicated to armed supremacy.

    Canada’s tradition is to find peace and this was achieved both at Vimy Ridge as well as in Cyprus.

    The peace movement today is symbolized by the peaceniks like Jim Loney whose freedom rested in the hands of the military.

    Had Mr Loney’s sexuality been discovered his freedom of expression would have manifested itself in his slaughter at the hands of those whose principles he endorsed.

    The era of the peace movement has not died, it is held hostage by the peaceniks whose ability differentiate between good and evil has failed.

    Vimy and all the monuments to those killed are the reminders of the idiocies that lead to war. These also are the monuments whose foundations were laid by those individuals who initially surrendered the principles that provided them their freedoms.
  6. David Waddington from West Coast, Canada, Canada writes: Dear Toronto Lad; Please read some history, particularly about Sir Arthur Currie. When you have discovered that we entered that war as a colony and emerged with the discovery that we could be a nation you may be better able to put Trudeau in perspective. He only finished the job that Currie started 65 years earlier and many others assisted with along the way.
  7. Not Withstanding from Calgary, Canada writes: "The peacenik decades have receded" - to which I can only say:


    Pretty much everything from that era - politics, culture, art, music, economics, other intellectual pursuits - was crap.

    More recent decades have been defined by the necessity to clean up the mess the 60's generation created.

    Martin talks about "the great horror show of our time" (Iraq) - and yeah it's a disaster.

    But what about the disasters defined by peacenik efforts: Rwanda, Myanmar, North Korea, Sudan, the Palestinians, Bosnia, Somalia...etc.

    For every US "neocon" created disaster there are plenty of peacenik-created disasters.

    Compared to all of the above, Afghanistan looks like heaven on earth.

    As for Eugene Melnyk, maybe he doesn't know the first thing about the Afghan mission - all I know is he did something nice for some soldiers doing a really hard job. I can live with him preening for the cameras as the price to pay for that.

    You're getting small and petty in your old age, Larry Martin.
  8. Peter Cromerovich from Erehwon, Canada writes: Canadians and Americans have generally lost touch with the world, retreating into sitcoms, idols and pre-digested and properly slanted and blinkered bites of news. World news is like a smorgasbord with the flavour of the week shaped and served up as cold cuts; no thought or digestion being necessary. In Canada everything is now being politicised, from religion to the RCMP and now it seems to revisionist history where the patriotic strongman Harper Party is associated with glamorous manly war at Vimy and the uninvited opposition are portrayed as rudderless pacifist wimps. For those living in comfortable, peaceful Canada who have no appreciation for that peace since they have not travelled to a war ravaged country or lived in or escaped from one - for them, war may seem exciting and glamorous especially if, like Afghanistan, it is kept at a distance. But that distance can shrink very rapidly and the heroic novelty of war wears off even quicker. It ought to be possible by now for major countries to avoid war by keeping each other in check and by electing leaders who act to preserve, but now we have ideological commanders-in-chief at the helm, commanders to swoon over and whose allegiance is to their ideology first and country a distant second. What was it that somebody said about history?
  9. Pamphleteer . from Canada writes: "Vimy is not a victory monument."

    Very accurately stated. I've been to the momument and while it's a stunning piece of architecture, nothing about it glorifies the battle. In fact, everything about the momument, from its artwork to the hundreds of names engraved on its surface, serve as a testament to the horrific reality of war, and the enormous loss suffered by Canada during The Great War

    Mr. Harper doens't understand the first thing about the significance of Vimy. His disgraceful reluctance to officially invite the opposition illustrate, as usual, everything he does is manipulated for crass political purposes.
  10. Brian O'Reilly from White Rock, Canada writes: So do tell online editors, how can Joe Blow from ottawa call Martin a 'retard', and you post the comment, yet when I call him a 'Liberal sycophant', my views aren't heard? Could there be a Liberal in your camp?

    Hear! Hear Joe!!!!
  11. Ruth Fremes from Toronto, Canada writes: Why is Vimy Ridge being so memorialized on its 90th anniversary. If memory serves me right, it wasn't on its 80th, 70th 60th or 50th -- not that it isn't worthy -- but why now?

    Ruth Fremes
  12. Bethia MacPherson from Canada writes: Thank you Lawrence Martin for this thoughtful article which articulates what at least 52% of Canadians feel about the state of Canada under the current administration. It is essential that we have some journalists stating the obvious when so many Canadians just sigh with resignation with the state of our country now. How did we ever manage to get here and with a minority government? I would challenge JP from UK on his views that it is those who wish for peace that cannot recognize good from evil, on the contrary and most unfortunately, the selection of world leaders are the ones who are so misled. And for Mr. Notwithstanding from Calgary, I am seeing some transference with you there in perceiving smallness and pettiness in someone when those qualities appear to be in you. How you can simply generalize that all art and intellectualism has no value is a maintality that is contributing to the problems in the world. For you like Mr. Harper and Mr. Bush and Mr. Blair, shall I go on...have failed to understand that war is the greatest weakness of all and we are all connected regardless of ideology. Ask the poor civilians of Iraq and Afghanistan if you don't believe me. And Ruth, in anwer to your question and the essence of this article, why now? Because we have a government in power that functions with a war mind set. I am with Ernie from Lethbridge, if we love our troops, let's bring them home and address the issues unresolved in our own country.
  13. Chrisco Lorno from kitchener, Canada writes: This must be the whiners thread - absolutley sickening to hear you PC lib left loonies disgracing our Vimy victory and fight in Afganistan.
    You are the same people who would blame Harper if an attack happened here and vote NDP as a result.
    If 3000 were killed in 1 day as at Vimy we'd see white flags hanging out of all your windows.
    My position is that we KILL every insurgent over there in massive numbers so that they dont waltz through our "immigration" non system and lay in waiting. Oh Yes Virginia they ARE HERE..

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