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  1. Contessa Crystal from Canada writes: In a dog's world, we stick together.
  2. m.e. mueller from QC, Canada writes: Wanna go dancin'?
  3. Dorothy Hartshorne from Lone Butte, Canada writes: Star crossed love
  4. Jonnie BE GOOD from ST Kitts, Canada writes: So much for Same sex marriages
  5. Marcia Garel from Thornhill, Canada writes: Who, what, where?
  6. gordon davies from Victoria B.C., Canada writes: Just poofter pups together.
  7. Jonathan Karpfen from Montreal, Canada writes: Spot the dog hails spotted dog.
  8. Bob McDonald from Canada writes: Even my spots are bigger than you!
  9. Derek Mitchell from Simcoe, Canada writes: "Puppy Love" by the Ink Spots
  10. Derek Mitchell from Simcoe, Canada writes: "When I grow up I want to be just like you Spot"
  11. Derek Mitchell from Simcoe, Canada writes: "Let's play connect the dots big boy"
  12. Eric R. Fisher from Toronto, Canada writes: "Don't tread on me."
  13. Horst Wizemann from Aurora, On., Canada writes: Size does not matter, we have one vote each!
  14. 1 i from northish gta, Canada writes: "That mutt by the hydrant gave you a hard time? I'm on it big guy!"
  15. Derek Mitchell from Simcoe, Canada writes: "Phew! For a minute I thought one of my spots had fallen off"
  16. b g from Canada writes: Mission Impossible
  17. Derek Mitchell from Simcoe, Canada writes: "One more joke about the size of my bandana and I'll bite your ankle!"
  18. Liz Doesit from Canada writes: The real meaning of, "Mutt and Jeff".
  19. Derek Mitchell from Simcoe, Canada writes: The latest in full bodied designer Guernsey and Jersey cowhide doggie blankets for that special puppy of yours!
  20. Food for Thought from Canada writes: Hey Spot, why do you think God made us this so different? Breeding is just a theory right?
  21. Food for Thought from Canada writes: Hey Spot, why do you think God made us so different? Breeding is just a theory right?
  22. stuart mckenna from mississauga, Canada writes: I know what you're thinking...yes my mother was a real cow and my dad a rotten dog but why do I have to put up with fleas this big??
  23. stuart mckenna from mississauga, Canada writes: Yes I would like to have sex, but lets face it, you are so big and strong and I am so small that even if in mathematics one into one does go, I am sorry but I am not willing to try to prove the hypothesis in this instance !!!!
  24. stuart mckenna from mississauga, Canada writes: Even if we are the very last of our species, I think we just have to face facts and let our particular branch die out. The answer is "NO" !!!
  25. Barbara R. Slater from Israel writes: Dog walks with “disdane”.
  26. Brian Gill from Toronto, Canada writes: Hey baby, do those legs go all the way up?
  27. Pete Diamant from Canada writes: I will call him ... "Mini-me"
  28. david stevenson from Ottawa, Canada writes: Are you sure we're the same species? Even so,...
  29. Dev Nayak from Calgary, AB, Canada writes: Better behave while walking with me. Keep in your mind that I am the big brother.
  30. Carol Duthie from Canada writes: Yeah, well, my mom made me babysit the little guy... But whaddya know, it turns out he's a chick magnet!
  31. Phillip UTTING from Uxbridge, Ont., Canada writes: You want us to do what, to improve our breeds?
  32. L O'Rear from San Francisco, United States writes: World's Tallest Man Marries. His only complaint about his new bride: "She can't really scratch me behind the ears after a long day out with the herd."
  33. Dave Myette from Canada writes: When it comes to finding a mate, "Big ears can't be choosers"
  34. emilio D from Vancouver, Canada writes: Listen Quennie, one step of yours is 10 steps for me. We get paid the same hourly rate and I am working 10 times harder. Since the spot on your right hind leg is bigger than me why don't you just let me ride on your back. The boss will never know the difference.
  35. Ken Jung from mississauga, Canada writes: On dancing with the stars they say you must lead with the left.
  36. Volunteer Community from Riding of Halton GTA Ontario, Canada writes: So Stepan,
    After You beat Harper & that No Depends Party NDP Jack fellow in the Next Canadian Federal Election & You get tired Being Prime Minister.
    Can I Have a Go at it Like I did before with Kim Campbell ?
    Garth Turner
    to his
    Leader Dion
  37. James Dalziel from Toronto, Canada writes: Anyone for lunch?
  38. stuart mckenna from mississauga, Canada writes: Explain big guy...what did you mean when you said your last girl friend was a real dog ??
  39. Henry Allen from Toronto, Canada writes: Son: "Dad, how could the G&M make Test Your Wit more challenging and fun?" Dad (looking up at his son): "Why, it's easy. By getting readers to select their favourites."
  40. Jack Spratt from Orillia, Canada writes: Eef he asks, jus tell de Customs Officer your my brudder.
  41. Budge Farris from Canada writes:
    Not that I don't enjoy your company, l'il duder, but shouldn't you be taking the short cut?
  42. Budge Farris from Canada writes:
    I say we just keep on searching til we find a place that serves gluten-free dog chow.
  43. Loopka B. from Vancouver, Canada writes: "Really Georgie Really"? "Yup, Stevie, just do as I do and all will be fine".
  44. Budge Farris from Canada writes:
    You distract her attention, I'll sniff her butt.
  45. Chico Dedick from writes: Why is it when we go out you always end up wearing the same thing as me?
  46. John Miller from Winnipeg, Canada writes: Centurion! I told you we would find HIM here! Go get him .. go get him..
  47. bob matheson from Summerland B.C., Canada writes: Yup, you've been eating that good dog food haven't you.
  48. Charles White from Portland OR, United States writes: No it's not. Mine is tied on the side.
  49. stuart mckenna from mississauga, Canada writes: My place or yours ???
  50. stuart mckenna from mississauga, Canada writes: Yes its a dog eat dog world, but some of us have no chance !!!!!
  51. A Toronto Lad from the East from Canada writes: Could Darwin have been wrong after all?
  52. Irene Cornwell from Morinville, Canada writes: You know what's really funny about people? They choose their companions by the color of their skin or their height or weight, even their creed.
  53. Sonia Brock from Toronto, Canada writes: My mother was a Great Dane & my father was a Chihuahua.
    I'm a Great Wawa!
  54. Mowho33 Who from Ottawa, Canada writes: We're lookin for the man who shot our pa!
  55. Mowho33 Who from Ottawa, Canada writes: She's out of your league little guy
  56. peter k from Canada writes: If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times, there are no side effects from the Atkins diet.
  57. Brian Hare from Mississauga ontario, Canada writes: "Heel, big fella.........HEEL!"
  58. Insults Ignored from United States writes: Think Big Or Go Home.
  59. Insults Ignored from United States writes: Laugh all you want, but soon enough those spots will come together and you'll be just like me.
  60. Insults Ignored from United States writes: Scientists are now certain, increases in black levels cause shrinkage.
  61. Insults Ignored from United States writes: Spot cloned.
  62. Rolloff deBunk from Calgary - The new Centre of the Universe, Canada writes: Ya ok now which one of u guys said u could lick my brother?
  63. Phil Hennelly from Waterloo, Canada writes: Watch out spotty
  64. Robert Paradis from Boucherville, Canada writes: Beam me up Spotty!
  65. Derek Mitchell from Simcoe, Canada writes: "My master has to use a shovel as a pooper scooper, what does your master use, tweezers?"
  66. Derek Mitchell from Simcoe, Canada writes: "Come on Spot, I'll race you to the hydrant."
    "Are you kidding, I can hit it from here!"
  67. Derek Mitchell from Simcoe, Canada writes: "It's a dog eat dog world and I think I just spotted a snack!"
  68. Brad Clark from Canada writes: That is the last time I ask for Taco Bell.
  69. Monica Voss-Nikopoulos from Stoney Creek, Canada writes: What are you staring at? This is a multi-culturism country, you know!
  70. Gordon Fulthorpe from Dundas, Canada writes: " How will I be able to tell who is who when we meet ? " she asked. " I'll be wearing the red collar with bells on " I said.
  71. You (graham watt, from Canada) wrote: Can you slow down a bit Boris? I'm sucking air.
  72. Barbara R. Slater from Israel writes: Li’l pawdner, watch this line danecing step, it's not right up.
  73. Grunter Grimm from Victoria, Canada writes: "Kemo, Sabe" me one more time, and I'll drop-kick you over that hedge!
  74. Ron Martyn from Whitby, Canada writes: Well if you are not into having children, I don't think this relationship is going anywhere.
  75. stuart mckenna from mississauga, Canada writes: No big fella...making love to you would be like being a cotton swab on a q-tip.
  76. Jack Revait from belle river, Canada writes: My body gaurd
  77. D Dub from Wolfville, Canada writes: Small dog says: Okay..., jou thought i was kidding Chico? Say hello to my little friend !!!
  78. Charles Jaque from Mississauga, Canada writes: See the chubby one? He'll be buying a jumbo hot dog. When I give you the signal.. I want you to growl. Like YOU'Re ANGRY. Get it right this time. The cute puppy dog doesn't work for you, I dont care what mom says about you in that scarf.
  79. jim lllll from Canada writes: So,,, you think your the Cock of the walk huh????
  80. Guy Duperreault from New Westminster, Canada writes: See, didn't I tell you we'd make a great team? Already in pictures with scores of Canuck red-necks hitting on us! Good-bye Toronto, hello Hollywood.
  81. Budge Farris from Canada writes:
    Well, maybe I am acting a little standoffish, but i just never know how to respond to a girl who wears her bandana like a bowtie.
  82. Budge Farris from Canada writes:
    If you say 'How's the weather up there?' one more time, we're over!
  83. Budge Farris from Canada writes:
    Yes, little buster, even my spots have fleas.
  84. Beverly Lowe from Canada writes: And now the news from China -
  85. Robert Tchegus from Kingston, Canada writes: Whatever happened to that couple who claimed to be abducted by aliens in the 60's?
  86. Phillip UTTING from Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada writes: Well, since our wedding we have discussed having a family...but conception is a real problem.

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