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Fall 2006

Globe and Mail Update


Editor's Note
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Getting business hooked on the Web
Internet-based tools aren't just for individuals any more. New services are targeting companies with their ability to foster collaboration and reduce costs
By Mathew Ingram

Today's business gurus? Your children
You may be surprised what you can learn about communicating, collaborating and multitasking from your kids
By Paul Lima

Scott McNealy, Sun Microsystems

Shelter from the cyberstorm
By Naomi Strasser


Will you need a Windows transplant?
Vista will give your PC a facelift, but its real potency lies in its ability to fight malware
By Grant Buckler

Physician, upgrade thyself
Convincing doctors to abandon paper in favour of 21st-century technology shouldn't have to be an uphill battle
By Terrence Belford

Calling all workstations
VoIP will do a lot more stuff adn end up costing your company less money. Yet Canadian businesses have been slow to take the plunge. Here, early adopters tell us why they did
By Paul Lima

Hollywood on line 2
Nimble IP phone systems serve a Vancouver film studio and its demanding clients
By Jerry Langton

Peak performance
How a Quebec company worked the Web to build its reputation as one of Canada's premier providers of roofing materials and know-how
By David Pye

How can I be productive? Let me count the ways
Online spreadsheets and word processors are mulitplying as they challenge the dominance of the software giants. And the price is certainly right
By Colin Meeks

Instant gratification
Using IM help employees connect and solve problems more quickly
By Gerry Blackwell

How to turbocharge your servers
Virtualization software can triple the power of ordinary machines
By Grant Buckler

IT is dead! Long live IT!
Executives are talking less about the technology and more about whether it helps them meet goals and make money
By Peter Thompson

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