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Globe and Mail Update

The following have been selected from full list of all answers submitted during the week.

Stephen Scharbach, Toronto: As your local member of parliament, I want you to know that I'm fully aware of the issues. On the one hand . . .

Jack Jones: You know . . . being a eunuch ain't so bad after all!

Trevor Grant, Waterloo, Ont.: Hey, this feels pretty good!

Alex Barker, Toronto: The point of the game is to get the balls OVER the net . . .

Adam Andrecyk, Kingston, Ont.: This gives 40-love a whole new meaning . . .

Robert Hoffmann, Toronto: OK. You've had your fun. Now let someone else have a turn.

Gail Thomas: He really should have learned how to really jump at an earlier age.

W.M.: Photo op goes bad. Embarassed children look away.

Dave Curtis, Vancouver: Trust me! If this was really Niagara Falls, I never would have fallen.

M.N., Edmonton: Thank goodness this isn't barbed wire!

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