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Sun-Times fails in bid to freeze Black assets

Globe and Mail Update

Judge rules that request is premature ...Read the full article

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  1. Theresa Cabal from Toronto, Canada writes: With all the other opportunities to go after alleged corporate malfeasance in the US, why has prosecution selected Conrad Black over all others? Perhaps someone can correct this verision of events, but did this all start because Tweedy Browne, a private equity firm, was trying to split up Hollinger and strip it of its assets, as private equity is wont to do? When Tweedy discovered that Black & Co. had already been profiting from the efficiencies that Tweedy thought they could profit from, and that Black was executing it via Ravelston, Tweedy was so embarrassed that they had been beaten to the punch they sued for spite. After cocking-up like that, somebody had to get sued. It was the principle, you see. A successful lawyer and perhaps aspiring politician, smelled blood in the water and moved in on the prospect of elevating himself to the level of a prosecutor of Lords. He seems to have bet that he can score a conviction based on the chip certain americans have on their collective shoulders about snooty foreigners with titles reminding them that money buys everything except dignity; a particularly sensitive topic in the US. If this is any indication, the case has started with a drawn out public character assasination of Black by the US prosecution, which does not bode well for its case. As they say, when the facts are for you, pound the facts, and when they are against you, pound the table.

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