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Globe editor-in-chief Edward Greenspon takes questions

Globe and Mail Update

Edward Greenspon took your questions ...Read the full article

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  1. Banquo's ghost from Canada writes: Thanks for your response, sir.

    I agree that the coverage the Globe itself is generating is very good.

    Perhaps I need to be clearer.

    Recently Pakistan's Foreign Minister Khurshid Kasuri was reported to have told a number of international representatives at the NATO gathering in Latvia that NATO was bound to fail in Afghanistan and negotiations aimed at power sharing with the Taliban should begin at once. Since then the storm that erupted has led the Pakistani government to say his statement was 'distorted and misrepresented' (such a familiar phrase) and the Afghan assembly to condemn it.

    There is plenty to say about a series of events such as these but as far as I've been able to find no one in the Canadian media has given it any attention.

    There are other examples of Afghanistan related news generated out of off shore news gathering organizations going unmentioned in Canada.

    I don't want you to think I don't appreciate the coverage the Globe is generating, I do.

    What I don't understand is the seeming reticence about what would in essence simply be the re-publishing of what seem to me at least to be important developments not generated by your organization.
  2. Ramesh Maharaj from Toronto, on, Canada writes: Mr. Greenspoon, I wish to thank the globe and mail and in particular Marina Jimenez for some outstanding work in getting my family to join me in Canada. Immigration Canada was telling me that I am not legally married to my wife because as a Hindu, I did not perform the seven steps or Saptapadi in my marriage ceremony. I spoke to Marina and she saw the irrelevance of the Immigration department argument and through a series of articles, Immigration Canada did something that they have never done before. Hey called my wife at her home and asked her to come in for the visa. That was pressure exerted by the Globe and Marina in dealing with an injustice that the federal politician were playing games with.
    Thank you Globe and Mail, thanks Marina, you are truly an outstanding journalist who is a credit to your profession. We all love you
  3. Back by popular request....Shawn Bull from Canada writes: The Globe editor stated, 'We are independent and beholden to no party'. Good one!! I didn't realize that the Globe editor was a part time comedian as well. I read all four of Canada's newspapers to get a complete view. I read the Sun for a more extreme right view. The post a normal right view. The Star for a normal left view and the Globe for an extreme left view. Let's be honest and call it like it is...the Globe is a hard left leaning paper...and I read it to get an understanding of what the extreme left is thinking and doing.
  4. Stringer's Smarter Cousin from London, Canada writes: Surely. Mr Ghost, you don`t expect the Mop N Pail to actually be a `truth teller`. It is much easier for them to talk the talk than walk the walk. That`s why they have loaded up their opinion pages with tripe from Wente, Murphy and Reynolds.
  5. Jonathan Kilius from mississauga, Canada writes: Thank-you Mr. Greenspan for your comments on my questions. I have to agree with the fact checker statement. So thank-you again for the comment.
  6. Al Forone from Toronto, Canada writes: I'd echo the favourable comments about the website and Mr. Greenspon's leadership. My one suggestion is that, in an age in which we are subjected to more and more confusion between 'news' and releases by paid PR flacks, the G&M should apply the same standard in other areas that responsible financial journalists use when interviewing their 'news' sources: 'in the interest of full disclosure, do you or your firm have any pecuniary interest in the subject of discussion today.' I just want to know when I'm reading the opinion of a shill.
  7. I am Right from Canada writes: What do you mean, you 'put him (Mr. Harper) on notice' regarding the vote on same sex marriage today? Given your bias, how can he and the rest of us expect unbiased reporting on social issues going forward?

    I opposed the government motion today, but your comments have given me considerable pause about your paper's ability to achieve the 'fairness' that you allegedly seek.

  8. Banquo's ghost from Canada writes: Smarter Cousin, I don't care for or read any of those columnists you mention but then again columnists are not what I go to any news organization for.

    For the most part they are only writers of prose designed to fill a predetermined space. Some write good prose, some poor. Very few have any actual expertise or credible authority, irrespective of the subject at hand. They're just opinion generators. As am I or you. They just happen to have a soapbox, through luck, connections, longevity or (dare I say) writing skill.

    News organizations like the Globe are much more important for their ability to attend, witness and report events that you or I cannot attend or witness and their connections to the wider world of similar news organizations.

    All I want is a complete picture. I can form my own opinions.
  9. Phil King from True North, Canada writes: #3 Shawn are you seriously trying to convince people that the Globe is more leftwing than the Toronto Star? That's a good one. LOL.

    The traditional center in this country is fiscally conservative and socially liberal. The Liberal and old Progressive Conservative parties used to straddle this center, the Libs emphasizing social liberalism and the PCs emphasizing fiscal conservatism. This is clearly where the Globe and Mail sits, whereas the Star is constantly printing articles advocating social liberalism at the expense of fiscal conservatism. This makes the Star leftwing, not centrist.

    That people do not even recognize the center anymore is somewhat depressing, but I expect more from you Sean because you have demonstrated a great capacity for balanced thinking in the past. Regardless of your comment, I would classify you as a centrist, like myself, the difference being you appear more likely to emphasize fiscal matters, whereas I would emphasize social ones. Those of us capable of critical thinking need to reclaim the center Sean, even if we don't always agree.
  10. h k from Canada writes: To number 3 - Shawn... if you want extreme-left wing, you should be reading NOW magazine...
  11. Buck Canuck from L9H 5E1, Canada writes: Dear Shawn. As a university student, I brought the Globe to the morning coffee get - together because I wanted to bring to the group a better perspective on how the right operated and thought. A certain 'wooly' group member always snatched the ROB section from it first because that was 'where the real news developed from'. Your assessment of the Globe's position in the political spectrum must have Mr. Greenspon tisking, not to mention George Brown spinning in his grave.

    As to the Sun having a right wing view, that's the biggest oxymoron of the week, and I bet you read and concur with every typeset word. Vapid.

    The Globe makes me alternately both shout out loud in discord and smile in concurrence and that to me is a sign of balanced reporting.
  12. Abe MacIntosh from New Glasgow, Canada writes: Shawn, there are more than 4 papers in Canada. The Sun and Star are local. The Globe and National Post are National. Lets see, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Ottawa, London, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax and many many more I have left out. Do you ever leave home?

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