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Red Steel

Globe and Mail Update

An underwhelming first crack at a shooter using the Wii's motion sensitive controllers ...Read the full article

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  1. James King from Ottawa, Canada writes: I'm not going to defend Red Steel as it is an underwhelming title for most of the reasons you listed, but arm fatigue is not one of them.

    You don't have to hold your arm outstretched toward the television. In fact, I spent most of the time with my Wii shooters (Call of Duty 3 being MUCH better in terms of control), with my elbow rested comfortably on the arm of a chair, my forearm resting on my leg, etc... the only time you have to hold your arm out are when the game makes you use the ill-designed 'zoom' controls which are indeed clumsy.

    Also the 'bounding box' (the invisible area your cursor has to move out of in order to scroll the screen) is too large making it difficult to adjust your view in any sort of subtle manner. Games like Call of Duty 3 do it much better and much smoother than Red Steel - which is puzzling because Red Steel is a ground-up project with more dev time than Call of Duty 3 (which is largely a port)

    When you don't have to move the screen, Red Steel gives you a glimpse of the potential the Wii remote has for shooters, but that's probably the best that can be said about it.

    I ask anyone reading this review who is looking for a good shooter on Wii to look at Call of Duty 3 - while lacking any sort of multiplayer, the single player experience and level of control is MUCH better than in Red Steel and is truly superior to any dual-analog control scheme on any of the 'traditional' consoles.

    Maybe Ubisoft will be able to get it right with Red Steel 2. In the meantime, enjoy CoD3 and keep an eye on the forthcoming Metroid Prime 3.
  2. Here is a Comment from Ottawa, Canada writes: You have the same problems trying to fire a real gun whilst moving. Perhaps this is more realistic - maybe not so much fun though.
  3. John Koziar from Oshawa, Canada writes: Consider how your arm would've felt if you'd been holding a heavy gun for two hours instead of the controller!
  4. Clint Lott from calgary, Canada writes: I happen to enjoy Red Steel. I found once I got through the tutorial, which is 20% the game really opened up. The box the previous commenter mentioned is to big, but lets take this game for what it is. It is a game that was rushed to make launch and nothing more. if you are expected anything more you simply set your self up for dissapointment. Any game that is pre AI Live will be considered primative. If you don't know what AI Live is working on for Nintendo, I suggest you google it. It Ownz
  5. Warren Laws from Chester, NS, Canada writes: Try a cold pack on your arm; that reduces swelling. A hot pack just increases swelling and serves no purpose but to make those ads on TV keep coming.
  6. Colin Chisholm from Halifax, Canada writes: Wow...I suffered 0 after affects from playing this game...

    perhaps Chad should have tried resting his arms on his lap instead of playing like a tool, no offense, but you really don't have to play with your arms in mid-air the whole time.

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