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Wii Sports

Globe and Mail Update

A great first game for any owner of the Wii, but gamers will soon need something more ...Read the full article

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  1. Chad Remmel from Canada writes: For my money its on the Nintendo. superb system
  2. Jay Cee from calgary, Canada writes:
    I haven't seen a positive review of the wii on G&M yet.. how about you get a gamer to review it?
  3. james castle from Canada writes: The Globe's coverage of video games is ridiculous. I'll bet any amount of money that the 'reviewers' are simply the sons of current globe writers. Plus, why is this review coming out nearly two weeks after the release of the game? Movies get reviewed in a timely fashion. Why do video game reviews come out at random times?
  4. Harvey Mushman from cambridge, Canada writes: I thought it was kind of a stupid idea when I first saw it...but I'm an old guy ..what do I know? My son (12) tried it...he thought it was stupid too. I suppose it will carve out a niche market for a while and have it's devoted followers...just like BETA VHS systems.
  5. Brent Hayashi from New Westminster, Canada writes: Jay Cee I completely agree and the fact he picked Golf as the best part of Wii Sports is evidence. The controls in golf are horendous as finding your touch is next to impossible. Great idea that will be better expanded upon by a 3rd party.

    Tennis is highly playable as it gets challenging when you start playing players rated in the 1500 range. Bowling is very basic but it is what it is and I find myself playing it often. Great for 4 people. the training modes are pretty good and my favourites are the boxing punch bag and the bowling one where they add a row of pins after each shot till you get to shoot at 91 pins on your last throw.

    So yeah, find a better reviewer but I will agree with him that this game will leave the user wanting more. Time will tell how well the Wii's controls get utilized by future games. Wii Play looks promising.
  6. Karen Ryan from Toronto, Canada writes: We have been very happy with our Wii. Wi Sports is lots of fun, but does lack in depth. Clearly the writer has not played any other games, or he would know the answer to the issue of how limited or unlimited the Wiimote might be. Super Monkey Ball goes a long way to answering that question by pushing the answer towards 'unlimited'. The Wii: genius.
  7. Clark Kent from Canada writes: Yeah. The articles on this site seem generally nagative towards the Wii. It's hilarious. The Wii has many more launch games than the PS3. And here we have an article complaining about the game that comes with the system! A fun demonstration! What comes with the PS3? What insight! A system that just came out doesn't have an extensive library of games! Egads!
  8. D. Clearwater from Lethbridge, AB, Canada writes: #2: in relation to your comments, I didn't really notice this before but now I would tend to agree. The G M tends to be critical (which is not a bad thing by any means)... just look at the films reviews: they are often very low but still entertaining. Still, after reading some of the other articles here I noticed that the G M tends to focus almost exclusively on action/shooter types of games (which tends to be popular amongst a younger, male audience). And with the Wii, Nintendo is targeting a wider audience of gamers than just the small portion who are young males. So, yeah, G M, it's time to focus more on a broad range of game genres... there are all kinds of interesting and excellent games out there that people would like to hear about.
  9. Colin Fernandes from Mississauga, Canada writes: I have played all 3 systems last week (xbox, PS3 and Wii) and found them to be good at first. The Xbox takes full advantage with great visual effects and smooth playability and a heck of alot of titles. The PS3 is also good and uses the technology well and should be a top gamers machine for some time, but the gamble to link it with Blue ray is gonna hurt it, from a regular customers standpoint - It's too danm expensive, base system with the expanded hard drive is around $700 with one controller, so add another controller and say two games and your adding another $200-250 to that price so your now a little under a grand. Although a blue ray movie is better than the normal DVD, its not that good yet! The Wii is a great machine for the young, I had a great hour and a half with it and ejoyed the new way to play it, but the graphics reminded me of their first gamming system way back when and it's too cute and I got bored with it as were my friends who had purchased the system, omce the novelty wore off. For the price its a nice system but not for anyone who has played either one of the others, becasue the visuals take you back a decade and its not relatic at all. The other systems have gooten very good and making everything look life-like and as a gamer I enjoy that. Right now my top pick is the Xbox360! (I have owned ever version of the playstation there is, but will be making the switch to the the XBOX next friday!)
  10. Arthur Cross from Toronto, Canada writes: #9 -- back a decade? yeah... riiiiight. The Wii is not as powerful as ps3 or xbox 360 but it's still better than the Gamecube, xbox or ps2. Wii Sports has simple graphics because it's a concept demo, other titles are more graphically intensive (ie Zelda, Red Steel, etc). Plus: visual sophistication always improves over time as developpers learn how to get more out of the system.
  11. Colin Chisholm from Halifax, Canada writes: I love Wii Sports, my family hasn't been so excited to play video games since the days of the NES!
  12. Matt Goulet from Winnipeg, Canada writes: Wii sports is a proof-of-concept that made it to the retail audience. It's not meant to be a tour-de-force graphically, but to serve as an introduction on the new control method. After buying my Wii, I had my parents over (aged 50s) to try out Wii sports. My dad got a kick out of boxing, and my mom got more competitive in tennis than I thought she would. She also beat me in bowling. They had a blast, which just goes to prove Nintendos point. Everyone can play and have fun with the Wii. I wouldn't call myself a hardcore gamer, but by no means am I a casual one, and I haven't been able to take the Zelda disc out of the system. It's engrossing, exciting, challanging; everything a great game should be.
  13. veruckt veruckt from Canada writes: Heck... I want something fun to play without blood splattering (eliminates most of the Xbox and PS games). So long as the game play is smooth and interesting who cares if you can tell a maple tree from an oak in the background. If Nintendo came out with some fun and educational games they would attract even more especially with their focus on fun rather than violence.
  14. Big M from Calgary, Canada writes: I feel qualified to post here - family of 4 with 2 daughters 15 & 10 and we all like gaming as well as our other outdoor activities. We currently own an Xbox360, a PS2, 2 Gamecubes, an Xbox, a PSP and several Nintendo DS/Gameboys. I have checked out the Wii and PS3.

    The Xbox360 is on the 42" HD Plasma and is great for RPGs like Oblivion, racing games like PGR3 and NFSMW, FPS like Prey or Halo3, and the Xbox-Live online gaming service for poker, cards, online competition etc is very good.

    The other machines are hooked up to our 9-foot theatre screen with surround sound. The Nintendo Gamecube is the family choice for fun games like Mario Cart, Super Smash Bros, Mario Party etc which are a hoot to play together. This is where the Wii will be in our future - as we have plenty of room to swing Wii-motes in front of the big screen, and the games are for people of all ages.

    While I like the PS3 and Sony has been good for gaming - we will wait quite a while before we consider adding one. I have over 500 DVDs in my collection and I don't plan to re-buy any of them for BluRay or HD-DVD. In fact - these companies should be punished for not adopting one standard like they did for DVD - which is what made it so successful. The Xbox360 can do all the rest and the game collection is great.

    Kids from all over the neighbourhood come to play games at our house (I wouldn't have it any other way) - so don't limit yourself to one machine if you don't have to.

    Happy gaming.

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