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Sonia Jacobs: Every day with Rachael is a blessing

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Everything important that I know today, I learned from my daughter, Rachael.

At the age of 6, she taught me, among so many other things, that having no hair is an advantage at the water fountain.

It's okay to eat ice cream at midnight.

It's not okay to shout at nurses.

The only future that bears thinking about is the immediate one and only in the context of your next activity.

Dwelling on what happened yesterday, last week or a year ago does not change anything in the past, present or future.

For me, the most illuminating comment Rachael made was a month after her year-long cancer treatment ended.

In response to my question regarding what she thought about when she looked back over the past year, she stared up at me blankly and said simply: "I never think about it."

Every day with Rachael is a blessing.

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