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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

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The Wii breaks out of the gate with one of the best games available this holiday season ...Read the full article

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  1. Clark Kent from Canada writes: The controls are simple to grasp. Way more natural than the simple controller of old. Aiming is easy. And the graphics are amazing. I don't know 'old gen' graphics are, but the visuals in this game are sublime.
  2. frank gibson from United States writes: 'The Bad: Unique controls result in a long learning curve; the graphics make it look more like a really pretty GameCube game than a true next generation title'

    Thats cause it is a 'really pretty GameCube game' It's a port!
  3. John Duncan from Toronto, Canada writes: The graphics on Zelda ARE just really pretty GameCube graphics.

    It was originally going to be a GameCube exclusive, but Nintendo decided to port it to the Wii and add support for the new controller. Apart from the Wii game being widescreen, the GameCube and Wii versions are visually identical.

    It'll be several months before games show off the Wii's graphical prowess. And they won't compare to Xbox360 or PS3 visuals, but they will be much more impressive than any of the Wii's launch games.
  4. Paul who is from Vancouver, Canada writes: I was told today at EB Games in Vancouver that the Gamecube version of the game will be arriving next month.

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