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  1. Gail Speers from Toronto, writes: Your resource guide is missing 'cancer support organizations' like Wellspring and Gilda's Club. These organizations provide a wealth of support to cancer patients and their families through programs like support groups, art therapy, meditation, yoga, tai chi, etc. I hope that you will add these organizations to your resources. As a person living with metastatic breast cancer I have found Wellspring to be a lifeline, the support group for metastatic patients has been a place where I can safely share my thoughts and feelings about my disease and receive help and support from others who walk in the same shoes.
  2. Delphine Grenon from Montreal, Canada writes: The Cancer Research Society, a Canadian not-for-profit organization is also missing in your Resource guide, and we hope it can be added.
    The mission of The Cancer Research Society is to fund basic cancer research exclusively, and to offer seed money for original ideas.
    It has a single focus: to do everything it can to help the best researches across Canada find solutions to defeat cancer.
    The Society is working towards improving prevention and treatment of this disease, with the hope of discovering a cure, for the different forms of the disease.
    Thank you for adding it to your guide!
  3. Barbara J Gill Gill from Fredericton, Canada writes: I am so interested in seeing these comments and followed the cancer articles with interest. I am a liposarcoma survivor from New Brunswick - in close proximity to Camp Gagetown. There is a link between Agent Orange and liposarcoma. Makes me wonder ... I am a registered nurse and have worked with cancer patients. There has also been family history of cancer. I have written a book (Soul Gifts: The World's Self-Help Book) that we are in the process of distributing to cancer units, wellness clinics etc. I will ensure they go to the above mentioned support groups. I paint around illness and also have written my visualizaiton during cancer. Barbara J Gill, RN - Fredericton, NB
  4. Regina Evans from Canada writes: I am a resident of Ontario and even if a drug is considered acceptable (ie covered by a Drug Card for ODSP and Welfare) it is not covered for those with private coverage. An example is La Roche's Xeloda. If I were receiving benefits, no problem. Covered by a private insurer because I worked and paid taxes, not covered. My insurance carrier will cover the standard 80%. Trillium Drug Plan will cover the rest minus the $1,000 copay. I am at home with a terminal illness. I cannot afford the copay. There appears to be no one out there to assist with the final part of this. So it sucks to be in the middle. Not rich enough to afford it and not poor enough to be on public assistance.
  5. Larry Martel from Vancouver, Canada writes: Poignant Book:


    Dr. King teaches at Queens University Dept. of Health and Kinesiology.

    Dr. King's bio and contact:

    Book info:

    Related is CBC TV Wendy Mesley's CHASING THE CANCER ANSWER.
    It's a 26 minute online doc about Ms. Mesley's experience with breast cancer. Her blood was tested and had more than 40 toxic compounds in it, many of which are carcinogens. To view, go to the page below, right hand side, under "Watch the Stories":

    Dr. King supports:
    Breast Cancer Action

    This organization was referred to in Wendy Mesley's documentary:
    Labour Environmental Alliance Society Cancer Smart Program

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